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15 Best Summer Wigs

Comfort and styling become challenges during the summer months and here are some recommendations for the best Summer Wigs.

Woman with long, brunette summer wig.

Everyone is turning their mind to Lightweight Summer Wigs. Summer is upon and with it comes the heat and the humidity across the United States. These are not ideal conditions for maintaining that classy and fabulous look and remaining comfortable.

Comfort and styling become challenges during the summer months and here are some recommendations for the best Summer Wigs.

What Makes a Great Summer Wig?

The Best Summer Wigs should be lightweight, short and allow good ventilation. Here are some explanations for what to look for.

Light Weight Cap Construction

Open Caps offer Light Weight and Great Ventilation

Caps that are light and offer the greatest ventilation are an ideal way to stay cool in the summer heat. The key to comfort is weight, air-flow and circulation. Open caps will dramatically reduce the weight of the wig but the open wefting and the stretch, webbed cap will allow for a more open, airier experience than a dense, hand tied, monofilament equivalent. 

Jon Renau’s O’solite Collection is a selection of the lightest open caps and they can weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs. The open wefted top and back are responsible for the weight savings and also the more ventilated feeling. Short styles such as Jazz and Natalie weigh a svelte 2.4oz and medium lengths such as Angelique weigh under 3.5oz.

Estetica Designs developed the Pure Stretch Cap design which allows the entire perimeter of the wig cap to stretch, eliminating any pressure points and ensuring the most comfortable fit ever but also ensuring a super lightweight construction that ideal for warm weather. These are represented in the Estetica Design Classique Collection with over 30 open cap styles all weighing less than 3oz.

‘Lite’ Wigs offer Light Weight, Improved Circulation and Styling Freedom

For those unwilling to put limits on their styling freedom and forgo their Lace Front and Monofilament Part, there are options available that can improve the wearing experience in warm weather. In June 2021 Jon Renau launched its SmartLace Lite Collection. An introductory collection of 5 styles (Carrie, Blake, Zara, Cameron, Julianne) with lace front and monofilament caps and super lightweight hand tied stretch backs.

The volume of hair has been reduced slightly to lighten the load but without compromising the integrity of the original styles. The result is a lightweight, airy feel with cool summer comfort.

Summer Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic fiber is generally lighter than human hair fiber and so for the warm months synthetic fiber wigs may be a better bet for wearing comfort. The preference for synthetic is not just about weight but also about the styling and the effects of heat and humidity. Human Hair wigs are not too different from bio hair and will react in the same way.

Maintaining hold and shape can prove challenging and it is not uncommon for the humidity to make human hair frizz. Synthetic fiber will continue to hold it’s styling without additional maintenance or work.

Cool Summer Wig Styles

The answer to this one is easy. Keep it short. Not only do short wigs and hairstyles weigh less but they also ensure that hair is away from your face and shoulders which can be annoying in the heat. Short wigs offer a breezy and ventilated wearing experience that enables natural cooling and for the summer of 2021 short styles have become the choice of the fashion pundits

The Ellen Wille Collection and the Amore Collection offer a broad array of stylish, short wig options that include shorts bobs, boy cuts and elegant pixie wigs. In addition to short it is also wise to seek out lower density wigs which are lighter. Try where possible to avoid excessive permatease which can concentrate fiber density at the crown and create overheating and discomfort.

Summer Colors

Summer is sunshine and sunshine demands lighter or paler colors for radiance and also for cooling. While darker shades may absorb more heat, lighter shades like silver, platinum and ash blondes may radiate more heat.  Lighter tones provide not only cooling but also vitality and energy that are just right on the trail by the pool. In 2021 blondes with darker roots are all the rage for the summer and can bring comfort, style and fashion together.

Top 15 Best Summer Wigs – Enjoy!:

1. Scarlett by Jon Renau

Scarlett by Jon Renau – Synthetic Wig

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Scarlett is Summer. This Jon Renau Bestseller features an ultra-lightweight open cap design for maximum circulation and a delicate and subtle lace front for off-the-face styling and a natural hairline. Scarlett by Jon Renau comes out of the box with perfect medium-length, beach waves that are ideal for carefree sunny days and a broad color spectrum that includes Jon Renau’s California Beach Blonde colors. Try Scarlett in a petite or large-cap and look for cooling summer blonde shades Laguna Beach Blonde (FS24-102S18) and Malibu Beach Blonde (12FS12). Can you hear the California surf? 

2. Beach Mono by Ellen Wille

Beach Mono by Ellen Wille – Synthetic Wig

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Beach Ready! The Ellen Wille Beach Mono is a trendy, layered, tussled, vacation look. This style features sides and a back with open wefting to keep you cool and comfortable all day long and the lace front, monofilament top allows you to brush the fringe away from your face and wear it up without compromise. Try the Pastel Blonde Rooted or the Pearl Blonde Rooted colors for summer blonde coolness and contrasting darker roots for fashion coolness.

3. Ignite by Jon Renau

Ignite by Jon Renau – HD Synthetic Wig

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Ignite is the ultimate crowd pleaser regardless of the season. This Jon Renau blockbuster short wig features angled layers of heat resistant synthetic fiber that can be flipped out with a flat iron for a sassy shag or straightened for a super sleek bob. The discrete lace front just adds to the endless styling options and the open cap allows for air circulation to keeps the scalp cool on warmer days.  With 38 color options to choose from there are many ways to enjoy the summer.

