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12 Brands Similar to Tory Burch

Stylish woman sitting indoors high fashion clothes

You know that stylish woman who breezes into the coffee shop wearing a gorgeous coat and a pair of boots to die for? The one who’s dressed to kill who looks like she’s on her way to go lead some kind of important board meeting or something? Well, she shops at Tory Burch. The classy, sophisticated, high-fashion looks at Tory Burch definitely make those wearing the label stand out. But are there brands similar to Tory Burch that can help you capture the style you want…or does this label stand out even among competitors?

Who is Tory Burch?

Close up of stylish high fashion clothes outside

Tory Burch was an unknown name in 2010 and a fledgling fashion designer just dreaming of creating styles. In a decade, she built her brand into a designer label that stands tall among famous brands like Coach and Kate Spade. In just a decade, Tory Burch became a billion-dollar brand. That is meteoric success.

At the heart of it all are sleek, elegant designs that pretty much capture the spirit of the word “chic.” Tory Burch definitely has a high-end, classy look to it that would make anyone feel like they’re ready to take on the world. It’s a look that helped the brand catch the eyes of style watchers and propelled Tory Burch up the ladder of the fashion world.

Years ago, Tory Burch was a fashion copywriter who wrote about the designs that others created. She started to design clothes in her kitchen. Those designs were gorgeous. Soon, she had enough money to launch her own boutique. Today, her brand is on its way to becoming a household name.

Tory Burch is now a global brand associated with high style and classy fashion for women. The label makes footwear, handbags, jewelry, fragrance, accessories of all kinds and of course, tons of fashion. You can get everything you need for your look here, from swimwear and activewear to a drop-dead dress for date night or a killer outfit for the office. And of course, the shoes, bag, accessories and coat to go with it.

Finding Brands Similar to Tory Burch

Tory Burch has a signature style that looks classic, elegant, sophisticated and very high fashion. This label certainly stands out for its high-end, high-fashion look. But there are other brands similar to Tory Burch that either have a similar style or otherwise capture some other characteristic of the label. Which one of these other labels should you be wearing along with your Tory Burch?

Armani (More Expensive)

Emporio Armani Women's Iconic Terry Full Zip Jacket+Pants, White, Small

Nothing says classy style quite like Armani. This label is famous for high-end fashion. Armani is associated with the most stylish celebrity red carpet fashion but the label makes clothing of all kinds, even casual T-shirts and sneakers. You can find a lot more than formal wear under this famous fashion brand name.

Armani makes everything, in fact. The label has a huge catalog of clothing of all types, along with shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, fragrances and eyewear. The Armani look is elegant and high-end. Clothing and items from Armani are made with quality materials, precise tailoring and little details and extras. Good design and classic silhouettes are at the heart of Armani’s designs.

The prices here are more expensive than similar items at Tory Burch. Armani is a very well-established high fashion label that is associated with the utmost quality, so this brand can charge a little more than most. Stylish people of all ages put on Armani when they want to look their best in one of the most recognizable designer labels.

Carolina Herrera (More Expensive)

Carolina Herrera Women's Black Multi Embroidered A-Line Dress - 4

If you like high fashion and high-style design, you will like the clothes at Carolina Herrera. This is a very high-end label offering very high-end fashion. You will find mostly gorgeous dresses here, along with blouses, pants and skirts that are perfect for very fancy office wear. This is the label you wear when you’re not just leading the boardroom, you’re leading the company.

You can also find a selection of jewelry, shoes, belts, sunglasses and bags here, along with fragrances and makeup items. If it’s beautiful, Carolina Herrera makes it. This label is more expensive than Tory Burch, as it’s known as one of the most luxurious of luxury brands.

Carolina Herrera appeals to stylish women of any age, as the designs here are not just timeless but also ageless.

