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What Color Shoes Go with a Green Dress? Green Pants?

We adore a chic green dress, and green pants are also back in style. However, we are quite unsure what color of shoes could perfectly pair with green clothes. Here are some tips on what shoe color options you can have.

A photo of a woman wearing green dress.

Springtime has arrived, and so have the springtime fashions. And as the flowers bloom and the world comes to life, is there a better color to wear than green? We love a stylish green dress, and green pants are back in season, too. If you’ve just bought the perfect green dress or green pants, you now have to face an important question: What color shoes can I wear with this? 

Unlike a black dress or a pair of jeans, green clothes get attention. The wrong footwear can undermine your entire look. The good news? You have more options than you probably realize. Let’s take a closer look at your shoe color choices. 

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Neutral Color Options 

First, let’s talk about your safest options: black, brown, and white. These colors go with just about any outfit, so they don’t come with much of a risk. Plus, since they’ll pair with more than just your green clothes, you can get a lot of use out of them. 

Black Shoes with Green 

A photo of woman holding her green dress.

You can never go wrong with black shoes when you’re wearing green. Black looks great with green and will help anchor the color choice in your outfit. It pairs well with every other color, too, including brown under the right circumstances.

No matter which shade of green you choose, a pair of black shoes will tie everything together. Add a black purse and some black hair accessories, and you’ve got yourself a classy but attention-grabbing look. 

Brown Shoes with Green 

Brown shoes also pair very well with green. Dark brown and light brown will both work, but you can experiment with different shades to find the one you want. And there’s no shortage of brown shoes available, so you’re sure to find something that works with your style and budget. 

So, when should you opt for brown shoes instead of black? It depends on the look you want. Often, brown pairs well with green if you want a natural, earthy appearance. Brown also works better in casual settings than in fancier ones.

Of course, there’s always an exception. You can still find event-ready brown shoes. You just may not find them as easily as you would find black ones. 

White Shoes with Green 

A man in checkered shirt and green pants sitting on a podium.

When you’re wearing a green dress or green pants, white shoes are a great option. But if you can’t find the right shade of white, consider off-white or cream to get the same effect. Sometimes, bright white can create too much of a contrast. 

However, when you get the shade just right, white shoes can provide a subtle look that draws the perfect amount of attention. If you go with white, your shoes can definitely tie your whole outfit together. 

Just make sure that you’re up for some maintenance. You’ll have to clean your white shoes more often than you’d have to clean black or brown shoes. When it comes to white shoes, your best bet is to stick to indoor events. If you’re going to be outside, opt for something darker. 

Luxurious Color Options 

For something a bit more glamorous, gold and silver also look beautiful with any color. If you choose gold or silver shoes, you’ll add a certain sense of luxury to your dress or pants. 

How to Pair Colorful Shoes with Green Clothes 

A green color palette guide.

Ready to get a little adventurous? Then it’s time to explore some colorful shoes. Believe it or not, you can absolutely pair non-neutral colors with a green dress or pants. 

If you choose this route, your first option is to go with green shoes. Your shoes don’t always have to provide a contrast. Sometimes, you can go for a perfect match instead. It all depends on what you want from your outfit.

You can choose a pair of shoes in the exact same shade of green as your dress or pants. You might also pair different shades of green. Either option can look fantastic. 

If you want a color other than green, then the color wheel is your friend. You can choose complementary colors by looking at opposites on the color wheel. For example, on the wheel, red is the opposite of green.

Some bold red shoes could really make your outfit pop. You can also look at the colors that sit right next to each other. For green, those colors are yellow and blue. 

If you find the color wheel a bit confusing, fear not! We have another trick you can use. Do an image search online for color palettes that feature green. Bonus points if you know the exact shade of green on your dress or pants.

For example, is your dress mint green? Are your pants forest green? These details can make a difference. 

Now, your search will show you different color combinations. See a combination you like? Then use it to find your perfect pair of shoes.