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What Goes with Pink Shorts?

From pale pink short shorts or hot pink denim shorts and mom shorts for women to pink cargo and chino shorts for men, this article will help you choose clothing and accessories that will look great with your pink pair of shorts this summer so you are stepping out in style.

This is a close look at a woman wearing pink shorts and matching coat on her white blouse.

Whether you are looking for a soft feminine look this summer for your pastel pink shorts or want something a little more edgy to go with your hot pink shorts, this is the article for you.

The color pink comes in an array of shades and hues but it usually pretty easy to match with other colors, including some basic ones like gray, black, white, and navy blue. You can even pair pink shorts with striped tops and blazers, depending on the look and style you are going for.

While pink shorts may be considered more for women than men, there are plenty of different styles of shorts in the color of pink that are perfect for men to rock.

I recently purchased a pair of shorts in a medium shade of pink that I absolutely adore. So far, I have worn them with a light, lacey, off-the-shoulder top with white strappy sandals and a black T-shirt with a pair of black sneakers but I want more ideas about what to wear with them.

While white shorts or black shorts, and even a pink dress, are easy to pair with the right shoes or tops, pink shorts can be a little trickier to match up properly.

We have compiled a detailed list for you to help you learn about what goes with pink shorts so you can step out looking your best this summer in a great pair of pink shorts.

Pink Bermuda Shorts

YELETE Women's Classic Bermuda Shorts (Fuchsia, XLarge)

If you want a comfy yet stylish look while you are traveling or simply having a relaxing Sunday with your family, you can throw on a pair of pale pink Bermuda shorts with a navy blue or gray striped shirt, a pink shirt of a different shade than the Bermuda shorts, big sunglasses, a cute blazer, and white sneakers. You can also opt for a white button down shirt or blouse with your pink Bermuda shorts with white flats or sandals, a floppy hat, and a white leather handbag. These looks are simple yet classic and cute and you will stay comfortable while traveling or frolicking with your kids in the park.

Pink Demin Shorts

Suko Jeans Women’s Denim Cutoff Shorts 85219 Pink 10

You can pair pink denim shorts with a pink denim shirt, either in the same shade of pink or you can go lighter on the bottom and darker on top or vice versa. You can also opt for a white shirt with a pink denim jacket thrown over top if the weather is cooler. You can pair this outfit with sneakers or sandals, depending on where you will be going.

You can also opt for a pair of pink denim high-waisted shorts for your board meeting or even pink short shorts or pink denim cutoffs if you are heading to the beach or out for some other fun in the sun type of event. Throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses, a large straw hat, and a pair of flip flops and you are ready to go.

Pink Cargo Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 10” Cargo Short, Washed Red, 33

Pink cargo shorts are a great option for women on the go since this type of short normally boasts several pockets for you to use for your cell phone, wallet, and keys. They are comfortable and longer so they are very appropriate to wear to a variety of places and on different occasions, from a party to your child’s school. A cute pair of sneakers or flats will go well with these shorts or you can opt for a pair of short boots.

Pink Khaki Shorts

For men:

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit 9" Inseam Flat-Front Comfort Stretch Chino Shorts, muted clay, 36

For Women:

Amazon Essentials Women's 3.5" Inseam Solid Chino Short, Pink, 12

Pink Khaki shorts are not just for women as men can rock a pair too. A navy blue or dark gray shirt will look amazing with a pair of these and you can pair them with tennis shoes or sandals for a relaxing look and feel. You can also dress them up with a button down shirt or blouse and even add a blazer to make them even more dressy. Men can then wear a pair of brown shoes with the men’s shorts version, including dress shoes, while women can add a sandal with a heel.

Pink High Waist Shorts

Allegra K Women's Bow Tie High Waist Short Paper Bag Shorts X-Small Pink

A cute pair of high waist pink shorts with a cute tie or even a drawstring tie can be paired with a white shirt and a white shoe, such as a pair of sandals or a pair of flats, for a cute look to wear to the office or to a conference with your child’s teacher. If you want to go for a pink suit type of look, you can simply add a pink blazer to your ensemble with a pair of heels and a rockin’ leather handbag in pink, brown, gray, black, or white. You can also opt for a more casual style pair to wear to the park or a pair of what is considered mom shorts that boast a paperbag waist for comfort and more flexibility.