COS (Less Expensive)

Jackets for Women,Warm Oversized Lapel Double Breasted Pea Coat Winter Wool Blend Jacket Trench Coat Long Coat Trench Coat Zip Up Jackets COS Coffee

COS makes fashionable, stylish clothes that are perfect as office wear and semi-formal wear, something it has in common with Tory Burch. If you like the sophisticated fashion at Tory Burch, you’re bound to like what you see at COS. Both brands appeal to the same buying audience, people from their 20s to 40s who are stylish and want to present themselves well.

You’ll probably like the pricetags, too. COS is far less expensive than similar items at Tory Burch. This brand is all about affordable style that anyone can buy. That’s why you’ll find faux fur, vinyl instead of leather and lots of synthetic blends in the clothing here.

If you like the look of Tory Burch and want to pay a lot less to get sophisticated and elegant style, try COS. You can get a similar style here but in designs that are a little more affordable and a little more everyday than Tory Burch. Mix and match designer pieces with more affordable ones to get a high-end look every time.

Ganni (Less Expensive)

Ganni Women's Printed Crepe Dress, Bright Marigold, 2

Ganni creates hip, somewhat funky fashion in professional looks that are perfect for a young, trendy vibe. If you work in a hip place that’s on the cutting edge of something and everyone is young and energetic, this is exactly the kind of fashion you’ll be wearing.

The fashion here is a little more trendy and a little funkier than Tory Burch but the style is definitely more about sophisticated cool design, just like the Burch label. You can get all kinds of fashion here, from swimwear to suits, including dresses of every kind, a huge selection of denim and shoes and accessories to match it all. Like Tory Burch, Ganni has a huge catalog of items to choose from.

Prices here are less expensive than Tory Burch by a noticeable amount. This is not a designer, luxury label. The fashion here is priced more reasonably. If you’re looking for something affordable to complement your designer pieces or you just want to shop for affordable fashion that’s cool and chic, Ganni is a great place to start.

Karl Lagerfeld (Less Expensive)

Karl Lagerfeld Paris womens Amour Small Backpack Handbags Crossbody Black Multi Maybelle One Size, Black Multi Maybelle, One Size US

If you like bright colors and bold, graphic patterns to go with your elegant office fashion, Karl Lagerfeld is the brand for you. Like Tory Burch, this brand creates highly stylish, sophisticated looks that are perfect as office wear. Karl Lagerfeld plays with colors and patterns to create eye-catching styles that are popular among 20- and 30-somethings with a strong sense of fashion and a professional vibe.

Like Tory Burch, Karl Lagerfeld makes a huge selection of clothing, accessories and shoes, so you can shop for everything you want to wear here. When you do, you’ll spend less money than you spend on similar items from Tory Burch. The prices here are more affordable but Karl Lagerfeld is still a designer brand. So when you want designer style that’s totally trendy for a little bit less, Karl Lagerfeld is a great choice.

Mango (Less Expensive)

Mango Gifts Wrap Around Skirts Wholesale Lot of 3 Pieces Printed Reversible Two Layer Assorted Colors

If you believe fashion should be about turning heads, Mango is a label you are going to love. The style here is full of bright colors, bold jewel tones like ruby red and violet purple. Animal prints and classic prints are heavily featured in the product catalog as well, along with designs in more neutral colors like brown, black and white.

Mango creates fashion for young men and women in their 20s who are active, professional and stylish no matter what they’re doing. This is pretty style that’s a little bit sexy and always a little bit bold. The prices here are less expensive than Tory Burch. Mango isn’t a luxury brand. Rather, it provides affordable fashion. The clothes here are more accessible and more affordable, so you can afford to keep up with trendy fashions that change from season to season.

When you want fashion that’s bright and eye-catching, as well as trendy and affordable, shop at Mango.

MaxMara (Similar Pricing)

MaxMara Women's Fred Ruched Cotton Poplin Dress Sz 4 Yellow

Like Tory Burch, MaxMara is a high-end brand that produces stylish clothing made with quality materials and lots of attention to detail. A lot of time and attention goes into these designs, which have a distinctly retro look. The classic design is something MaxMara has in common with Tory Burch, whose designs are more timeless than on-trend.

