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18 Top Wig Brands

From wigs for men to an array of wig styles and colors for women to hairpieces and hair extensions, there is a style and product for everyone in today's world of hairstyle pieces. With brands like Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, and many more, some of the most amazing wigs are available.

Display shelves filled with mannequin heads wearing various styles of wigs.

To protect their bald heads from the sun, many of the agents Egyptians created wigs and began wearing them. Some of the others even wore them on top of their natural hair by applying beeswax and resin to hold them in place and wealthy Egyptians or elaborate wigs that included head cones made of animal fat on top of their wigs.

It was both females and males who wore them and they were made of human hair, vegetable fibers, or sheep’s wool, depending on where the person was in the social status. Egyptians like to shave their heads because of the hot climate and they didn’t have to worry about getting head lice. Because of the hot sign, wigs became pretty commonplace back then.

The more elaborate the wig was the higher up the social ladder the person was perceived to be. During the Old Kingdom period, women enjoyed wigs that were short or chin-length bobs. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Phoenicians also wore wigs during that time period.

During the Medieval Era, wigs became less elaborate with the emergence of Christian influences and by the Middle Ages, wigs lost their relevance in the social status ladder due to difficult times. Women normally had their heads covered and fashion was not really important until the beginning of the Renaissance period and women began to go out without a head covering on to cover their hair.  Wigs became popular again as the focus on beauty and fashion increased.

In today’s world, people of all social statuses wear wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions whenever they deem it to be appropriate. Some men wear hairpieces to cover a bald head but wigs in today’s market are normally purchased and worn by women. From wigs for men to an array of wig styles and colors for women to hairpieces and hair extensions, there is a style and product for everyone in today’s world of hairstyle pieces.

Whether you prefer a Remy human hair wig, a synthetic wig, or just a hair extension, there is a wig brand that has a product you will love and feel great while wearing. From a lace wig to a natural hair wig in blacks, browns, or blondes, there is a wig that can change the way you look and feel. Here is a list of wig brands and the products offered by each brand.

1. Jon Renau

Jon Renau wig collection banner


Jon Renau began creating and producing wigs in 1969. Since then, his line of wigs, hairpieces, and toppers has grown into one of the top brands in the world. His business is still family-owned and operated and they’ve remained true to their mission to listen to what their customers say and want and to nurture them. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors of wigs in this brand has remained a consistent favorite of People who purchase and wear wigs and hairpieces.

2. Ellen Wille

Elle Wille wig collection banner


As the leading brand of wigs, hair toppers, and hairpieces in Europe, Ellen Wille continues to produce wigs that impress the people who wear them. The wigs created by this company come in a dimension of hair colors are constructed from quality hair and boast a distinctive cap that gives the illusion the hair is real and not a wig at all.

3. Raquel Welch Wigs

Racquel Welch wig collection banner


Raquel Welch is known as a Hollywood legend and a fashion icon so it is only fitting that she created an amazing brand of wigs to share with the world. Creating the brand a decade ago, Raquel Welch is one of the most recognized wig brands in the market already. This company produces not only wigs with real human hair and synthetic hair wigs, but hairpieces and hair extensions also. Customers love the coloring of the wigs, the construction, and the overall wear-ability of the Raquel Welch products.

4. Gabor

Gabor wig collection banner


If your preference is classic shorter styles when it comes to wigs, Gabor is the company for you. Their wigs are known as some of the lightest and most comfortable, synthetic wigs available in today’s market. They are elegant, sophisticated, and easy to wear and to maintain.

5. Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris wig collection banner


If you are in the market for hairpieces or synthetic wigs, Rene of Paris has created a line that you will love that look natural and are ready-to-wear. This company offers an array of attractive designs that have been enhanced by years of creative excellence. Rene of Paris Is most well-known for its high fashion yet simple classic styles with colors that appear to be naturally blended.

6. Noriko Wig Collection

Noriko wig collection banner


Handcrafted from the very best materials, the Noriko Wig Collection boasts quality, style, and comfort. Color technology with multi-color tones on a single strand is used to create these amazing wigs, hair toppers, and standard cap wigs. Whether if you opt for a synthetic hair wig, a natural hair wig, or simply a hairpiece, Noriko has a product you will love.

7. Hairdo

Hairdo wig collection banner


If you want to have a great hair day each and every day, you can achieve it by choosing a Hairdo ready-to-wear wig, hairpiece, or hair extension. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and there is a look for every woman who wants to step out in amazing style.

8. Envy Wigs

Envy Wigs wig collection banner


Envy Wigs was created by seasoned designer Alan Eaton with his passion for great hair for customers everywhere. He has used his years of experience in working with many other wig lines to create the best of the best wigs that are not only the most natural-looking but provide comfort and style. From wigs created from real human hair to lace front wigs, there is a style for everyone.

