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39 of the Best Online Watch Stores (Traditional & Smartwatch)

Whether you are on the hunt for something to complete your wristwatch collection or searching for that perfect smartwatch that can help you in your everyday life, this list of online watch stores can help you look for it.

A variety of wristwatches on display at a store.

Since watches were invented in the 1500s, they have been a hugely popular fashion accessory. They were worn on chains and carried in pockets for a couple hundred years and were truly a must-have fashion piece that was used to denote status and style. Wristwatches caught on during the World War when soldiers wore them in the trenches, where it wasn’t practical to have a pocket watch on a chain. Watches got another surge in popularity thanks to modern tech. Smartwatches have made wrists cool again. And in the modern world, there are more options than ever when you’re online shopping for a new timepiece.

Keeping Time in Style

Watches have been used as part of jewelry, as a stand-alone accessory and even as a way to answer text messages. They’ve jumped from pockets to wrists and they’ve moved with the times, always representing the latest and greatest in technology. From the first time they ever debuted, watches were an impressive and amazing invention.

It’s classic style that’s also always modern. But when it comes to buying watches, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The Best Online Watch Stores

Cropped photo of a data analyst looking at his wristwatch.

You may not even know what kind of watch you want until you see it. Maybe you’re looking for a luxury watch, an affordable watch, a watch that does a lot of cool stuff. Maybe you need a watch that looks a certain way. Maybe you just want to see a really big selection of watches. You can only do all of this through online stores, places that have massive selection and lots of different options so you can focus on finding exactly what you want…or just do a ton of shopping around. Shop at the best watch stores online to find the perfect style statement for your wrist.

World of Watches

When you want a watch that looks highly fashionable and even luxurious but comes at an affordable price, look for it at World of Watches. This site offers a huge selection of watches in all different styles, colors, materials and features. You can find lots of styles that look high-end and priced affordably, but you can also find the much pricier high-end watches here as well.


Bering founder Ren Kaerskov drew inspiration from his journey to the North Pole in 2008, and that served as the basis for his luxury watch line. The clean lines, slim design and stylish, elegant exterior are meant to echo the arctic beauty he saw on his life-changing trip. These watches are made in a huge variety of styles and colors, with a range of materials. They are designed with high-quality materials but the prices are reasonable, which makes Bering a solid style choice.

Discount Watch Store

When it was founded in 2002, Discount Watch Store carried watches from a single brand. Today, they carry thousands of styles and more than 65 brands. Their selection includes well-known brands like Michael Kors, Citizen, Casio and Seiko.

The watches here are affordable and stylish, with plenty of different features and all the bells and whistles. The idea is to give you a lot of watch for your money, and that’s exactly why people like shopping here.


Amazon isn’t the most well-known online storefront for no reason. If you want a big selection, lots of search features and a huge price range, Amazon will provide it. Amazon has a ton of shipping options, good customer service support and just about any kind of watch you might want to buy.

Watch Station International

Watch Station International’s storefront is dominated by luxury watches bearing popular names like Armani, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. Want something more high-tech? There’s also a respectable selection of touchscreen smartwatches, hybrid smartwatches and activity trackers here.

You will find many well-known brands here and all the latest styles. If there’s something new in watch style or tech, you can probably find it here.


If you’re looking for an affordable sports watch or smartwatch, WatchCo’s got it. They sell everyday watches that have lots of features and casual style.

WatchCo offers a lot of features to its customers. They have a 365-day return policy and they offer price protection on watches. You can also get express shipping, which is a nice extra.

Tourneau Bucherer

Two of the oldest watch companies in the world came together in 2018. Tournear was established in America in 1900 and Bucherer was created in Swizterland in 1888. This company also buys pre-owned watches. Their policy is extremely easy to follow if you’d like to sell one of your watches. And if you’d like a brand-new one, you can definitely find that here as well.

The Tournear Bucherer website contains designs from luxury watch brands that are globally famous, including Rolex watch styles. Shop for a fancy Cartier watch or a super stylish Tag Heuer, among other brands. You can even get a smartwatch here. There’s also a selection of watch straps. If you want selection and luxury and history all at once, you’ll love shopping here.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer began its life in 1848 as a hardware store dealing in exotic materials but its reach has expanded significantly to include a broad variety of different watches. Many of their options (like the Mickey Through the Years and Chicago Cubs World Series watches) are collector’s items. The storefront also has a selection of more traditional watches and modern smartwatches.

The company is proudly the name behind the longest-running catalog in America. Their online storefront is packed with different watch options. You can get a replica of a classic watch, a keepsake locket watch, a sleek multi-function watch that’s also a money clip or even an old-fashioned style pocket watch, to name just a few options. There’s even a watch carved entirely out of wood! If you can imagine it, you can probably find that watch here. The watches here are also affordable, so this is just fun shopping all the way around.

