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6 Alternatives to Shorts in Summer for Men

This article enlightens you on the right type of clothing that men should put on as an alternative to shorts. There are different varieties of clothes. Despite being pants in nature, they tend to be more comfortable than shorts. It is always important for one to understand the right type of clothing for an occasion. Choosing the right colors is important too.

A close look at a man wearing a pair of shorts while walking on the beach.

Getting dressed up for the right season is very important to ensure that you are comfortable. In summer, most men prefer wearing shorts. This is to help cope with a lot of heat experienced as well as be in a position to run errands without getting soaked up in a sweat. As far as men’s clothing is concerned, one can still wear shorts for formal events.

For example, khaki shorts with a short sleeve shirt is still regarded as suitable for office wear. Do you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts this summer and would like to try another outfit? Check out below

Chino pants

This is a close look at a man wearing a pair of khaki chino pants.

Putting on a pair of trousers may sound like torture to you, especially in summer, but chino pants are the best choice and contrary to what other outfits may make you feel. Chino pants are the only type of clothing for men that never goes wrong with different shirts and shoes. This is a must-have in your wardrobe. Chino pants are made of cotton which is friendly for hot season wear. Chino pants and a linen shirt would be a superb combination.

Chinos are designed for both formal and informal occasions. What the wearer needs to understand is choosing the right color for the right occasion. It is important to understand that chinos and khakis are not the same. This is one of the types of clothing that people tend to confuse. Should you be looking forward to shopping for chinos, there are differences that you need to point out between the two.


Chinos are made of lightweight cotton, which makes them favorable for hot seasons, whereas khaki is made of heavy-weight cotton. Checking out their appearances makes you understand the difference and their quality too.


Since chinos pants are light, they tend to have a better fitting compared to khakis since they are narrow. On the other hand, khaki is not tight. It is advisable for one to buy a bigger fitting of chino pants to avoid outgrowing them fast. Since khaki is not that tight, considering baggy shorts of the same type would be the best for summer.


Most chino pants do not require one to put on a belt, all you need is a fairly tight elastic waistband to keep the pants up during the day. Chino shorts tend to have the same design as trousers and would fit in any type of dress code provided for an occasion. Wearing loafers without any socks on would look good for chino shorts.

Jersey joggers

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Jogger, Oxford Grey, 4X-Large

If you need something that will replace your running shorts, jersey joggers are the best to try out. They are made of a light cotton material that tends to absorb sweat fast, leaving the one wearing them feeling comfortable. Jersey joggers would look good when worn with a polo shirt.

It is, however, that you choose colors wisely to avoid looking too bright or dull. There are different types of jersey joggers that you should understand.

Smart joggers

Amazon Essentials Men's Straight-Fit Jogger Pant, Dark Grey, Large

If you are headed for a casual occasion, it is important to have your smart joggers in a tailored fit. This makes them look different from gym pants. Smart joggers have been used to replace athletic shorts with time.

Sporty joggers

Ouber Men's Gym Jogger Pants Slim Fit Workout Running Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets (M,White)

These are joggers designed with well-tucked pockets that make you comfortable to engage in any type of activity during the day. This type of pant has an elastic waistband and a string around the waist to keep it fitting and comfortable.

Everyday joggers

PRIJOUHE Men's Casual Joggers Jeans Stretch Regular Fit Elastic Drawstring Waist Denim Harem Pants

This is a special type of jogger made of light cotton and is stretchy. Therefore, it does not require shopping for a larger size. Everyday joggers would look good on sneakers.

Lounge joggers

Lucky Brand Men's Knit Jogger Sleep Lounge Pants, Navy, Small

Lounge joggers are made of quite a heavy cotton material and would be the best choice to replace your pajamas. The manner that they are designed in helps keep someone warm; this is the best wear for barbeque way, especially in the evening.


A man on yacht wearing a white linen shirt and blue pants.

Linen pants have been considered to be one of the types of clothing worn by stylish men who understand how to blend in clothes. You can put on a tropical shirt or a dress shirt if you are headed out for an informal occasion. To have a stylish outlook with your linen pants, going for loafers or sandals that match your outfit would be a great idea.