9. Louis Ferre

Loius Ferre


By using the latest technology to create fashionable wigs and other hair products, Louis Ferre has garnered a prestigious reputation in the wig industry. With a line that features human hair wigs, lace front wigs, and synthetic wigs, Louis Ferre has reached the level of amazing comfort and ability to continue to create the most excellent, innovative wigs in the industry.

10. BelleTress

Belle Tress wig collection banner


BelleTress Wigs is situated in Southern California and has been a huge part of the hair and beauty industry since 1982. At BelleTress, it is believed that life is too short to have boring hair. Whether you are looking for a natural wig that is functional or you want a more theatrical style that you can have fun with, BelleTress Wigs has the wig for you. The company embraces the significance of not only having fun but transforming yourself over and over again with a variety of styles, colors, and looks.

11. Forever Young

Forever Young wig collection banner


Whether you are looking for a wig that provides you with extra long hair, short, or medium, Forever Young has a style that will appeal to you. This company offers an array of wigs and hairpieces, from natural colors to brightly colored wigs to fit anyone’s taste and preferences. Whether you are going for a Rockstar look or a classic one, Forever Young will have a wig or hairpiece to fit with your mood.

12. Wig Pro Wigs

Wig Pro Wigs wig collection banner


Wig Pro offers an amazing collection of wigs for men and women. The company has combined design techniques with a variety of color options to create wigs, hair extensions, and men’s and women’s hairpieces to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

13. Amore Wigs and Hair Toppers

Amore Wigs and Hair Toppers wig collection banner


Amore is known for its high-quality wigs and hairpieces that have been created to provide maximum comfort with a contemporary style through a double layer monofilament design. Handcrafted weaving techniques provide better wear-ability than other wigs and hairpieces while providing a very natural

14. Vivica Fox Wigs

Vivica Fox Wigs wig collection banner


Known around the world as an actress, producer, and model, Vivica Fox, has created a company that produces a variety of wigs and hair extensions as part of its very popular and stylish collection that is always changing to provide customers with the latest trends in colors and styles.

These features are created for the most comfortable, best fit, and most dramatic style so that you are guaranteed to obtain the look that makes you feel like a superstar. They offer human hair and synthetic wigs and other hair products, including lines for black women.

15. HIM

HIM wig collection banner


The HIM Collection Is produced by HairUWear. this collection offers an array of edgy styles of wigs and hairpieces just for men. These classic pieces boast a lace front that is created to be very versatile. This company recently released six new wig styles for men that provide a variety of looks that any man will love.

16. Illusions

Illusions wig collection banner


From pink to glitter gray, Illusions by Jon Renau has all you need for fantasy, costume, and party wigs with fun styles and colors at affordable prices.

17. TressAllure

TressAllure wig collection banner


If you are looking for a large selection of natural shade variations when it comes to wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions, TressAllure offers a beautiful array of luminous colors that will make anyone become the envy of all of her friends. If you are suffering from hair loss or simply want a different hairstyle, TressAllure has a style that you will love and embrace.

18. Estetica

Estetica wig collection banner


For three decades, Estetica Designs have been creating wigs that look natural in an array of hairstyles and colors. This company is one of the leading innovators in hair cap creation and has been able to stay ahead of the hairstyle trends for more than 30 years.

Seven FAQs about wigs

What is the best human hair for wigs?

By far, experts tout Remy human hair as the best for creating high-quality wigs. Remy hair seems to be the best option since the cuticles of each hair are kept in place and run in the same direction when the wig is created. This process makes it look and feel more like your natural hair than other wigs.

 What type of wig looks the most natural?

Wigs made of Remy human hair look the most natural but there are a variety of different wigs on the market that will provide you with a natural, realistic appearance, including lace closure wigs, the lace frontal wig, and full lace wigs. Any wig that makes it appear that the hair is growing from your natural scalp will look the most realistic and natural.

Why did the first presidents wear wigs?

King Louis XIII started the trend by wearing what was referred to as a periwig.

When did wigs become popular?

Wigs became popular in the 18th century and were embraced by people with wealth and fame.

Why did the British wear white wigs?

Due to social status, tradesmen wore brown wigs while the more elite opted for white wigs. Professionals sported gray ones and the white ones were left for judges and members of the military.

How do you apply the wig?

You first flatten your hair with the use of a wig cap then apply a powder that matches your skin tone to the wig’s cap. You place the wig on top of your head by starting in the front and working back before adjusting the part in the wig and you are ready to go.

How do you choose a wig?

You have to measure your head circumference from the hairline two behind the ear into the back of the neck then over to the other ear and back to the front to determine what size wig you should wear.