MaxMara carries all kinds of clothing, everything you want to wear right down to the coats and jackets. There’s also a huge selection of bags and shoes, not to mention accessories that include eyewear, jewelry, hats and more.

Prices here are similar to what you will find at Tory Burch. The two brands have a lot in common, from style to the size of the selection. The clothes here are made to be a bit more casual but no less fashionable. They’re made in loose, comfortable silhouettes in gorgeous materials, like silk. If you want to expand your wardrobe with more casual high-end style, you want to start shopping at MaxMara.

MCM (Similar Pricing)

MCM Women's Toni Shopper Bag, Black, One Size

Casual, cool, graphic style is what you’re going to find at MCM. This brand specializes in casual clothes and activewear, stuff you might wear on a skiing trip. Like Tory Burch, this brand makes a huge selection of fashion and items to go with it, including shoes, accessories and fragrances. MCM also has a big selection of bags, too.

MCM has similar pricing to Tory Burch and it is also a luxury brand. The clothing here is casual, highly stylish, fun and embellished with lots of detail to give every outfit lots of life. So when you want casual and active designer clothing for days when you aren’t wearing your sophisticated Tory Burch, try on some MCM and see how it fits your personal style.

Rebecca Minkoff (Less Expensive)

Rebecca Minkoff Women's Janine Hoodie, Caramel, Tan, XS

When vintage fashion gets a modern update with a style that says professional cool, you’re wearing Rebecca Minkoff. The catalog of clothing here is full of leather, vivid colors, basic black and chic, streamlined silhouettes that are the height of trendy fashion.

The clothing here displays lots of different textures, everything from denim to faux fur. There’s a huge selection of casual fashion here, along with shoes, accessories and fragrances. You can get handbags to match all of it while you’re shopping here, too.

Rebecca Minkoff fashion is trendy of casual cool, stylish and a little bit retro. Like Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff has a bit of a classic vibe and appeals to women of all ages who are fashionable and appreciate elegant fashion. The prices here are less expensive than Tory Burch, so you can get more items for less.

Shop around at Rebecca Minkoff when you want cool, casual fashion that has a bit of a timeless, classic flair, like the clothes you can get at Tory Burch.

Ted Baker (Less Expensive)

Ted Baker Knot Bow Large Icon, Black

The classic, sophisticated fashion at Ted Baker is a lot like the fashion you can find at Tory Burch. Like Tory Burch, Ted Baker carries a huge catalog of different fashion that includes everything you can wear, from sleepwear to dresses. All the styles here have a classic look and somewhat elegant style, with clean lines and sleek silhouettes that flatter the body. People of all ages wear Ted Baker’s elegant fashions.

Ted Baker carries a big selection of bags, shoes and accessories of all kinds as well, including jewelry, fragrance, watches and everything else you want to wear. Also like Tory Burch, this brand focuses on creating timeless styles that are always in fashion, rather than creating items to match the current trends.

The clothing at Ted Baker is less expensive, on average, that the items you can find at Tory Burch. The style is similar, though the fashion here tends to e a little more embellished and a little more eye-catching. When you want Tory Burch-like designs but with some pizzazz, Ted Baker might be perfect for you.

Theory (Less Expensive)

Theory Women's SS Twist Shirt.ICON, Chambray, XL

Classic, simple, elegant, high-end fashion is what many people love about Tory Burch and it’s just what you’ll find at Theory, too. The clothing here is made in sleek, sophisticated style in classic, professional styles that would look great in the boardroom.

The catalog here is full of lots of natural colors in classic silhouettes. Black, brown, white and soft pastels are everywhere, clothing you can wear anywhere to look casually elegant and effortlessly fashionable.

Along with a huge range of clothing of all kinds, everything from swimwear and T-shirts to suits for the office and dresses for date night, Theory carries shoes, bags, belts and other accessories. Like Tory Burch, Theory focuses on classic, timeless styles that are sophisticated and simply classy.

These designs don’t have a lot of embellishment or bright colors, because the simple quality and good design are allowed to shine through and stand on their own.