Linen pants are made of a light material that helps keep you dry despite the high temperatures that you might be experiencing. Linen pants and a-line shirt are not a good combination, a light sweater would perfectly suit linen pants. If you need to wear linen pants for an informal occasion, you can put on a light t-shirt.

 Here are reasons why you should consider wearing linear pants in summer;

  • It is made of a natural fiber compared to cotton; this makes it favorable for one to keep up with the heat.
  • It repels insects therefore easily makes it a favorable type of wear for all conditions.
  • It looks luxurious and classy, especially when worn for informal occasions.
  • Its fabric is strong and therefore long lasting.

There are different types of linen pants;

Casual linen pants

HOEREV Men Casual Beach Trousers linen  Summer Pants, Beige, Small

Casual linen pants should be worn with a pair of light t-shirts. The one wearing the pants should feel comfortable as well as find the pants adjustable, and this is why you need to have a strong adjustable waistband for your trousers. Casual pants come in different colors and themes, making it easy for one to have them for different occasions.

Summer line pants

HOEREV Men Casual Beach Trousers linen Summer Pants, White, Small

These pants made of linen help keep the wearer feeling comfortable all day without the worry of getting the pants creased as a result of a lot of exposure to heat. The summer line pants tend to have a summer line of fitting; this is why you need to understand the perfect size for you.

Petite line pants

Tootom Men's Casual Linen Pants Loose Fit Straight-Legs Elastic Waist Drawstring Summer Jogger Long Pant Black

As the name suggested these are the kind of pants that are made shorter of the actual length taken. If you are short in height, petite line pants are the best for you, this is because they only exist up to size 16. These kinds of pants come in different designs and suit any type of theme if you wish to have them tailor-made.

Cropped line pants

SOMTHRON Men's Loose Plus Cotton Linen Summer Breathable Casual Cropped Pants Solid Drawstring Sweatpants Joggers(WH-M)

At the base of the leg, the pants tend to have a loose-fitting; this makes the pants referred to as cropped line pants. The best thing about it is that you can have the upper part of the pants designed to the size that you feel accommodating to you. Compared to other pants, cropped line pants are not stretchy; this is why you need to get the right fitting for yourself.

Cotton linen pants

LecGee Men Cotton Linen Yoga Pant Casual Elastic Waist Drawstring Loose Fit Baggy Harem Pants

For cotton line pants, it is always important that you have strings on them; this is to help keep your trousers intact. The cotton linen pants tend to have a heavier fabric compared to the other types of pants. With these pants, it would best to go for lighter colors that insulate heat.

Slim fit linen pants

Perry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Linen Cotton End Dress Pant, Bright White-4ESB7307, 36W x 32L

These are skinny pants that would perfectly fit well with a combination of tight polo shirts. It is advisable to wear sandals with this kind of pants. This is especially if you want to wear them on an informal occasion.

Seer sucker

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's 7" Inseam Stretch Seersucker Short, Navy 32

This is one of the commonly worn types of clothes for summer. See suckers vary from trousers, shorts as well as shirts. They vary in different colors. Therefore, it helps one have different collections for different occasions. Seer suckers are made from different fabrics; white cotton and linen.

Seer sucker pants are made of thick fabric that is easily breathable. Since most summer shorts are see-through and require longer underwear for a presentable look, these types of pants are not see-through, therefore making them best to wear with any type of underwear. Seer sucker clothing can suit well all types of dress codes.

You can purchase them in a variety; seer sucker jackets, seer sucker pants and seer sucker suits. A tailored short made of a seer sucker design should have a slim fitting.

The performance pants

Hanes Men's Sport X-Temp Performance Training Pant with Pockets, Black, L

Performance pants are average-fitting types of trousers that would suit outdoor activities. This includes commuting, climbing and hiking. Performance dress pants exist in 5 types. Check out below

Comfort performance pants

Lee Men's Performance Series Extreme Comfort Straight Fit Pant, Original Khaki, 38W x 29L

If you are a lover of chino and khaki pants, performance pants should be part of this list as well. They are made of comfortable and stretchy material which makes them a perfect fit from the waist to the legs. You can consider getting performance suits for formal wear, which would be best to choose a thin fitting.

