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14 Brands Similar to Sezane

Wearing Parisian streetwear

Milan. New York. Los Angeles. These cities are known for being meccas for fashion but everyone knows that Paris is where fashion really begins. This is where the newest styles are, where the hottest looks are invented, where fashion is born. And it’s the style that Sezane captures with its hot, trendy, Parisian looks. This brand stands out for its amazing French fashion looks. There are brands similar to Sezane that capture some of the same elements shoppers love about this popular label.

What is Sezane?

French streetwear outfit from the back

Sezane was founded in 2013 by Morgane Sezalory. She wanted to “create clothes for real life,” the stuff that women actually wear on a day-to-day basis. But actually becoming a brand…well, that takes a lot of hard work. And, frankly, a little bit of money.

When an opportunity presented itself, Sezalory leaps on it. Her sister moved to London, leaving behind three large bags of clothes. Sezalory sold them on eBay because she really needed the money. She changed things here and there, such as removing buttons or shoulder pads, and the items sold quickly.

That’s when she launched her own brand, building a distinct fashion look around vintage silhouettes and ideas. The fashion here is retro but still looks fresh and modern.

When the brand started, Sezane was online only. New collections of clothing were released monthly. The demand for the clothes proved that Sezane was bound for success.

Finding Brands Similar to Sezane

Outside in fashion outfit

If you like the look of French fashion or the trendy, everyday style of Sezane, look for brands similar to Sezane to get all the looks you want and expand your wardrobe with trendy pieces that will look great in Europe, America or anywhere else you happen to go.

A.P.C. (More Expensive)

A.P.C. Women's Grace Small Bag, Noisette, Brown, One Size

Trendy knitwear, handbags to die for, pants and blouses in the latest styles, footwear, scarves, blue jeans. A.P.C. has a big selection of stuff to browse. The clothing here is simple elegance and sophistication, which is definitely in keeping with a European-style vibe.

The clothes here are priced higher than similar items you can find at Ssezane.

Amour Vert (Similar Pricing)

Amour Vert Cecilia Reverie Knit Premium & Eco-Friendly Tee, Comfortable Womens Top, Striped Shirts for Women, Paris Stripe

Pretty, casual style fills up the catalog at Armour Vert. Florals, airy fabrics and a look of effortless style are what you’ll find here. Armor Vert makes all kinds of clothing for women, including maternity wear, loungewear, dresses, T-shirts, jeans and all the accessories to go with it.

The drapey fabrics, comfortable fit and casual style of Armour Vert are perfect for everyday wear. Sezane also makes everyday wear with distinct European flair. Armour Vert is a French brand, so you know you’re getting that sophisticated style. Armour Vert’s pricing is similar to the items you can find at Sezane.

Aspiga (Similar Pricing)

Thin Tops for Womens Elegant Tunic Cool Ruched Low Neck Hiking Top Summer Geometric Fit Short Sleeve Top Ladie's

Aspiga makes fashion that is sustainable and ethical, something the label is very proud of. This brand makes everyday wear for fashionable men and women of all ages. The clothes here reflect the trend and styles and color while still maintaining a classic silhouette.

Bright colors, fun patterns and loose, blousy styles fill up the catalog at Aspiga. The clothing here is flattering and pretty, with a sophisticated European edge Some items are embellished with little extras that really put them over the top.

The pricing here is similar to the prices you’ll see at Sezane, so Aspiga is a perfect shopping supplement when you want to expand your wardrobe of everyday, wearable elegance.

Club Monaco (More Expensive)

Club Monaco Women's Carolena TOP, Black, XS

That glamorous woman who strolls in with the sharp high heels and the gorgeous outfit, wearing just the right earrings, the one who takes off her sunglasses to say something great and then breezes on by? She totally shops at Club Monaco. This is where everyday style meets everyday glam, with a French fashion look thrown in for added flair.

Club Monaco makes men’s and women’s styles in all types of clothing, including jeans, dresses, sleepwear, outerwear and bags to match it all. The pricing here is slightly more expensive, on average, than similar styles you can get at Sezane.