The clothing and accessories at Theory are more affordable than similar items you can find at Tory Burch, so you can get the same classic and sophisticated style you like for a little bit less.

Valentino (More Expensive)

Valentino Women's Round Fashion Sunglasses, Pale Gold/Pink, One Size

When your fashion needs to be not just high-end but totally top-tier, you’re going to shop under a label like Valentino. The clothing here is highly trendy but also timelessly stylish, immediately eye-catching and totally gorgeous. It’s made with fine materials in very carefully thought-out designs, in styles that are at once the height of trendiness and yet so stunning they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Valentino is one of the very top names in the fashion world and this brand dresses not just A-list celebrities, but royals. That’s a pretty big deal. Valentino makes a ton of fashion items, including a huge range of clothing that includes everything from shorts and denim and T-shirts to formal gowns. Buy a coat, a gorgeous suit or some casual clothing.

The Valentino catalog is full of bags, shoes, accessories of all kinds and beauty products. Like Tory Burch, you can shop for a lot of stuff here and get all things fashionable to wear or put on. Valentino is more expensive than Tory Burch, however. This is one of the most expensive brands you can buy because it’s one of the most recognized, exclusive and highly coveted designer labels out there.

Wearing Brands Similar to Tory Burch

High fashion earrings on white background

There are many brands similar to Tory Burch that capture some of the same characteristics you like about this well-known brand. Whether your style is casual or professional, formal or hip, you can find brands that have something in common with the Tory Burch label. Play around with different labels and designers and experiment with your personal style. After all, that’s what fashion is all about.


Women in high fashion clothing studio shot

Now that you know a lot more about brands similar to Tory Burch, you might have lots of questions about Tory Burch. Wearing designer labels is never all that simple, not when the clothing costs as much as it does! So we found the most commonly asked questions about Tory Burch and similar brands and we got the answers, so you can get the information you need to know.

Where is Tory Burch made?

Tory Burch is an American designer and the brand was originally started in New York. Early Tory Burch items were labeled “made in the USA.” Later, however, the brand transferred its manufacturing to China. Today, Tory Burch items are marked “made in China.”

Why is Tory Burch so expensive?

Tory Burch clothing is a little more affordable than some luxury brands but it’s noticeably more pricey than non-designer labels. Let’s face it, you can buy one Tory Burch item or a whole bunch from a big box retailer. So why do these clothes cost more?

Tory Burch is a highly recognizable name in the fashion world that is associated with A-list celebrities and the most well-dressed people in the world and this kind of fashion always costs more. But one reason Tory Burch has been embraced by celebrities and fashionistas is because it’s made with high-quality materials. Tory Burch uses fine leather, expensive rare metals and beautiful fabrics.

The clothing and items here are also well-made. A lot of time and effort goes into creating these items so that they are durable. Tory Burch items are built to last, which is one reason why people are willing to pay a little more. If you know your purse is going to hold up and look good for several years, isn’t it worth a higher cost? This is why some people choose invest in luxury fashion. While it costs more, it lasts longer.

Tory Burch has wide appeal because the designs are so timeless. Rather than focusing on the trends, Tory Burch creates styles with classic silhouettes in looks that won’t fade in and out of style. You can wear these clothes over and over again and they will always look good, a benefit that helps to justify the bigger price tag.

Is Tory Burch a luxury brand?

Stylish woman in designer items

Tory Burch is undoubtedly a designer brand but whether or not it’s a luxury brand all depends on how you define “luxury.” People who wear Chanel and Luis Vuitton would say that Tory Burch is not really a luxury brand. It’s not quite as fancy as brands like Hermes, for example, where a handbag can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

However, Tory Burch is considered to be on the same fashion tier, price-wise and product-wise, as brands like Coach and Kate Spade. This is considered to be a mid-tier or mid-luxury brand. It’s not as expensive as the most expensive brands you can wear. Tory Burch designs also aren’t as limited as high-end luxury brands, which make their items very exclusive in order to make the prices even higher.

Tory Burch is considered to be more affordable high-end designer fashion, though not everyone considers it to be luxury fashion.


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