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches may be the new kid on the block, but they come out swinging. First established in 2013, they offer elegant and luxurious watches for everyone. The men’s and women’s watch styles here stand out for their bold design. All of the timepieces you’ll find here are unique to their brand. Their designs are all about simple elegance and bold style. Watches here are made in a big variety of materials, including ceramic, leather, slate and all shades of gold, to name just a few.


There’s a good selection of top watch brands here, names like Calvin Klein, Invicta and Christian Dior. The online storefront is very user-friendly. You can search for watches by almost every feature here, everything from movement type to case width to band type and more. Shop for watches for style, for function or for price. There are lots of sales and deals here, so it’s not hard to find something that suits just about any budget at Ashford.

Certified Watch Store

For more than 10 years, Certified Watch Store has been a family-owned business offering a ton of different fashion items, including watches. They scan their online reviews every single day to make sure customers are satisfied and to consider any critical feedback that may help the company improve.

You can find many different types of watches here, including diving watches, luxury watches and sports watches. The large selection means you can find the right watch accessory for whatever activity or event you’ve got planned.


LYTT Labs selection is limited to three collections produced in house, but they’re an impressive piece of work. These ultra-modernist watches meld traditional elegance with modern design trends and the sensibilities of their cutting-edge French designers. The designs are made to be bold and trendy. These watches are striking but you will pay a decent price for them.


Jomashop is a wholesaler with a focus on luxury goods, and their featured brands include highly recognizable names like Fossil, Cartier and Breitling. Whether you’re looking for a chic luxury timepiece, a durable diving piece, or a state-of-the-art smartwatch, there are plenty of options to choose from here. This online storefront is all about affordable watches that look great, which is exactly what everyone hopes to get out of shopping.

The Watchery

The watches you’ll find at the Watchery are expansive in both the selection of styles and the breadth of their price points but every item in their catalog comes at a substantial discount below retail price. Their whole thing is offering discount prices for high-quality watches.


You’ll find a big selection of well-known watch brands as ASOS. There’s a big variety of stylish watches here at affordable prices. Shop for a new watch here among lots of big names, including Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.


Walmart has been offering some of the best prices around since 1962. That alone should justify a visit to their watch department. The presence of affordable but dependable brands like Time and Casio adds further value to the shopping experience. There’s a good selection of sport and casual watches at their online storefront.


Buying in bulk has allowed Overstock to provide its customers with remarkable savings since 1997. For a company that deals in the excess purchases of other stores, their selection is impressive. Techies can find great deals on the newest Apple Watches, while those with more conventional tastes can get great deals on brands like Movado and Michael Kors.

Best Buy

You won’t find traditional watches at Best Buy, but you will find the latest and coolest smartwatches. Whether you’re looking for the latest iteration of Samsung’s Gear, a Garmin or a FitBit, they make sure to keep their online store stocked with the most modern tech. You can also find plenty of fitness trackers and other wearable tech here.

DH Gate

By casting their net wide and reaching out to retailers and manufacturers throughout the world, wholesaler DH Gate manages to offer a truly expansive selection of both traditional and tech-integrated wristwatches. There are plenty of international brands at their storefront that can be hard to find anywhere else.


Luxury German gift retailer Montblanc got their start in 1906 but there’s nothing antiquated about their watches. Montblanc is synonymous with luxury and the quality workmanship shines through in their watch designs.


You may have not heard of Abt, but this appliance superstore has been in business since 1936. They’ve expanded from traditional appliances into consumer electronics and general goods, and that includes a catalog of high-end watches and smartwatches. They take luxury seriously at Abt, as many of their watches retail in the thousands of dollars. They have a great selection of designer and luxury watches here.


Coach is a very recognizable designer brand that’s famous for accessories. Of course, that includes a selection of elegant and everyday watches. There’s a variety of styles to choose from and all are made under the Coach brand.

City Beach

When you want a durable sports watch with lots of features, City Beach has got it. There’s a big collection of sports watches, including some cool vintage styles and themed watch designs that definitely stand out. You can also find a nice selection of more high-end and designer watches here from labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel.


Donna Karan’s name is synonymous with fashion. Since her label appeared on the fashion scene in 1984, DKNY has taken the world by storm. The collection includes everything fashion and a big collection of watches, too. The fashionable watches here give you all sorts of different ways to express your style. The prices are surprisingly reasonable despite the designer’s name.

Kenneth Cole

Get luxury and sports watches of all kinds at Kenneth Cole, a storefront that sells its own brand of designer watches. The men’s watch styles here are affordable and beautiful, with all sorts of features and fancy moving parts that look interesting.

Kenneth Cole does not use fur and uses minimal packaging to avoid wasting resources and harming the environment.