COS (Less Expensive)

Boho Dress for Women Maxi, Porsha Williams Favorites Clothes Ladies Dresses Casual Beachy Dress Casual Fashion Loose Solid Color One Shoulder Doll Sleeve Dress Dresses 2022 Empire (L, Black)

Stylish, comfortable and totally wearable European fashion from COS will definitely give you that cosmopolitan look. Bold colors, beautiful fabrics, relaxed fit designs and little pops of contrast and detail give the items here their own distinct look.

Jewel tones, basic blacks, small stripes. Yes, this is French fashion with plenty of flair. COS makes clothing for men and women and they make it all. You can get all the fashion you want here, from underwear to outerwear. The catalog includes jeans, suits, T-shirts, dresses, loungewear and all the bags, shoes and accessories you could want.

The pricing here is slightly less expensive than similar items you can find at Sezane.

Frankie Shop (More Expensive)

Dresses for Women, California Romper Dress with Shorts Plus Size Mini Dress Travel Essentials Women Ladies Casual Sexy One Shoulder Mid Waist Printed Ruffle Sleeve A-Line Dress (M, Black)

If you like the Parisian look, you’re going to love the Frankie Shop. This is where you can find everything that’s hot in French street fashion, from great denim to gorgeous officewear. Silk blouses, gorgeous scarves, boots to die for, cargo pants and all kinds of different clothing items are included in this catalog.

The clothes here are comfortable, beautiful and totally stylish, and all of it has that oh-so-European look to them. The pricing here is more expensive than similar items you can find at Sezane.

Hill House (Similar Pricing)

Women's Two-piece Lapels Set Office Business Long Sleeve Formal Jacket Pant Suit Slim Fit Trouser Women's Clothing, Black

Hill House is definitely a go-to source for sleepwear that’s cozy, comfy and cute, but this brand has a whole catalog of clothing items that includes dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and outerwear. Hill House makes clothing for kids and babies, too, along with a line of shoes and accessories.

Soft colors, floral prints and wearable fabrics fill up the catalog here. There are a lot of classic and retro silhouettes and many items here come in multiple color options. If you like classic fashion, you’ll love the styles you find at Hill House. The pricing here is similar to Sezane and so is the commitment to casual, comfortable fashion that both brands share.

IRO (More Expensive)

IRO Women's Ashville Leather Jacket, Black, 2

If you like your fashion with a bit of a rock and roll vibe, you’re going to love IRO. This is European fashion with a bit of an edgy look to it. Think leather, denim, deep V necks and a general “I’m too gorgeous for this piece of clothing” sort of vibe, and you’ve got a good handle on IRO style.

This brand makes fashion for men and women of all kinds. The catalog includes jeans, T-shirts, dresses, outerwear, bags, hats, belts, shoes and knitwear, along with lots of other options. The prices here are more expensive than the usual cost of Sezane clothing. This is a highly popular and sought-after French brand that uses high-quality materials, qualities that raise the cost of the clothes here.

The Kooples (More Expensive)

The Kooples Women's Short, Three-Quarter Sleeved Silk Dress, Large/3 Off-White

When you think fashion deserves to have a lot of flair, you’re thinking like a Kooples shopper. This is fashion infused with drama. These styles are made with gorgeous textures, trendy designs and looks that will get you a lot of second looks. Vinyl, feathers, mesh, leopard prints and a whole lot of designs in stunning black.

The Kooples makes clothing for men and women, including a whole line of accessories and shoes. All the everyday wear you might want to wear is available here, from T-shirts to suits to sweatpants to outerwear, plus everything in-between.

The prices here are more expensive, on average, than the price of similar items you can find at Sezane.

La Ligne (More Expensive)

LA LIGNE Colorblock Balloon Sleeve Crop Sweater Size M Black/Red

Who says that European fashion has to be black and gray and neutral in color? Not La Ligne. These fashions are bold and bright and made to really draw the eye. Some of the fashions here are so vivid in color, they’re practically their own light source.

La Ligne makes a variety of knitwear, dresses, blouses, T-shirts, bottoms and sleepwear, along with lots of accessories to decorate your outfits with. La Ligne makes clothing for women and it makes them in a distinctly worldly style that reflects French and European fashion trends.

The styles here are bold and bright and made in comfortable, flattering silhouettes with distinct worldly flair. If you like the French look of Sezane clothing, you will like what you find at La Ligne. The prices here are more expensive, on average, than similar items you can buy at Sezane.

