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How to Clean a Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are making a comeback and many people look great wearing one but the question is, how do you clean a fedora hat and keep it looking its very best? It is imperative that you clean a fedora hat properly to keep it looking its best..

This is a close look at a fedora on a sandy beach.

Fedora hats are making a comeback and many people look great wearing one but the question is, how do you clean a fedora hat and keep it looking at its very best? There are many options when it comes to the materials fedora hats are made of, including felt, wool, cotton, and even cashmere, so to clean it properly, you need to have the correct information which is included in this article to help you out.

If you can rock a fedora hat, you will want to know how to clean it. Not everyone can pull off this look but the ones who can look great in a fedora hat.

My uncle Pete was a Greek immigrant who started his own business in Ohio called Pete’s shoeshine and hat cleaning. I spent a lot of time during my childhood watching him clean hats the proper way. He always talked about how careful you have to be when cleaning a hat so you do not damage the material or make the hat lose its shape.

A fedora hat boasts an indented crown and has a softer brim. Most fedoras have a lengthwise crease down the crown of them and are normally pinched neat the sides of it, both front and back. Some are decorated in the crease with diamond crowns, center dents, and even teardrop crowns.

Most fedora hats have a crown height that is about 4.5 inches and a brim that is normally about 2.5 inches wide, although some are wider.

Fedoras are made of different materials, from wool and rabbit to beaver felt and cashmere and some even have a trim ribbon around them. Some others include the straw fedora hat, cotton, oiled cotton, waxed cotton, linen, leather, or even hemp, and some of the felts are created by using mink, chinchilla, mohair, or other more expensive materials. They are also available in an array of colors and styles.

Whether you opt for a straw hat, a wool fedora hat, a felt fedora hat, or a leather hat, you will want to know how to clean a fedora hat. No matter what material you choose or even the hat size you wear, your hat is sure to end up with sweat stains and a stain or two from other outside things that will make it necessary for you to clean it to keep it looking and smelling its very best.

We have provided you with the information in this article so that you will know everything you need to about how to clean a fedora hat properly.

How do I clean my fedora?

A lint roller on a black cloth.

To clean a fedora hat no matter what type of material it is made of common you will need a lint roller, a washcloth, a hat brush, and a blow dryer. You will also need to carve out a clean space in which two clean your hat and be sure to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before starting the process. You will want to make sure the surface that you set the hat on while you clean it is free of dust, other debris, and moisture.

You should hold your fedora by the rim of it, and use the hat brush to gently brush it from one side around and back to the point in which you started so that you’ve made a complete rotation around the hat. You will then want to gently use the lamp roller over the entire fedora hat so that you can remove any her, lint, fuzz, dust, and other particles that may have attached themselves to the material of your fedora.

How to Remove Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair

A fedora hat brush with wooden handle.

Source: Walmart

A felt hat is sure to attract dust, lint, dirt, and other particles to it but felt is a delicate material so you will want to be careful when cleaning your fedora hat. You cannot simply brush these particles away from your hat with your hand or pat them off since these hats can easily lose their shape. You will need to use a soft-bristled brush to clean any loose materials away and move the brush in a polishing-style motion so that you can gently get rid of larger debris by freeing it from your hat.

Hard bristles can puncture or otherwise damage your fedora so be sure your brush is a soft-bristled one if you do not have a hat brush on hand.

Since animal hair can be harder to remove from the material of your fedora hat, a soft bristle brush may not work very well. To remove pet hair, you can use a piece of brown packing tape or even masking tape or duct tape to pull the loose fibers off of the hat if you do not have a lint remover available.

How to Remove Stains From Your Fedora Hat

A person hand-washing the clothes on a basin.

You will then want to lightly dampen your washcloth and use it to clean any stains on the hat. Be sure that your damp cloth is a white one to lessen the risk of disturbing the color of your fedora hat. You can also use a sponge and a gentle touch to buff the stain out of your fedora hat along with some cleaning spray that is made specifically for the type of hat you have or by creating a gentle spray of your own by using very diluted soapy cool water.

You can then use your blow dryer, put it to the lowest setting it has, dry your fedora hat, and get rid of any excess water. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture from your fedora. You should stick with a white cloth, also, because the last thing you want is for the color of the cloth to rub off onto the material of your fedora hat. You can also opt to allow your fedora hat to air dry.

To get rid of foul odors, especially during warmer weather, you can pop off the sweatband of your fedora and allow it to air out then use Fabreeze or another mild perfumed fragrance to spray on it to make it smell clean and fresh once again.

Protect Your Fedora

Kiwi Protect All Rain And Stain Repellant - 4.25 Oz (Packaging may vary)

To protect your fedora hat from the damaging rays of the sun, you can use a specially formulated hat protection spray that you can purchase at your local department stores, such as Walmart or target, from a hat shop, or even at some online sites, including Amazon.

This will help hold the color of the material that your fedora hat is made of as well as protect the material from becoming damaged and the hat from losing its shape. This is the same sun protection spray that is used for other hats, including the type used to protect a ball cap or even a cowboy hat.

FAQs About Fedora Hats

What is a hat rack?

A hat rack is a tall post that stands alone and boasts large hooks on which to hang your hats so they will keep their shape and be safe until the next time you want to wear them.

What is a hat band?

A hat band is a decorative ribbon that is in place above the rim of the hat and fedora hats almost always have a hat band around them.

What is a sun hat?

A sun hat is a large, floppy hat that is used to keep the sunshine off of a person’s face and even their shoulders. It is a great option for sun protection when you are at the beach or another location in which you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.