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Mom Jeans vs Straight-Leg Jeans

Any pair of jeans gives the fashionable style for turning up in the coolest events and for everyday use. Here are the differences, benefits, and history of mom jeans and straight-leg jeans.

Group of women wearing camis and jeans.

Jeans are the go-to option when going out for casual dates and hanging out with friends or family. I have stocked my wardrobe with various jeans, and I keep exploring both baggy and tight to suit different events and accompanying outfits.

I find mom jeans more feminine than straight-leg jeans that fit all genders. Still, I would highly recommend the slim option for a sturdy look according to the 1980s fashion industry. Here are the similarities and contrasts between mom jeans and straight-leg jeans.

Straight Leg Jeans

Lee womens Regular Fit Straight Leg Jeans, Anchor, 12 US

Straight-leg jeans are slimmer and perfectly designed for curvy silhouettes on different occasions when matched with other fashionable outfits. Straight-leg jeans often have a mid-rise cut, and the denim hugs the body closely. The bottom of the trousers can be tapered for the diversity of tastes and preferences as they suit consumers’ choice of shoes.

The straight-leg jeans give an even leg width and do not taper at the bottom because they are designed to touch the skin tightly. The jeans have a masculine look due to the small space around the crotch and the zipper areas.

Mom Jeans

Sidefeel Women's Loose Boyfriend Jeans Stretchy Ripped Distressed Denim Pants Large Blue

Middle-aged women in the 1980s highly regarded mom jeans. Surprisingly, jeans are back in the modern era with a touch of innovation. Mom jeans are the better option when rocking an old fashion style from the closet to reminisce the 1980s and 1990s. The vintage vibe in mom jeans comes from the high-rise style with a raised waist above the navel, and the buttock has a longer, wider, and flatter shape than ordinary trousers.

Mom jeans are available in different variations of the basic loose material falling freely as people walk around. Mom jeans effortlessly create the desired fashion experience in the baggier fit that integrates perfectly with oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts for a casual night out.


Space is the most significant distinction between mom jeans and the more recent straight-leg jeans. Mom jeans boast more space around the crotch and the zipper, while the straight-leg jeans lay closer to the body. The individual designs of the clothes vary, but the wide variety of lengths distinguishes mom jeans.

They can reach the ankle level, capri length, or even shrink to shorts. The straight-leg jeans usually stretch to the ankle-length from the crotch and hardly have a raised waist. The raised waist for mom jeans can be about 9 inches for the zipper, while the straight-leg jeans stick to a shorter length for consistent fashion.


Woman wearing blue jeans.

Mom jeans and straight-leg jeans are made from denim materials. The most dominant color is blue in different complexions that appear faded or dark. The modern variations of the jeans have cropped bottoms and hanging strips from the sides.

The mom jeans usually lack pockets ordinarily placed behind the buttocks. The straight-leg jeans have pockets on both front and behind in varying sizes to store electronics, money, and other smaller items.


The material used for making the two types of jeans is denim. Various kinds of materials provide different textures for the jeans — there are soft and rough trousers.

Design Features

Woman wearing mom jeans with belt and boots.

Mom jeans are unique for the spacious designs that allow different body types to fit in. However, you must use a belt to tighten the waist that often comes wider than the average height proportion. The designs for straight-leg jeans focus on hugging the body and showing the flowing body shapes.


The durability depends on the material used to make the trousers. High-quality jeans can last for several years when washed and dried according to the instructions listed on description tags. Dry-cleaning damage most types of denim, but hand-washing allows for careful handling to reduce wear and tear.

Cost Differences

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Modern Straight Jeans, Cosmos, 10 Medium

The straight-leg jeans have a higher value than the mom jeans when shopping in the same premises. The average price for a pair of straight-leg jeans is US$ 6.00, while most mom jeans cost US$3.50 in regular boutiques.


The mom jeans are ideal when staying at home or taking casual road trips on weekends. The jeans create an atmosphere of fun. The straight-leg jeans also give a relaxed vibe, and I would wear them to dates and family meetings. Both jeans are fashionable and awaken the spirit of adventure when combining different outfits to achieve an archaic look blended in modernity.

Brief History

Close-up of a slim woman wearing mom jeans.

The mom jeans rose to prominence in the 1980s when middle-aged women with babies and household chores sought comfort in baggy trousers. The spacious design attracted older women, but the trend diminished before regaining market presence in 2010. Younger ladies have obsessed over the compatibility of mom jeans with shirts, coats, blouses, t-shirts, and an array of shoes.

The mom jeans are loved for their modesty and feminine look that sets women apart from men. The wide bottom exposes the ankles and shows off socks choices, while the long waist gives a flat-buttocks impression.

Modern Fashion

The evolution of straight-leg jeans is more recent and informed by the need to give workers in demanding environments suitable clothes. The straight-leg jeans were historically preserved for men until around 2010 when female celebrities in Hollywood started rocking in them publicly and influenced a generation.

The gender barrier placed on the straight-leg jeans broke loose, and almost everybody has a pair of blue or black jeans in their wardrobe. The popularity of jeans allows people to invent different styles and focus on their compatibility with other fashion products in the beauty industry. 


Mom jeans outfit with gray top, boots, and black purse.

Mom jeans and straight-leg jeans are compatible with many outfits for people of different body shapes and heights. The mom jeans fit better with taller individuals, while the straight-leg jeans can give shorter people a sturdy look when worn together with fitting tops.

However, both are fashionable when worn with a white T-shirt and loafers or heels. The blue color contrasts and highlights a white touch on the upper body. Stylish combinations for the straight-leg jeans include wearing blazers, ties, and boots for ladies, while men can get a cowboy look in boots.

Final Thoughts

Both options are good-looking. The gender difference applies only to the mom jeans because they are feminine and have extra space for comfort as ladies attend to domestic chores. The straight-leg jeans got inspiration from the clothes demand for workers and cowboys, but they still attract men.

However, women are spotted dressed in them more frequently. Their fashionable style highlights the legs or socks to give a unique dimension to the jeans. Blue is the best color to choose for both jeans as they come in different shades and intensities. The old-school look is achieved better when one wears statement sunglasses and a beret.