Pink Camo Shorts

For men:

Backbone Mens Army Tactical Military BDU Camouflage Shorts Work Fishing Camping Casual Cargo Shorts (Pink Camo,Size 40)

For Women:

Acelitt Women‘s Ladies Summer Camo Shorts for Women Cmofy Soft Drawstring Elastic Waist Casual Fashion 2021 Beach Shorts for Women with Pockets Pink XL

Pink camo shorts come in a variety of styles for both men and women. From cargo style hot pink shorts in a camouflage print to yoga shorts, biker shorts, or military style shorts with several pockets, this versatile print can be worn to a variety of events and places.

You can pair a drawstring pink camo short with a white or black T-shirt and sneakers to wear to the gym or boast a cute white tank top or crop top to wear to run your daily errands or attend a casual party at your friend’s house. Pink camo shorts come in a variety of different shades and hues of pink as well as other colors in the camo print, including black, white, and navy.

Pink Chino Shorts

For Men:

Club Room Mens Flat Front with Belt Casual Chino Shorts, Pink, 38

For Women:

Lee Women's Straight Fit Tailored Chino Tuxedo Short, Vintage deep Rose, 18

Pink Chino shorts can be worn by men or women and come in a variety of styles and shades of pink. You can pair them with bright colors or pastel shades and can even sport a pair of boat shoes with these shorts. They are a great pair of shorts to be used as part of a dressier style by simply adding a belt, a dress shirt, and dressier shoes, or a more casual look with dneakers and a polo shirt or T-shirt. From a shorter tuxedo style short for women to a longer, dressier pair for men, these shorts are very versatile and can be worn for work or for play.

Pink Jogger Shorts or Biker Shorts

For Men:

adidas Boys' Parma 16 Shorts, Shock Pink/White, X-Large

For Women:

Costdyne Women's 8" /5" High Waist Biker Shorts Yoga Workout Tights Running Jogger Compression Exercise Shorts Pink

Whether you opt for a pair of biker shorts or a pair that is labeled jogger shorts, they are very similar and super comfy to wear. They are normally a longer pair of short pants, many times with pockets, that allow you plenty of flexibility and movement. They are for men or for women, although some are considered booty shorts for women to wear to yoga class or to simply lounge around the house.

These shorts are normally worn with a tank top, crop top, T-shirt, or other relaxed fit and style of top in a variety of colors with a pair of sneakers. These shorts also come as what is known as sweat shorts and are made of the cotton material sweat pants are created from but are the same style of shorts. In other words, they can look just like pink pants but shorter.

FAQs About Pink Shorts:

What color goes with pale pink?

Many colors will look great with pale pink, depending on the look you are going for at the time you are wearing pale pink clothing. For a more playful look, you can pair pale pink with a bright red color. You could wear, much like my first wedding, a dusty rose pale pink with burgundy which is really pretty together and is not only understated, the color combination is very sophisticated and elegant.

If you are wanting a more casual, calming look you can opt for a light pink with a softer shade of gray and if you want modern and really pretty, you can go with teal and salmon pink. My author brand colors are a softer pink with turquoise blue which are very pretty colors that work well together.

Which shirt matches pink pants?

Light pink clothes match really well with navy pieces of clothing, including striped jackets, shirts, and big tote bags. You can even opt for a shirt or jacket to go with them that features polka dots. Depending on whether you are needing a casual look or a dressier one, you can add a denim jacket or a blazer with a pair of pink pants or pink shorts for a casual look with black flats or choose a more dressier blazer with a pair of black or white heels or for men, dress shoes or sandals.

What color is the opposite of pink?

Remember the color wheel you learned about in elementary school? Whether you do or you do not, green is on the color wheel opposite the color of pink.