Maje (More Expensive)

Maje Enduit Lace Skirt (US 0 / FR 34)

Maje is French-style fashion made to be worn every day. Come here to shop for blouses, dresses, skirts, outerwear, T-shirts, jeans, bags and accessories of all types. The style here is feminine and pretty and flattering, not skintight and revealing. This is fashion for stylish ladies who are sexy and sophisticated without showing a ton of skin. What’s sexier than that?

Styles at Maje are more expensive, in general, than similar fashion you can find at Sezane.

Saint James (More Expensive)

Floerns Women's High Neck, Long Sleeve Slim Fit Stretch Striped T-Shirts Black and White, L

Find styles for men, women and children at Saint James, a brand that’s full of everyday clothing for those who like a nautical sort of look. Saint James makes so many striped styles here, you can shop specifically for striped items at the online catalog. Saint James also makes raincoats, accessories and swimwear, along with plenty of accessories.

This is coastal French fashion meets New England design. Sail away with the fashions at Saint James, which have a slightly sporty, active look to them that injects a little fun into your wardrobe. The clothing here is more expensive than similar items you can find at Sezane.

Sandro (More Expensive)

Sandro Womens Woven Dress, 40

Think of the Sandro brand as classic style meets Parisian trends. The timeless silhouettes, gorgeous fabrics, classic patterns and trendy designs at Sandro give you all the French fashion you could want, not to mention the bags, shoes and accessories to match it.

Sandro makes dresses, knitwear, tops, T-shirts, outerwear, jeans, swimwear and everything else you might want to wear. The clothing at Sandro is more expensive than the similar items you can find at Sezane.

Vanessa Bruno (More Expensive)

Vanessa Bruno Women's Cabas Small Tote, Vert, Tan, One Size

For French style with a professional look, turn to Vanessa Bruno. Stock up on all your officewear and chic everyday wear here. The Vanessa Bruno catalog is full of denim, skirts, knitwear, outerwear, dresses, shirt and bottoms in gorgeous French style. That means classic silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and soft colors.

The fashions here are elegant and classic, with timeless silhouettes in beautifully sophisticated designs. The prices at Vanessa Bruno are more expensive than the items you will find at Sezane.

Wearing Brands Similar to Sezane

Standing in streetwear in front of water

Whether you want to put on an air of European mystery, a style that’s French chic or you just want a look that’s going to make you look a little bit more fashionable than most everybody else, Sezane and brands similar to Sezane will give you all the sophisticated style you want for your closet. When you want to dress to impress every day, get everyday wear from these clothing brands and celebrate your own personal flair.


Wearing French casual fashion

Sezane has made a splash with its unique designs and eye-catching French flair. But there’s still a lot to know about Sezane and brands similar to Sezane. We found the most frequently asked questions about French-style clothing brands and found the answers, so you have all the information you need to style yourself with all the sophisticated European fashion you want.

Where are Sezane clothes made?

Most Sezane clothing is made in Europe. However, about 15 percent of the clothing catalog is made in China. That is mostly silk and knitwear items.

How does French fashion differ from American fashion?

So what’s so different about French fashion when compared to American styles, anyhow? For one thing, French fashion tends to be more casual and tends to be less about creating perfectly matched looks. For example, it’s very French to wear a dressy skirt with a soft cotton T-shirt or put on some tailored slacks with an oversized or perhaps off-shoulder tank top. French fashion mixes and matches a lot of pieces to create a more eclectic look.

Wearing streetwear style

French fashion also relies heavily on making a statement with one or two accessories or pieces of jewelry, rather than wearing a lot of adornments. A single neck scarf, or a statement bracelet, can be the focal point of a French outfit. Handbags tend to be a little small, high heels are a little bit shorter and skin tends to show just a little bit less when it comes to everyday French fashion.

Do Sezane clothing sizes run small?

French clothing sizes and U.S. sizes do differ, with different scaling being used to denote sizes in each country. A size 6 in France is going to be smaller than a size 6 in U.S. clothing sizes. It’s important to take your measurements (bust, waist and hips) and uses this against manufacturer sizing charts in order to get a perfect size every time.


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