The Fossil storefront is full of search features. Search for watches by color, case, material, price and many other options. There’s even a selection of smartwatches here. The Fossil storefront is full of other design names, too. Find watches from Kate Spade, DKNY, Puma and Michael Kors, among many others.

Fossil is a well-known name in watches. The brand can be found in many other online watch stores. Fossil has a range of affordable, well-made watches with a variety of features.

Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis rose to fame as a designer by creating great fashion. By playing with color, shape and style, Perry Ellis made his designs stand out. The Perry Ellis storefront still carries the latest in fashion looks, including stylish watches. These watches are made to be striking and elegant, simple and beautiful.


Get a durable everyday watch at HBX. Their collection includes watches made for toughness, which makes them great as sports watches, work watches and just daily watches that could take a beating. If you have an active lifestyle or an active job, you need a watch that can withstand your daily routine. HBX is the place where you can find it.


Guess is known for high quality and high fashion and their watches do not disappoint. You can count on getting at least a little bling and a lot of style with a Guess watch. This famous brand has a huge online storefront offering all sorts of fashion and lots of different shopping options. The prices are reasonable and the name Guess is recognizable everywhere.


Tous has been in the fashion business for over a century and the craftsmanship shows in their watches. There’s a nice selection of watches at the Tous storefront, designs in all different colors and materials and colors. Find everything from sports watches to luxury watches to cute novelty designs in bold colors here. Tous has a truly varied selection. You will pay for the luxury look and name, however. Tous watches are a little pricier than other options.


Watches2U began in a garden shed. Today, the online storefront is full of different watch styles, including smartwatches. The company has won several awards in the watch industry. You’ll find lots of different brand names here, including Armani, Fossil, Diesel and many more. There are frequent sales here and lots of discounts on items so it’s easy to find something affordable for any budget.


Nautica has grown into a global fashion brand that’s worn around the world. The brand is known for creating stylish, durable outdoor clothing suitable for all sorts of activities. The clothing and accessories you can find here includes a range of watches that are sporty, stylish and ready to help you take on any situation…and look kind of amazing while you’re doing it. These watches are beautiful and durable but they can be a bit pricey because of the quality materials and the Nautica name.

The Watch Hut

There are many different designer watch brands at the Watch Hut, from Fossil to Michael Kors to Versace and many, many more. High-fashion watches in a huge range of prices are available here. You can pay as little as $50 for a watch or over $1,000. There are tons of styles and designs available from a huge range of designers, so it’s hard not to find something you like here. Frequent sales and daily discounts make it even more affordable to shop here.

Audemars Piguet

Known for selling luxury Swiss watches, Audemars Piguet has a big selection of high-end designs. Each one of these watches is made to a be luxury Swiss timepiece that’s made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Watchmaking and Switzerland go hand-in-hand, with many believing that Swiss watchmakers are among the best in the world.


Longines began making watches in Switzerland in 1832. The company has become known for its elegant, beautiful timepieces. Their online storefront has styles for both men and women. There are watches available in all colors and materials, including stainless steel and titanium. However, you will pay for this much luxury. The prices match the high-end name and design.


Panerai opened in 1860 in Florence, Italy. It was a watch shop and a workshop but it was also the first watchmaking school in Florence. Today, it is still known for making fine Italian watches that have lots of flair and style. In the early 1900s, the company began making watches for the Italian Royal Navy, creating watches with a luminous dial.

The company worked with the navy in the 1930s to develop new watch technology and created high-strength diving watches. Panerai continues to make quality diving watches in luxury designs. The technology is part of what makes the prices here so staggering. These are extremely high-dollar watches.


Alpina began in Switzerland in 1883, making quality timepieces way back then. The company wanted to make watches for the outdoors, creating the first anti-magnetic, anti-shock, stainless steel design. Today, the company is associated with luxury and durability. There’s also a selection of smartwatches at the online storefront.

These watches will cost you, but you will get high quality and bold style in the bargain.

Bob’s Watches

The name may sound a little funny at first, but Bob’s Watches is a popular online stop for used and vintage luxury watches. The watches are certified authentic. This storefront prides itself on offering affordable luxury watches, including Omega watches, vintage watch styles and many well-known brand names.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a family-owned watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland that began in 1839. The luxury watches here are truly stunning, made in bold, classic designs that never go out of style. This is one of the few places you can still get luxury pocket watches. There are watches offering several different movement styles here, including manual winding, self-winding and quartz models.

These are luxury watches made by a decades-old company that uses precision technology and high-end materials. So how expensive are these watches? So expensive that you can’t even see the prices on the website. All pricing is available upon request, so be prepared to shell out a lot of money.


Even when you know where to go to buy watches online, there’s still a lot to know about watches. Get the answers to the most common questions about watches and get to know more about this classic fashion accessory.

