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12 Brands Similar to Ted Baker

Person posing in casual fashion

You’ve seen that person who is comfortable everywhere, who fits in with everyone, who walks into a room and suddenly, they’re the person that everyone wants to be. And that person is probably wearing Ted Baker. These clothes aren’t just good-looking. They’re stylish, well-made, fashionable, comfortable and just a little bit elevated from casual. Ted Baker clothing screams sophistication, confidence and good looks. That’s some pretty powerful fashion. But are there brands similar to Ted Baker that will allow you to capture this energy every time you go shopping?

Who is Ted Baker?

Collection of mens fashion items

So who is Ted Baker? Is this some designer who studied in France, grew up loving fashion, discovered a natural talent for making shoes or something? Actually, the story of this label probably isn’t what you expect.

There is no Ted Baker. Well, probably there are many Ted Bakers all over the world. But as far as the fashion label Ted Baker goes, it is the creation of designer Ray Kelvin. He was well-known for his gorgeous shirts, which he began making for a few customers before he opened his own shirt store in Scotland. The shirts and then his brand became a huge hit…under a name that wasn’t his.

One day, Ray Kelvin heard the name Ted Baker in a conversation. He was about to launch his own label and he had no idea if it would succeed. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of naming the brand after himself…because then, everyone would associate his name with this failure. So why not Ted Baker instead?

And that’s how this brand was created.

Finding Brands Similar to Ted Baker

Person in fashionable outfit

Ted Baker makes stylish clothing that’s preppy casual, chic, trendy and yet timeless all at once. It’s pretty hard to strike just that right elevated style vibe but Ted Baker succeeds. However, there are brands similar to Ted Baker that create amazing fashion and have a lot in common with the label. Discover them to start expanding your wardrobe. When you’re well dressed, anything can happen.

AllSaints (Similar Pricing)

AllSaints Santos Short Sleeve Crew Jet Black/Fogged Ecru LG

If you like chic, sophisticated fashion that’s casual but a little bit more stylish than average, you’re going to like AllSaints. The clothing here is similar to the preppy look of Ted Baker clothing. This brand carries a huge selection of fashions and a ton of items.

You can get everything here. Search AllStains clothing for T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, knitwear, polo shirts, jeans, loungewear, even underwear and socks. There’s a huge selection of accessories here as well, including shoes, wallets, belts, jewelry and more.

Even the pricing at AllSaints is similar to what you can find at Ted Baker. You can spend about the same amount of money across either brand and get the amazing fashion you love.

AYR (Less Expensive)

AYR Women's French Fry Tee, Bauhaus, Blue, XS

If you like your preppy style to be a little more casual, a little bit laid back, maybe even sort of fun and colorful, everything you like about fashion is being sold at AYR. There’s a big selection of styles for both men and women here and all of it captures that stylish-but-comfortable look. You’re totally fashionable, but it looks like an accident. This is casual fashion that’s got style for days.

It’s no accident. It’s AYR. Shop here for jeans, tops, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and plenty of accessories to go along with it. AYR fashion is somewhat less expensive than similar items you can find Ted Baker, so you can buy even more and still spend the same amount. This is fun fashion with a young energy for those who like to play around with casual style.

Finders Keepers (Similar Pricing)

Finders Keepers Begin Again Dress Red S

Unlike Ted Baker, Finders Keepers make clothing for women. But like Ted Baker, this label is all about sophisticated style that is trendy and fashionable and head-turning. The fashion here is beautiful, colorful and made to be flattering. Clothes from Finders Keepers look amazing anywhere. This is the kind of style you can have confidence in.

When you want women’s fashion that’s on par with the style you can find at Ted Baker, go shop under the Finders Keepers label. Even the pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Ted Baker. Make this another source for your fashion and you’ll like what you see.

Ganni (Similar Pricing)

Ganni Women's Smocked Midi Dress, Floral Light Lilac, 2

When it comes to women’s clothing, Ganni does it perfectly. If you like casual but chic style that’s just a little bit preppy and always totally pretty, you’re going to be shopping Ganni clothing a lot. You can get everything here, even beauty items. The catalog includes bags, outerwear, tops, knits, dresses, shoes, T-shirts and denim.

You can find all the preppy, chic fashion you want here and spend about the same amount of money you’d spend when shopping at Ted Baker because the pricing is similar across both brands. If you like the women’s fashion at Ted Baker, there’s plenty for you to like at Ganni.

