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Are Canada Goose Jackets Really that Warm?

Warm Canada Goose jackets

Yes, some Canada Goose jackets are really that warm.  Note I use the word “some” because not all are super warm and they aren’t designed to be.

Canada Goose is definitely known for making and selling very warm parkas but that’s not all they sell.  If you do want the warmest Canada Goose jacket, get a parka; specifically, get the Expedition parka or the Snow Mantra Parka.  Both parkas are rated for -30° C and below.

What do I know about how warm Canada Goose jackets are?

I own 7 Canada Goose jackets.  They include:

The warmest is the Expedition rated -30° C and below.  The second warmest is the Langford rated -15° C to -25° C.  Third warmest is the Brockton parka rated -10° C to -20° C.

Canada Goose Brockton Parka

The Brockton Parka

The Down jackets are warm for what they’re intended to be but they aren’t parka warm.  I’m glad they aren’t parka warm.  For instance, I live in North Vancouver, BC.  Today it’s 9°C. I don’t need the parka today. I’m wearing the HyBridge Lite Tech Down jacket and brought along my Canada Goose rain jacket in case it rains (which is likely given it’s North Vancouver).

I’ve worn my Canada Goose Jackets in -17°C (and was warm)

I’ve not yet had the pleasure of wearing any of my parkas in -30°C or colder yet, but at the end of December 2021 and early January 2022, we had some wicked cold Arctic flow weather come in reaching -17°C at night.  I wore my Brockton parka for over an hour outside in that temperature and had no problem whatsoever. The only other layer I had on was a regular shirt.  In fact, I had to zip it down for a bit to cool down.

So YES, Canada Goose jackets (parkas) are really that warm!

When it comes to choosing a Canada Goose jacket, you don’t necessarily want to just buy the one rated for the coldest temperature.  That could be overkill for you.  If you’re never in -25° weather, do you need the Expedition?  Probably not.  I wrote about how to choose the right Canada Goose jacket for you here.  Related to that you should know about the different types of Canada Goose jackets.

Also, the down jackets are amazingly warm for how thin and light they are.

Canada Goose Down Jacket

I’ve had my Canada Goose Base Down jacket for a few years now.  It’s been my main winter jacket all that time (which could change now since I just received the Crofton Down jacket).  The Base Down jacket keeps me very warm in weather up to -5°C.  If it’s colder than that, I’ll put on another layer underneath or pull out a parka.

Speaking of layers… that’s an easy way to really take on the cold

Speaking of other layers, I just received the HyBridge Lite Tech Down Jacket and it’s probably one of my favorite Canada Goose items ever. It’s rated for 5°C to -5°C.  What makes it so great is it’s ridiculously thin and light.  When Canada Goose says “Lite” they aren’t messing around. It’s like holding a feather.  Because it’s so thin, it easily fits under any other jacket for added warmth. It’s a perfect underlayer in the rain with my Nanaimo rain jacket.

Super warm parkas aren’t without their problems

You might be wondering at this point why I wear my Canada Goose down jackets more than my parkas.  Here’s why.  The parkas are huge jackets.  They’re not easy to carry or put somewhere when you don’t need them.  They’re WAY too warm to ever wear inside whereas I can wear the down jacket inside.  I reserve the parkas for when I know I’ll be outside in cold weather for a prolonged period of time and not being terribly active.  And I’m not talking skiing either… Canada Goose jackets aren’t ideal for skiing.  I’m talking about long walks outside, watching kids play soccer on cold days… anything where I’m outside for 30 minutes or longer and not super active.  

Add warmth by layering with a batter-heated jacket

One option for perhaps a warmer jacket is a battery-heated jacket. There are many of those you can choose from.  Check it out:

Heated Jacket(Included Battery) (Black, Small)

Source: Amazon

If you want to add a heated element to your Canada Goose jacket, you can with a heated vest such as the following:

Heated Vest for Men Women,YOYI Smart Electric Warm Vest,Battery Not Included

Source: Amazon

As an aside, battery-heated outdoor wear is kind of cool; a hassle charging it all, but it works. My son has battery-heated ski gloves and ski socks. He loves them.  He skies long days so it’s helpful when wicked cold out.

Are there jackets that are warmer than Canada Goose parkas? Viable alternatives?

There might be but I’ve not run across one.  It’s very possible given there are many higher-end outdoor wear and gear companies out there.  Maybe one has come up with some insanely warm design.  There are some interesting brands coming out serving the sub-zero jacket market such as Moncler, Nobis, Wuxly and Moose Knuckles (in addition to the usual suspects such as The North Face and Patagonia).   I can’t say which brand sells the warmest jacket on the planet but it’s safe to say Canada Goose ranks up toward the top if not is at the top.  I can also say that Canada Goose is as popular as ever.

It takes more than a jacket to stay warm

Canada Goose Snow Mantra Mitts

You might have the warmest jacket on earth but if you don’t have the right pants, footwear, gloves and hat, you could still get cold, or worse yet, freeze.  That’s why I loaded up on Canada Goose mitts and gloves, beanie and the new Canada Goose Journey hiking boots (I would have also bought the new snow boots as well but they were out of stock).  I also own a pair of Karbon ski pants that are amazing for skiing and cold weather generally.

I doubt you’ll be disappointed with a Canada Goose parka

I’m not disappointed one bit with any of my Canada Goose parkas and down jackets.  The Brockton parka is my least favorite just because of how it fits (it’s too narrow at the bottom). The Langford is the parka I’ll probably wear the most because it’s not as warm as my Expedition and it’s a bit smaller (not as bulky as the Expedition).

Regardless, I can confirm that yes, Canada Goose jackets, especially the parkas, are really that warm.
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