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What Color Shoes Go with White Dress? White Pants?

A white dress may be just as beautiful and sophisticated as a black dress. Here are some ideas for how to wear this look, including different shoe designs and colors that would look great with the white dress and pants.

White dresses on hangers.

Everyone talks about the classic appeal of a little black dress, but a white dress can be just as universally stylish and classy as a little black one. A white dress or white pants are the color of a blank canvas and it serves as a basic staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

When pairing shoes with a white dress or pants, the options are almost limitless. After all, a white garment is sure to match every single color in the rainbow and every pattern on the market.

Choosing the perfect shoe color to go with a white dress depends on many different factors. Mainly, we must consider where we are wearing white, whether an event has a dress code, what other colors are incorporated into the outfit through accessories and added layers of clothing, and, of course, personal preference.

In this article, we will discuss what to wear with a white dress or white pants–the same shoes will match either item because of their same coloring.

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Black, white, or navy

The Drop Women's Avery Sandal, Black, 7.5 B US

Source: Amazon

For formal events, a classic black, white, or even navy shoe is sure to keep a white outfit looking elegant and understated. 

A black shoe like The Drop Women’s Avery Square Toe Two Strap High Heeled Sandal, sold by The Drop Store on Amazon, will make a bold statement in the best kind of way–it will look strong and stylish without appearing garish or overdone. 

A navy shoe such as the Bernado Kennedy Wedges in navy at Anthropologie will be easier on the eyes of onlookers as a softer alternative to a black shoe, but it will still pop against the hem of white pants.

A white shoe will give it a monochromatic look. You can either attempt to match the shade of white as closely as possible between the shoes and the dress or contrast the white garment with another shade of white.

For example, if you have a crisp ivory dress, you can add some dimension by pairing it with cream-toned shoes. The slight difference in tone will add interest, while the similar shades will play off of each other and harmonize seamlessly. 

White shoes can add an edgy vibe to a white look if you want. Sold on Free People, Ruby Platform Ankle Boots in “Bone” color have a cork-colored chunky platform heel that could break up the monotony of a white-on-white outfit.

The platform style heel could make these an edgy look with the right white item and the right strong personality.


A red Michael Kors keke toe cap pump.

Source: Zappos

For occasions that allow for a saucier look, such as a night out or a date, red shoes are a perfect attention-grabbing color to spice up a regular white outfit. 

The MICHAEL Michael Keke Toe Cap Pump is a perfect example of a red shoe that would knock people’s proverbial socks off at an event or an evening on the town with a red dress.

The spiky element of these shoes, which are sold on Zappos, only ups the rockstar vibes that these shoes are dishing out. Red shoes add a splash of color and boldness–finish the look off with a swash of red lipstick over the mouth for a classic sultry look.

Metallics and patterns

A silver color clarita stilleto in a white background.

Source: Zappos

To add an element of sparkle to basic white clothes, opt for metallic or patterned shoes. Silver will match well with cooler skin tones of all degrees of darkness or lightness, while gold will draw out the olive notes in warmer toned skin.

For those who have a skin tone that is neither warm nor cool, gold or silver will look equally stunning on your feet to finish off a white outfit. 

A gorgeous silver stiletto such as Alexandre Birman Clarita Stiletto 130 on Zappos would pop against a white dress or pant of any length.

Patterned shoes such as floral prints, animal prints, polka dots, or stripes can be a fun way to incorporate personality into a lifeless white dress.

Floral prints will bring a feminine touch to an already feminine look such as a white dress, while animal prints are sure to add a fabulous, funky vibe to an otherwise demure ensemble. 

A good example of floral patterned shoes that would pair wonderfully with a white pants is SA Cecilia by Lila Floral Slides, which are retailed at Anthropologie. T

these slides have a large, bold floral pattern that would make a strong impression against a plain white hem. They are perfect for a summer or spring white look.

Polka dots and stripes can add interest to a look without feeling too flashy. If you are not accustomed to wearing patterns or need to keep patterns low-key for a dress code, polka dots and stripes can be a great way to shake up a look without raising the eyebrow of a boss or drawing an overwhelming amount of attention.

We recommend a polka-dotted shoe such as Kate Spade New York Panama Nights in Blue Multicolor style at Zappos. The blue dots against a yellow-tan backdrop on a close-toed, strappy open-backed wedge-style high heel would bring a subtle intrigue to a white outfit.


FEVERSOLE Women's Macaroon Colorful Memory Foam Cushion Insock Patent Ballet Flat Pink Size 6 M US

Source: Amazon

Whether you go for baby pink, powder blue, light lilac, or lemony yellow tone, pastels are the perfect color palette to bring a dash of spring to a white dress or white pants. Since a white dress is so light, it will highlight even the palest pastel-colored shoes.

One great example of pastel-colored shoes that would pair well with a white dress is Feversole Women’s Macaroon Colorful Memory Foam Cushion Insock Ballet Flat, which is sold on Amazon.

These shoes come in a variety of pastel tones, including a light baby pink. A sweet bow gives these shoes a particularly wholesome, innocent look. For days when we want to feel cute and feminine, pastel shoes are the best way to complete a white dress look.

Bright Neons

Orange Gogo Boots Size 8

Source: Amazon

If you want to really turn heads in your direction (or at least the direction of your feet), try a neon pair of shoes on for size with a white dress. Because the dress is so simple, it will not compete with a louder shoe such as a neon pink pair of pumps or neon orange boots such as Ellie Shoes Women’s Boots, which are neon Gogo Boots sold on Amazon.

It’s the same classic combination as highlighter doodles on a white notebook page–only way more fashionable and cool. A pair of neon boots peeking out from under a pair of white pants is sure to dazzle onlookers.