Lacoste (Less Expensive)

Lacoste Men's Classic Pique Slim Fit Short Sleeve Polo Shirtnon DealNon Deal, Fango/Fango, XL

Lacoste is a sportswear brand and it’s one of the most famous sportswear brands in the world. How well does this brand know what it’s like to be casual, active and stylish? Lacoste was a real person who was really a world-class athlete…who really was the first guy, ever, to invent the polo shirt.

That’s some really serious fashion cred. Lacoste continues to be a thriving brand to this day and it continues to be famous for creating stylish activewear that performs well, feels good and looks amazing and stylish. It’s hard to go wrong with Lacoste when it comes to preppy casual fashion. The famed alligator logo on Lacoste items is pretty much synonymous with preppy, casual fashion.

Shop here for T-shirts, sweatshirts, button-down shirts, loungewear and all the casual activewear you want. Lacoste makes clothing for men, women and children and it makes it for less expensive prices than what you’ll pay for similar items at Ted Baker.

Mara Hoffman (More Expensive)

Mara Hoffman Women's Tiffany Dress, Pink, M

If you’re just a little bit boho and sometimes walk a little bit on the wild side with your fashion, Mara Hoffman was made for you. This brand makes clothing for women that is chic and stylish and preppy but also a little bit daring, too. Come here for bright colors and good fashion when you really want to turn heads.

There’s a lot of beachy, summery fashion here and a distinct high fashion look to all the clothing you find with this brand. Shop Mara Hoffman for dresses, knitwear, tops, pants, skirts and swimwear. There’s a big selection of fashion here and enough style to scratch any shopping itch.

The clothing here is more expensive than similar items you’ll find at Ted Baker but you get a distinct high fashion look with everything you buy from Mara Hoffman.

M&S (Less Expensive)

Marks and Spencer Women's Assorted Full Slips (2 Pack), Black Mix, L/19

Marks & Spencer, M&S, is full of the preppy fashion that draws customers to Ted Baker again and again. The catalog here is full of colorful knits, great-looking suits, beautiful shirts and pants that you wear when you want to make an impression everywhere you go with everything you do. M&S makes clothing for both men and women and they make a lot of it. There’s a huge selection of items here.

All the fashion you might want to wear is at M&S. You can get everything you want to wear here. That includes the most casual fashion, hoodies and loungewear to polo shirts and sportswear to luxurious cashmere and gorgeous formal clothing. All clothing for all occasions, along with the shoes, underwear and accessories to go with all of it.

You won’t get bored shopping at M&S. There are clothes for men, women and children here, along with beauty items and even food and wine. The prices here are less expensive than what you’ll find for similar items at Ted Baker, so you can buy even more when you shop here.

Polo (More Expensive)

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt, Basic Navy With Red Pony, X-Large

Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand is one of the most recognizable clothing labels in the world. The clothes didn’t get this fame by accident. Polo is one of the big names when it comes to preppy fashion, whether you want to dress down for casual day at the office or you’re genuinely having a casual day out with friends.

Polo makes clothing for men, women, kids and even babies, because why shouldn’t they also be fashionable? Shop here for anything and everything you want to wear, from luxury formal items to underwear and pajamas. You can get shoes, T-shirts, outerwear, jeans, swimwear, ski clothing, whatever you want to wear. Polo makes a huge line of accessories as well, along with fragrances.

If you can put it on your body, you can probably buy it at Polo. This brand is famous for its polo player logo and for its timeless, preppy fashion that looks good everywhere you go. Polo clothing is well-made and meant to last. That’s why this clothing doesn’t so much follow the trends as it keeps up with popular style. Wear Polo and you can do the same.

The prices here are slightly more expensive, on average, than similar items you can purchase at Ted Baker.

Rachel Zoe (Similar Pricing)

Rachel Zoe Women's Della, Platinum, MEDIUM

When you want everyday style that’s going to be stylish every day, turn to Rachel Zoe. The style here is casual chic, a little bit preppy and totally gorgeous. Shop with Rachel Zoe for bags, T-shirts, beautiful items, even comfy slippers. Rachel Zoe makes jewelry, accessories and everyday clothing that looks and feels good to wear.

The pricing at Rachel Zoe is similar to the prices you will find at Ted Baker, so you won’t spend more when you shop here. The women’s style here really has that preppy vibe that’s sophisticated and pretty no matter where you go.