Is it safe to buy watches online?

Many online stores are highly reputable. Big-name retailers that you recognize and brand names that are known, along with well-established online stores, are perfectly safe places to purchase watches. These online sellers offer customer service support, comprehensive return policies and may offer warranties and other safeguards, in addition to providing secure payment options.

To make sure you’re buying watches from a reputable online store, there are several things you can look for. Check the website’s return policy and look at their buying options to see what security measures they have in place. If you’re unsure, look up the online store and search for customer reviews. You may even be able to find a BBB rating that will tell you how reputable an online business is. You can also check to see if the business is a certified member of Jewelers of America.

Why shop for a watch online instead of at a local jewelry store?

Shopping for watches online gives you a much wider selection than what you’ll find at a jewelry store, even if you go to the biggest jeweler in your area. Online storefronts give you so much more selection and so many more search options. You can look for watches by color, by movement type, by material, by price and by many other features so you can narrow your selection down to exactly what you want. You can also do a lot more general browsing at an online watch store, just looking around to get an idea about what you like and what you might want.

You’re also not constrained when you shop online to any specific store hours. Most stores selling watches, even a department store, are not open 24/7, which means you have to adhere to their hours when you want to browse. When you shop online, you can do it any time and you don’t even have to put on shoes to do it. In fact, you do it naked and no one cares!

The big plus to shopping in an actual physical store is that you can see the watches in person. You can compare them to the size of your wrist and arm to see how they might look on you. When you shop online, you have to use your imagination to picture your watch.

What to look for in a luxury watch?

Luxury watches are somewhat different from other types of watches. Often, luxury watches are made entirely by hand and they’re made with traditional springs and mechanical parts. This means that you will actually have to wind your watch. A mechanical watch differs from quartz watch designs in this way, as quartz watches do not need to be wound. But if you want to spend a little money on something that will look timelessly stylish, pun intended, a luxury watch is a nice investment. Before you buy, do a little research to make sure you’re getting a quality watch for the luxury price.

Choose a brand name that’s known and respected in the fashion world. Any company can charge a lot of money for a watch made with fancy materials but only a few brand names have reached the rank of true luxury watch sellers. Names like Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer are famous for their watches. Other luxury brands, such as Cartier, are known for high-end fine jewelry of all kinds, including watches.

What’s it made of? Look carefully at the product page for the watch and read the specs. Find out what the watch is made from. Materials that tend to cost a bit more, such as gold and special leathers, are often found in luxury watch designs.

What does it do? All watches have the feature of telling you the time, which is awesome. But may luxury watches also do more. Take a look at the features of the watch to see if it has multiple functions.

Is it a limited edition? Many luxury watches are released for a short period of time only, though many labels also offer certain mainstays in their catalog.

High-end luxury watches are made by known brand names in high-quality materials in stylish designs that have a lot of functionality, too. Look for these things and you’ll end up looking at quality luxury watches.

Do watches make good gifts?

Many style experts say that watches make excellent gifts. They are high-functioning pieces of jewelry. A watch can be an everyday accessory or a special occasion item, depending on the style of the watch. Giving someone a watch is a good way to show how well you know their personal style. It’s an item they will have for many years and one that, hopefully, they will wear again and again. A watch will probably get worn more often than a bracelet or any other piece of jewelry.

If you receive your watch and it doesn’t meet your needs, can you get a refund?

Reputable online stores, including the ones in our list, have clear refund policies. If you have any problem with your watch, go to the website and check the policy or contact customer service for assistance.

Are online watches authentic?

Online stores, like any business, have a reputation to maintain and a brand to promote. These stores want to sell products that people are happy with so the company receives good reviews and continues to receive business. If you have any problem with a watch you purchase online, return it for a refund. As long as you shop at a reputable online store, you have no reason to believe you won’t be getting authentic watches.

If you’re buying a luxury or designer brand from an online storefront, check to see if it’s an authorized dealer.

Can you buy Rolex watches online?

You can buy Rolex watches online in many places. Rolex maintains its own storefront where you can purchase their watches and several other online retailer stores also offer styles from the Rolex brand.

Can you buy replica watches online?

There are different types of replica watches available. An homage watch is made to be as close to the original as possible, often even down to using the same materials to construct the watch. The only thing missing, usually, is the branding. Homage watches are often styled after vintage watches and classic designs.

Replica watches are meant to look like popular luxury timepieces, but they are made with more affordable materials and faux branding meant to mimic the luxury brand. The luxury brands are not big fans of this market, understandably, but it is out there.

Can you get same day delivery?

Many online watch stores offer next-day shipping and other fast shipping options, though this may only be provided in some areas. If you absolutely must have same-day delivery, there are stores that will provide this for you unless you’re in a rural area.


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