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The very best mens joggers for any athletic pursuit (and loungewear)

Man running in joggers

2020 was the year leisurewear and loungewear took the world by storm.

Who needs trousers, slacks and even jeans when working from home?

Not me.

In fact, it’s been months since I’ve worn jeans or slacks to the office.

I now wear nothing but men’s joggers day and night.

The lines between leisurewear, athleisure and men’s joggers are blurred at best.

After getting tired of the subpar joggers I owned and given the fact I was wearing it daily, it was time to head out and discover the very best men’s joggers on the market that would be great for jogging, walking and of course working.

By the time the smoke cleared, I bought Under Armour, no-name cheap joggers and several lines from Lululemon.

During that entire process, I also tried on Adidas and Nike joggers as well.

What are the best men’s joggers?

Our Top Pick
Best Men's Joggers: Lululemon Tech Pant

Best Men’s Joggers: Lululemon Tech Pant

  • Fits perfectly.
  • Warm and breathes.
  • Stylish.
  • Zipper pockets (stop losing your stuff).

It’s not even close.

The very best I have, have ever tried and ever bought is the Textured Tech Pant by Lululemon.  I can’t get enough of these pants.

Before I get into my Lululemon fanboy rant, you should know that I’m 6′ 3″ and weigh 220 pounds.  I’m fairly tall and definitely not slight.  I have an athletic build. Not super muscular.  Not skinny. Somewhere in the middle.

A couple of years I bought my first set of clothes from Lululemon.  As soon as I tried my first pair of pants and shirt there, I totally understand how and why Lululemon can command the high prices they do. Everything about the clothing is superior to most other brands.


Lululemon Tech Pant Joggers

I like to be stylish. If I’m going to buy clothes and spend a pretty dollar on them, I want to look good. Looking good helps me feel good.

When it comes to style, Lululemon’s apparel has it in spades.  Heck, they’ve carved out clothing trends with yoga pants and various other clothing offerings.

The Tech Pant they sell is uber cool.  It really is.  It’s snug, but not tight.  I look sleek and stylish in them whether I’m going to the grocery store, the tennis court, the gym or anywhere.  I love wearing these pants with a well-fitting quarter zipper long-sleeved shirt.  It’s a fantastic look. When it’s cold, I add a vest or a hoodie.  When it’s really cold, I don my Canadian Goose bomber coat.

In other word, the Tech Pant is highly verstatile. It has a cool pattern on it as well for the darker colors.  The light grey color is pure light grey… but it offers a nice touch with a lighter pocket interior which contrast nicely if your pocket zippers are open.

Speaking of pockets, while it doesn’t have rear pockets, there are two side pockets that have zippers. I love the zippers because I find stuff falls out of most jogger pockets.


When it comes to material, no brand cares like Lululemon.  As soon as you put on any of its clothes you can feel the difference, as in the superior quality.  This is definitely true with Lululemon’s Tech Pant.  It’s soft and plush but breathes nicely for when you get warm.

Attention to detail

Lululemon’s attention to detail with all its apparel is second-to-none.  There are subtle textures, contrasting colors and patterns in just the right amounts to make them look better than other brands but not overly done so you stand out looking like an idiot.


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Where Lululemon clothing, especially these Tech Pant joggers stand out is the fit.  I don’t know how the design team there does it, but no clothes fits me as well as that designed by Lululemon.  For instance, I recently bought a pair of $60 Under Armor joggers.  They’re nice. Reasonably comfortable.  But they simply do not fit as nicely as Lululemon pants.  Not even close.   I bought the Under Armor in an effort to save a few bucks on another pair of joggers which I’m wearing quite a bit, but now I regret the purchase because I ended up buying three more pairs of the Lululemon Tech Pant anyway haha.

Store customer service

I’ve now dropped a bundle at two different Lululemon stores in my area.  Each time, I’ve never had such helpful staff.  They help me find exactly what I need.  They earmark a changing room for me and reserve it for me with my name on it so I don’t lose it.  While I’m trying apparel on, they run around getting me bigger or smaller sizes.

They also go out of their way (or are attempting to upsell me, which they do well) suggesting complementary apparel or other items they think I’ll like based on what I’m looking for already.

They quickly take what I don’t want and set aside what I do want.

When you go into in a Lululemon store it’s like you get a personal shopper to help you every step of the way. I love that.

What activities have I done with Lululemon’s Tech Pants?

You name it, I’ve done it. I work in them. They’re great for sitting at the desk all day. I lounge around in them. I’ve run, walked and cycled in them. I’ve played tennis, soccer and basketball in them. They keep me warm but they breathe sufficiently so that they don’t get sticky wet.