Rixo (Similar Pricing)

The Drop Women's Brit Tiered Ankle Maxi Tent Dress, Mushroom, S

Want to infuse some glam into your wardrobe? Rixo has what you need. The women’s fashion here tends to be more dressy casual to semi-formal to formal. If you’ve ever wanted to strut into the party wearing the shiny sequined dress that everyone remembers or you just know you don’t have enough leopard print in your closet, Rixo is the brand for you.

The clothing here is classic, made with timeless silhouettes, but it’s definitely styled for today’s fashionistas. Sequins, colors, great patterns and little details make Rixo clothing stand out. A touch of lace here, some contrast piping there, a gorgeous maxi dress here and there…this is a fashionable style that will really give you that chic look.

The pricing at Rixo is similar to the prices you’ll find when you’re shopping for similar items at Ted Baker. So expand your wardrobe with Rixo and add some pretty party fashion loungewear and everyday style to your closet.

TJ Maxx (Less Expensive)

Famulily Women's Casual Buttons V Neck Tshirt Flowy Long Sleeve Waffle Knitted Blouse Tops Grey L

All the casual fashion you could want is at TJ Maxx. The clothes here are definitely infused with that preppy vibe, but this is preppy fashion when you’re active, casual and a little sporty, too. TJ Maxx sells its own branded clothing and clothing from other popular brands, including big names like Adidas and the North Face.

Go to TJ Maxx to find shirts, pants, tracksuits, hoodies, activewear, jeans, loungewear, underwear and all the accessories you need to go with it. They even sell beauty items and men’s grooming items here, so you can truly get everything you need to look good and feel more confident.

The pricing here is less expensive than the prices you’ll find at Ted Baker, so you can get even more fashion when you’re shopping here.

Trina Turk (Similar Pricing)

Trina Trina Turk Women's Geometric Printed Ponte Dress, Emerald/Black, Small

The women’s clothing at Trina Turk is all the preppy, chic, colorful fashion you want. The clothing here is beautiful in the office, show-stopping on a date, perfect for running errands or going out casually with friends. The catalog here is full of gorgeous vivid colors and classic silhouettes. There’s a bit of a retro vibe because the fashions here are designed with timeless style.

Shop here for dresses, sleepwear, swimwear and all the clothing you want to wear, including gorgeous blouses and pants and suits. You can also get accessories to complement all your fashion.

The pricing at Trina Turk is similar to Ted Baker, so you won’t spend more to expand your wardrobe and explore your personal style.

Wearing Brands Similar to Ted Baker

There are many ways to show off your preppy, casual, chic style. You can feel more confident when you know you look good and you’re dressed well and that’s kind of the entire point of fashion. So experiment with the styles you find at Ted Baker and brands similar to Ted Baker to get all the looks you want and expand your own personal fashion. Because when you like what you’re wearing, shopping for clothes is a lot of fun.


Rack of fashion clothing on the city street

The fashion at Ted Baker speaks for itself in a lot of ways…but not every way. You might still have questions about his brand but we’ve got the info. We searched for the most commonly asked questions about Ted Baker and got the answers, so you can find out everything you want to know about this brand.

Does Ted Baker test on animals?

According to PETA, a strong authority on all matters of ethical treatment toward animals of all types, Ted Baker does not test on animals.

Who owns Ted Baker?

Ted Baker is no longer owned by the original designer who first created the label. Like many other well-known fashion brands, Ted Baker is owned by Authentic Brands Group. This company also owns such as names as Reebok, Juicy Couture and Forever 21.

Is Ted Baker a luxury brand?

Ted Baker is a British brand that’s popular in both Europe and the U.S. The clothing definitely looks good and it’s well-made and you can buy all kinds of items under this label, including perfume.

Ted Baker does use quality materials to make items, something that you will find in luxury brands. Ted Baker uses genuine leather and cotton lining in their bags, as opposed to less expensive synthetic materials. Stainless steel is used in the watches and you can expect to find other quality materials when you examine how Ted Baker products are made.

However, Ted Baker does not use high-end materials, like pure silk and cashmere, to make items. The brand also does not limit items, selling only a few or only one version of its designs. Ted Baker fashions are widely available and made with good materials, but not fancy materials. This is a good brand that is high-quality but this is not a high fashion or luxury brand. However, it’s not a bad substitute!

Where are Ted Baker products made?

Ted Baker works with factories all around the world, including Italy, Indonesia, Germany, India, China and Bulgaria. However, Ted Baker also opened factories in England to make some items in the brand’s home country.


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