4. Voltage by Raquel Welch

Voltage by Raquel Welch – Synthetic Wig

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Voltage is a short, no fuss style for when you just don’t need to be going anywhere too formal. This every day, low maintenance salon cut is barely waved and the lightweight Memory Cap III wig cap is cool and airy.   The color palette is almost endless (46 shades) but many favor the Raquel Welch Shadow Shade Colors. Hurry because these are always the first to go and may be backordered. 

5. Light Mono by Ellen Wille

Light Mono by Ellen Wille – Synthetic Wig

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Lightweight and Classic. The Ellen Wille Light Mono wig is a short, classic style designed with a monofilament top for added elegance. This simple boy cut is simple, refined, easy to maintain and easy to style. For an active lifestyle or for those seeking just wanting to keep in easy and hassle free, Light Mono should be a consideration this summer.

6. Carrie Lite by Jon Renau

Carrie Lite – Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau

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Human Hair wigs are not always the first choice for Summer because of the additional weight but Carrie is part of the Jon Renau Lite Collection. This low density version of Carrie will prove exceptional during the warmer months for those who insist on nothing but human hair. The new hand tied, stretch back offers added ventilation combined with the uncompromising comfort and quality that you would expect from Jon Renau. The mono top and lace front are exquisite. The Carrie Lite wig is available in a variety standard and Renau Exclusive colors but Shaded Praline (12FS8) and Malibu Blonde (12FS12) should not be overlooked.

7. Jazz by Jon Renau

Jazz by Jon Renau – Synthetic Wig

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Jazz is skinny. As a result of the Jon Renau O’solite lightweight cap design, Jazz weighs almost 50% less than traditional wigs. At less than 2 ½oz this style is your answer to the dog days of summer. Jon Renau Jazz is a fun and playful short shag. Easy to own, easy to wear and easy maintain for those with an active lifestyle.

8. Winner by Raquel Welch

Winner by Raquel Welch – Synthetic Wig

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Winner is one of the lightest of the featured best Summer Wigs. At under 2oz in weight, this lightweight little pixie features razor-like tapering of barely waved layers. Ready-to-wear with a firm shake right out of the box, this short boy cut is as easy to style as it is comfortable to wear! No fuss, easy and available in 46 colors for your next adventure.

9. Blake Lite by Jon Renau

Blake Lite-Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau

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For those who just cant go short or synthetic in the summer, Jon Renau’s Blake Lite may be your salvation. Luxurious, long, remy human hair but lower density and hand tied to stretch cap for unrivalled comfort and cooling. Blake is a masterpiece and the pinnacle of remy human hair elegance and now Blake Lite is here to rescue you from toughing it out when the temperatures rise.

10. Cameron Lite By Jon Renau

Cameron Lite by Jon Renau – Synthetic Wig

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  The bob evolves! Cameron Lite is a light hair density wig that features an ultra-natural looking lace front extending for ear to ear. This timeless bob gets an elevated flair of sophistication with a unique SmartLace™ Lite cap and a 100% hand tied section that provides the wearer maximum styling flexibility.

11. Jones by Estetica Designs

Jones by Estetica- Synthetic Wig

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Jonesing for Summer! The Estetica Designs Jones is Short Length, Synthetic Wig with a Stretch Open Cap for added cooling. . This casual, lightweight style features shoulder length and choppy layers throughout the back and sides. Laid back, carefree and easy… isn’t that what summer is all about? Wear it in lighter colors for that even cooler look and feel.

12. Angela by Estetica Designs

Angela by Estetica- Synthetic Wig

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The patented Pure Stretch Cap from Estetica Designs is designed for comfort and security even when the temperatures rise. The Estetica Designs Angela wig is a spirited mid-length style that is full of layers. Her gently flipped out ends give her a flirtatious appeal and says “are you ready for summer fun!”.

13.  Air by Ellen Wille

Air by Ellen Wille – Synthetic Wig

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There is nothing lighter than Air! This ultra-light style won the lightest wig award at the World Congress of Hair Solutions in Paris! Air by Ellen Wille weighs under 1 ½ oz and is a thoughtfully structured pixie cut and features a 100% hand-tied, monofilament cap, with a beautiful lace front. Ellen Wille has designed the ultimate cap construction for comfort and lightweight wear, providing an ideal solution for women experiencing minimal to total hair loss.

14. Sky by Noriko

Sky - Noriko Synthetic Wig

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Noriko Sky is short wig that is flatters the face with feathered layers and wispy ends. It is elegant and casual, formal and every day and in it’s simplicity it doesn’t get in the way of the things that are important. Sky keeps it’s styling and is ready to wear out of the box and the thinned bangs and razored pieces around the edges are always flattering. For those who believe that there is more to summer than sitting in front of a mirror. Enjoy!

15. Zara Lite by Jon Renau

Zara Lite by Jon Renau – Synthetic Wig

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Zara Lite is for those ladies who are unwilling to forgo long hair in the warmer summer months. Zara Lite is a sumptuous 17” long piece that is designed for comfort even when the heat index rises. This low density version of the bestselling Zara features a hand tied stretch back for added cool and comfort and lace font and mono top for all of the styling versatility you want. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean that you have to compromise.