Lululemon Tech Pant FAQ

Can Lululemon’s joggers for men be worn at work, as in the office?

Of course, if your boss or clients don’t mind.  As joggers go, they are definitely more stylish than most (more stylish than any other joggers I’ve ever worn).

Are Lululemon men’s joggers good for running?  Yoga?  The Gym?

Yes, yes and yes.  I’ve done it all in Lululemon’s joggers (specifically the Tech pant but also Track pants) and they are my go-to joggers for any activity.

Are Lululemon’s Tech Pant joggers good for lounging?

Of course. They’re the most comfortable pants I have and I feel cool/stylish while lounging in them.  I don’t have to hide behind the door while answering it to pay for the pizza delivery.

Are Lululemon’s Tech Pant joggers good for winter and cold weather?

Yes, the Tech Pant is a cold-weather jogger.  I would not wear them in the Summer or any heat.  They’re a fairly thick material and while they breathe reasonably well for activity, you’ll cook in the heat in them.  If you want to wear pants in the heat, get a track pant.

Are Lululemon Tech Pants good for warm Summer weather?

No.  They are a thicker material and are warm. They are ideal for colder days.  It’s November when I’m writing this so I’ve been wearing them daily. I would not wear these on warm days.  In fact, I only wear shorts from April to September or October.

Are Lululemon joggers good for tall guys?

Yes, they are.  I guess a big reason I seem to really like Lululemon for clothes generally is their shirts and pants are cut for tall guys.  When I find a store that caters to taller people, I tend to go back because it can be hard to find pants and shirts with arms long enough. I loathe short pants and short shirt arms.

Are other sweatpants and joggers by Lululemon just as good?

Close, but not quite.  I own 5 different types of pants from Lululemon.  I like the Tech Pant so much I bought a pair in every color they offer. I don’t wear the others much except for the track pants (I have two different styles) when I want something lighter.

Is the Lululemon Tech pant the only jogger I need?

For cold weather, yes, I daresay it’s the only jogger you need.

To round out your athletic pant wardrobe, get some track pants as well.  Again, Lululemon’s track pants are fantastic.  I like track pants because they’re cooler (temperature-wise).


Are joggers still in style?

You bet. They’re more in style than ever before.  However, the actual design has evolved and arguably Lululemon is often leading the charge when it comes to athletic wear style.

What is the difference between joggers and sweatpants?  Are they the same thing?

There is no difference. They’re the same thing. The terms are used interchangeably.  The main different types of athletic pants are joggers, track pants and tights.

What’s the difference between joggers and track pants?

Joggers use a more plush material while track pants are the less plush or warm but instead more like a cooler wind barrier type material.  Track pants are great in warmer weather worn as warmup pants.  I also like them under ski pants when skiing.  Joggers are plusher, softer material ideal for cooler weather.

What’s the difference between joggers and tights for men?

Tights are synthetic material that are stretchy and tightly worn.  Most men wear them with loose shorts on top.  It’s a cool look.  Joggers, while the design is tighter these days, they aren’t as tight or as revealing as tights.  Moreover, you don’t wear shorts over top joggers.

What can you wear with men’s joggers?

You have a good number of options including hoodies, t-shirts, quarter-zipper shirts, vests, long-sleeved non-button up and down shirts.  The key is to keep it casual. Don’t wear a formal button up and down shirt with them. That would look ridiculous.

Where to find nice men’s joggers?

The very best place to buy joggers for men is Lululemon.  I’ve now bought 8 pairs of pants from Lululemon plus a decent amount of joggers from other brands and stores and Lululemon is by far my favorite.

How do Lululmon men’s joggers fit?

I can’t speak for all men but they fit me better than any other brand of joggers I’ve ever tried or bought.  Seriously, I don’t know how Lululemon can design and make such well-fitting athletic wear, but it does.  It’s now the only place I’ll buy joggers and other athletic wear.

Are men’s joggers supposed to be tight?

Yes, somewhat tight. Not tights tight.  That would look odd.  Snug, but not too revealing.  They should form around rear, legs and calves without too much give but also not squeezing you like compression wear.

Are men’s joggers with cuffs in style?

Absolutely.  Snug joggers with cuffs is the style of the day. It’s what I have. It’s what Lululemon sells.  It’s the trend right now with joggers.

Is it okay to wear joggers or sweatpants in public?

Yes it is.  They aren’t pajamas. In fact, I feel stylish in my ultra cool Lululemon Tech Pant joggers.  I wear them everyday – to the grocery store, gym… wherever.

Lululemon Tech Pant Joggers

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This is an amazingly comfortable and stylish jogger pant for men. Comes in the gray shown as well as darker patterned colors. I have all 3 haha.