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What Color Shoes Go with a Navy Blue Dress? Navy Pants?

You could be concerned about matching a navy blue dress or navy pants to a color shoe. Here are other suggestions for how to wear this look, including alternative shoe types and colors that would complement the navy blue dress and pants well.

A woman wearing a navy blue dress.

Whether I am planning an outfit around a navy-colored dress or navy-colored pants, I always feel classy and elevated in a navy look. The nautical hues indicate a level of refinement and restraint, no matter what style of clothes you are wearing. I love wearing navy in all seasons–it’s truly a timeless color that will never go out of style.

Pairing shoes with a navy dress or navy pants is relatively easy. After all, navy is a neutral tone, which means that it matches most color palettes. Some colored shoes go better with navy than others, though.

In this article, we will discuss colors for shoes that match a navy dress or pants. They are interchangeable, so any colors that match a navy dress will match navy pants and vice versa.

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A photo of a gold ballet flat with white background.

Source: Zappos

Navy and gold are a classic combination. For some military dress uniforms, navy and gold combine to create a serious, professional style. Gold pops against the navy without looking garish or overdone. 

Whether you are pairing a flowy navy maxi dress with gold platform sandals such as Colette Cinched Heels, which are sold at Free People, for a boho-chic look, or pairing a tailored navy dress pants with a simple gold ballet flat such as Naturalizer by Maxwell in light gold metallic leather such as the pair sold on Zappos, gold shoes will leave you feeling like royalty.

Especially when you pair gold with navy, you will feel confident and elegant.

Dark Brown

Jessica Simpson Women's Cash Wedge Pump,Almond, 8.5 M US

Source: Amazon

Dark brown is another classic color combination with navy. It is a more interesting neutral shade to pair with navy than black, but it is still subtle and subdued.

For ladies attending a more formal event, a dark brown pair of high-heeled pumps such as the Jessica Simpson Women’s Wedge in Almond would match perfectly with a navy blue dress of all lengths or a pair of navy blue pants. 

For a man who wants to look and feel like a dapper gentleman at any age, Nunn Bush Denali Plain Toe Oxford would match perfectly with a pair of navy blue dress pants or even navy blue jeans.

The old-fashioned classic style of shoe is sure to make a great impression on a potential boss for an interview or a romantic partner on a date who appreciates the classier things in life.


A yellow air puffy sandal in a light background.

Source: Anthropologie

For a more neutral, dressed-down version of the classic gold-and-navy color combination, yellow shoes match wonderfully with a navy blue dress or navy blue pants. Mustard yellow in particular looks great against a backdrop of navy blue. The earthy tones in mustard yellow play off of the muted hue of navy blue. 

In the summer, a pair of mustard yellow sandals such as Seychelles Breath of Fresh Air Puffy Sandals, which are sold by Anthropologie, add an airy element to a navy blue dress or navy blue pants. They keep your feet comfortable while giving a fashionable touch to an outfit.


A peach color Sam Edelman Lavina flats.

Source: Anthropologie

To channel your inner feminine energy, peach brings a soft, ladylike vibe to a navy blue dress. Peach tones not only brighten up a navy blue dress or pants but also contrast the blue shades with a rosy tone. The fresh feel of peach livens up the more muted, somber look of navy blue. Similar shades of orange-tinged pink such as coral also match well with navy blue. 

For inspiration, look at the Sam Edelman Lavina Flats in Peach by Anthropologie. A tortoiseshell brown and tan buckle incorporates colors that we already know work well with navy blue, so these shoes are sure to pair perfectly with a navy dress or pants.


MUSSHOE Loafers for Women Comfortable Pointed Toe Women's Loafers & Slip-ons Women's Flats Flats Shoes Women,Tan 8

Source: Amazon

Tan or nude-colored shoes match every single color on the color wheel and navy is no exception. When we want our navy dress or pants to take center stage, nude and tan-toned shoes will take a backseat and let the navy outfit shine.

For a demure, unassuming look that works exceptionally well in business and serious environments, pair your navy dress or pants with a tan shoe such as MUSSHOE Loafers Comfortable Pointed Slip-Ons for women on Amazon.

White and Cream

A photo of an off white color of Harlin Sandal.

Source: Zappos

When in doubt, white and cream are a classic pair with navy blue dresses or pants. White and cream will pop against the dark blue and accentuate the colorful side of navy. Sometimes, navy can look so dark that it is mistaken for black.

A white or cream shoe will contrast it heavily enough to make those looking at the dress or pants read the color as blue. 

White shoes are great in the summer for their light, airy look–just take a look at the Steve Madden Harlin Sandal in Off-White on Zappos for inspiration on how a white sandal can elevate a navy blue look.

However, even in the wintertime, a pair of white boots such as Silent D Puly Western Boots in white on Anthropologie will look striking against a navy blue pair of pants or sweater dress.