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What Type of Shoes Go With Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants have become one of the most versatile garments that you can have in your wardrobe. But what type of shoes go best with cargo pants? Read this article to find out more.

A woman in white tank top and black cargo pants.

There was a time when the one piece of clothing I wanted was a pair of cargo pants, mainly because of all the pockets. I learned quickly that the appeal of cargo pants went far beyond the practicality and military look.

In fact, cargo pants have become one of the most versatile garments in my wardrobe. Mostly because of the way I can dress them up or down by changing the shoes I wear with them.

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Here are 16 ideas of what shoes go with cargo pants.

1.  Fashion sneakers

Did you know that the shoes most people associate with cargo pants are sneakers? This is, of course, because sneakers really do match the pants.

You can go with the flow, but take a slightly different path by going old school and choosing stacked sneakers. Why not have just a little fun and wear a white button-down shirt too?

2.  Slip-on sneaker

A photo of a white slip-on sneakers on a white background.

Changing your look is often just a matter of finding the correct pair of shoes. Throw off the trainers and thrust your feed into a pair of slip-on sneakers. This is the perfect pairing with cargo pants for a casual look that just screams comfort.

3.  Combat boots

An option of footwear with cargo pants is to embrace the military look and wear a pair of combat boots. Don’t be afraid to go full out and choose a pair of heavy boots that catch the eye.

The boots are usually available in darker colors. You can either go with the military color theme and wear khaki, brown, or even camo cargo pants. Why not break the pattern, though, and wear the boots with a bright pair of pants?

4.  Sandal with high, chunky heel

A red high chunky heel sandals.

Cargo pants are usually associated with being quite casual and even sporty. Team them with a pair of high chunky heeled sandals and you will create a fun look with a bit of class. Wear a patterned vest and a half-jumper, and you will complete the look.

5.  Fisherman sandals

It can be fun to give your cargo pants a completely unusual look and pair them with shoes that belong to work you may never do. This is what you can do with fishermen sandals.

They are full and solid enough to go with the general look of the cargo pants, but also that little bit unusual, so they will change the look.

6.  Lakyn Boot

A white Lakyn boot on a white background.

Cash in on the military look of cargo pants and wear them with a chunky ankle boot. Keep the whole look soft by choosing a Lakyn boot. The chunky heel and sole go well with the soft rounded uppers. Wear a fitted vest and bomber jacket with the boots.

7.  Flat pumps

If you are looking for practicality and prettiness with your cargo pants, then choose a pair of flat pumps to wear with them. Keep the whole outfit smooth and gentle by choosing cargo pants in a neutral color. Add a loose blouse in a soft fabric and your look will be perfect.

8. Twill boots

A photo of a black sneaker boots.

Wearing cargo pants can really make you look as though you are prepared for everything, with all the pockets, where just about anything you may need can be carried.

Take this a little further and wear twill boots, with their rugged look, sole that can grip both mountains and smooth roads. These are the shoes that say they can take you far.

9.  Walking / Running shoes

If you want to go for an athletic look with your cargo pants, then the best shoes to wear are fashion walking / running shoes. They are not only comfortable, but you can literally go anywhere in them, so you really will be ready for whatever comes your way.

10.  Dress pumps

A photo of a red dress pumps.

Nothing introduces a note of glamour to an outfit like a dress pump, even cargo pants. Choose shoes in a classic black, or dark brown and wear them with a pair of dark cargo pants. Add a formal, tailored blouse and there you have a chic outfit to wear out on the town.

11.  Women’s lace-up ankle boots

Cargo pants and lace-up ankle boots take the edge off the military look ever so slightly, but still remain true to the spirit of the pants. Choose boots in a pale tone of a neutral color, to make sure that your whole look is lighter.

You can take the ‘laced up’ theme further into the outfit and choose a peasant blouse with shoestring laces up the front.

12.  Beaded thong sandals

A beaded thong sandals in a light background.

When summer comes around, don’t think it’s time to put away the cargo pants. You will always need to have something long on hand, especially for those cooler days. Don’t lose summer style, though. Wear a pair of beaded thong sandals, which will keep your feet both cool and stylish.

13.  Chelsea boots

Everyone needs a pair of Chelsea boots in their wardrobe and what a great pair of shoes to wear with cargo pants. The boots are efficient and chunky looking, with a certain flair. Pick up the style with a vest and an open plaid button-down shirt.

 14.  Moulded flip-flop sandals

A black flip-flop sandals.

Source: Anthropologie

Keep the look and feel of wearing cargo pants casual and comfy, by wearing a pair of molded flip-flops. Choose a classic black, which will go with any color of pants and also any top you choose to wear. A loose T-shirt or vest will be the perfect top to add to the outfit.

15.  High-heeled platform shoes

To elevate (literally) cargo pants into the elegant league, you just have to wear a pair of high-heeled platform shoes with them. Choose a pair in a bright color and wear them with dark cargo pants, so that your feet are definitely eye-catching.

16.  Winter snow boots

GLOBALWIN Snow Boots For Women White/Prints Women's Winter Boots 7.5M

Truly make your cargo pants the pants for all seasons and team them up with a pair of winter snow boots. The boots can be tied tightly over the bottom of the pants and will keep your feet snug while you maintain a stylish winter look.