There are comfort performance parts that are designed for traveling too; their light features make them favorable for hot conditions.

Summer pants

Sailwind Men's Drawstring Casual Summer Beach Loose Trousers Linen Pants with Elastic Waistband Pure White-US 28

This is the perfect wear for conditions that tend to have high temperatures during summer. The pants are made from the following fabrics; lightweight cotton, seer sucker as well as linen. This material makes the pants comfortable for use in hot conditions since they have breathable features.

This is one of the types of clothing that you should pack when going for your business engagements. Performance summer pants have stood out to be among the top executive wear for hot seasons. Putting on a round sweater would complement the look with summer pants

Winter dress pants

They are made of heavy cotton which makes them suitable for cold seasons. These types of pants would look good on a sports coat or a sweat. They look presentable for both formal and informal occasions; the wool that makes up these types of pants makes them comfortable.

Modern performance dress pants

Perry Ellis Men's Portfolio Modern Fit Performance Pant, Black, 36x32

This is a slim-fitting type of pants that gives one a professional outlook. This would be the best type of wear especially if you are a business owner headed out for a conference. It would be a great way to change your style especially if you are used to official suits. With today’s type of workplace which accommodates different types of clothing, this would be a good one to step out with.

Custom performance pants

As the name suggests, custom performance pants can be tailored into different shapes, designs as well as sizes. As much as the fabric allows it, you can have as many details as you want, it is however important to ask your designer on the favorable designs for different occasions.

White jeans

Levi's Men's 511 Slim Jeans, Castilleja White - Advanced Stretch, 36W x 30L

White jeans for men would be the perfect wear for summer because their color is not easily reflected by heat. This makes the one wearing it free from sweating or even making the jeans look creasy and dirty due to their bright color. White jeans would be a great combination when worn with sneakers and polo shirts. There are important things you need to understand when choosing white jeans for wear.

Go for slim fittings

For some white jeans that are not made of stretchy material, it would be favorable to get a slim fitting to ensure that it does not end up looking baggy.

It does not have to be sparkling white

It is good to understand that there are different shades of color white depending on what you prefer most, choose a shade that you will feel comfortable in.

A dense woven fabric would be the best

It is always necessary to check the fabric details of any clothing before purchase, this will help you distinguish whether they are the best for the season or not. The feature they reserve in how they are woven also helps determine whether they fit the hot season or not.

This is what you need to know when shopping for clothes in the summer season

  • It is always advisable for one to shop for summer clothes, while in winter, it is probable that they will be affordable as well as well be plenty in the market.
  • Ensure that you choose clothes with the right type of fabric to ensure that you feel safe from the different heat temperatures you may experience from time to time.
  • It is recommended to you enquire on other type of clothing that would be a great combination with your clothes, this includes shoes too.
  • Do not forget to shop for light material night wear, in most places; temperatures tend to be high at night which may leave you feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the night.
  • Always ensure that you understand your clothing size perfectly. This will help make it easier for the dealer to know the right size to get for you.
  • Understand that there are different types of summer clothes that will not go with your type of fitting, you will always be required to purchase a smaller or bigger fitting. This is distinguished by the fabric and other outfit design features.
  • There are different types of swim wear meant for beach wear, depending on what you feel comfortable with, always ensure that you have different collections of swim wear.


What is the best type of clothing to wear in summer?

Loose-fitting clothing is the best wear for summer. This is because there is a lot of heat and having tight clothing would make you get soaked up. It is always important to get lightweight cotton and nylon shirts and blouses too; this type of material is best known for not withholding much heat and sweat. There are also scarfs and hats designed to help avoid strong winds that may be uncomfortable for you.

How can I be stylish in summer?

There are many things that people need to understand about purchasing formal clothes that will suit the summer season. As much as you want to wear a loose-fitting type of clothing, always ensure that you look classy through the following tips;

  • Wearing the right clothes
  • Putting on the best accessories
  • Understanding the right type of shoes that would make a good combination with your clothes