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23 of the Best Men’s Fashion Blogs and Websites

Here's a list of the best men's fashion blogs and websites that'll be a good use of your time if you want to check out the latest in fashion trends and get fashion tips from the experts.

Handsome man wearing a suit and touching his sleeve.

There are so many fashion blogs online now that it seems like a new one is being launched every second or so. With social media sites likes Instagram, everyone has set out to become a model now and finding good fashion advice becomes really hard.

If you are searching for online styling inspiration, it can be so easy to fall down the wrong black hole of men’s wear. Fashion bloggers are aplenty but they all may not be that good at what they do. If you realize that you have spent almost two days scrolling through different blogs and not found a single semblance of good fashion and style, you have come to the right place.

It is important to seek the sage advice from people who actually know what they are doing. From London fashion week styles to New York’s cool fashion, we have designed the perfect guide for you to follow.

1. MenswearStyle

MenswearStyle website's summer season home page.


MenswearStyle has been ranked on top of many lists and for a good reason. It was created by Craig Landale in 2012 as a platform for men’s lifestyle choices and options. The online magazine is an independent must-read fashion haven. It has everything from fashion advice on clothing, shopping hauls, and sale to grooming tips for men.

The blog has managed to garner multiple awards such as two Vuelio Blog Awards for its great work and output. The MenswearStyle brand name has become a well-known name among experts, designers, and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Landale also gets hands-on with the magazine and provides styling tips and advice on different topics. He has advice on hot fashion topics such as professional looks for facial hair to simple things like summer footwear.

2. Ape To Gentleman

Ape To Gentleman's home page focuses on the men's hairstyle and fashion.

Ape to Gentleman was ranked second place by the Vuelio Blog Awards for 2018’s Best Men’s Fashion Blogs. Chris Beastall created this blog in 2009 and intended to design one short stop to share engaging and informative information on men’s style and grooming. He loves to help his fashion-forward readers by turning them into the modern gentleman.

There are plenty of tips on the blog to achieve an effortless personal style for all sorts of occasions. It doesn’t matter if you want to find the best look for a spring wedding or just need some stylish sunglasses for a picnic, you will find what you need on this lifestyle blog.

Chris and his team also ensure that the style guide has plenty of useful and practical advice as well. They have several blogs and posts on the safest hair transplant treatments, managing stress, tying tie knots, and more!

3. Permanent Style

Permanent Style's website homepage.

Permanent Style was launched in 2007 by Simon Crompton as a place to give advice, opinions, and views on one lifestyle blog. Simon has always been a celebrated style icon as well as an author and journalist, which made him the perfect candidate for a position as a successful influencer. He has also launched his clothing line with coats, cufflinks, polo shirts, and sweaters.

The blog has become a British on everything to do with men’s fashion, menswear, and style. His sage advice on classic and luxury looks has made the lives of many men easier. The blog also features many interviews with high profile designers that can help you glean the best look for you.

There are also plenty of product reviews that you can check before buying an item. Useful advice on how you can dress for different events and socials can also help you in the long run.

4. Grey Fox

A look at the website's home page with a bulldog skincare promotion.

Blog posts by Grey Fox are a one-stop-shop for all things to do with men’s fashion and style. David Evans launched the blog to share fashion and style tips for men over 40. He noticed that fashion in England was excluding older men and Grey Fox was launched to encourage those men to style better.

The blog focuses on fashion trends for men, as well as detailed product reviews of luxury items. From designer shirts to hand-crafted watches, there is no product left unturned. The Grey Fox blog has also worked with a number of well-known brands such as Glenfiddich, Land Rover, and Jigsaw to provide you with a unique perspective on branding.

5. Man For Himself

Home page of the Man for Himself website with a bulldog skincare promotion.

Man For Himself was created by the talented Robin James to provide men all over the world with style tips, latest products, and grooming advice. If you want a savvy new makeover or advice on street style, this place is for you. Men who want to up their grooming game will find this place as a delightful safe haven.

Robin James also has a very successful YouTube channel that you can visit for guidance on the latest trends. From getting rid of eye bags or dark circles to the perfect quaff, Man For Himself is a really successful platform where you will find everything you need. If you are bored with fashion then you will even find fun articles on cocktails to get the ideal drink to match their sense of style.

6. Clothes Make The Man

Clothes Make The Man trending section in the home page.

Clothes Make The Man is a blogging platform for the ordinary man. Anthony McGrath founded the platform for the modern man who wants advice on streetwear. A lot of blogs just focus one expensive luxury items and high-quality designer labels, which is not something that everyone is looking for. For style tips and fashion advice, you can visit Clothes Make the Man.

The platform also has plenty of in-depth interviews with different new stars in the men’s fashion industry. You will find sage advice from experts to graduates, which allows you to get a variety of style guidance on the new season’s fashion.

Anthony also has the know-how on menswear which allows him to act as the “Agony Ant”. He offers advice and helps to readers with fashion dilemmas on topics like first dates, interviews, and more!

7. Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson blog featuring super fashionable guys in the home page.

Carl Thompson started his eponymous blog for gents who want advice on dapper fashion. His blog was created right after he launched his menswear label called Hawkins and Shepherd in 2013. He shares his opinions and views on grooming, lifestyle, hairstyles, fashion, and more. So whether you want views on Gucci’s latest clothing season to worth-it razor subscriptions, the blog has it all.

Carl Thompson also features many blog posts that cover different style icons for men of all ages. He shares the latest trends and his personal grooming routines so that readers can find the right products for themselves. Products like ideal shaving balms and signature scents are also covered extensively in the blog.

8. Michael 84

Michael 84 fashion and lifestyle blog's simple home page.

Michael 84 was created by Michael Adam in 2008 to give men style advice on everyday fashion. The blog is designed for regular guys who want tips on everything related to fashion. The blog is an entire lookbook on for stylish men. The blog has recently become very well respected in the fashion industry for its stellar advice on grooming and fashion.

They have even worked with international brands such as Topman and Men’s Fitness. Michael also shares product reviews on any new launch in the market, so you will definitely find advice on the new pair of shorts or the bucket hat you were planning on buying.

9. Man About Town

Man About Town blog home page with three men in the cover.

Man About Town is a brand-new styling blog for men who want tips on everything from blazers to hairstyling. Charlie Irons started the blog to connect with the everyday man with all the information they will ever need to fashion.

They also include commentary on American, French, British, and other famous fashion shows so that you have an idea about upscale fashion as well.

The Man About Town has fashion advice about everything from the classic white tee and finding the perfect summer staple wear to the importance of having a snazzy linen suit in the wardrobe. You can also shop for Charlie’s own clothing choices and style. This makes it easier to stay up to date with the latest trends and fashion pieces.

10. Jordan Bunker

Jordan Bunker's website home page with a man wearing a brown jacket.

Jordan Bunker started his blog to help others move smoothly in their journey to find their own sense of personal style. He also wanted to support independent clothing brands rather than the over-the-top expensive labels that the everyday man can’t afford.

The blog has a very unique approach since Jordan has combined his own love for fashion and travel into one unique platform. The great content is supported by incredible photography and visuals which highlights the places he visits as well as his unique style.

It’s not just the visually appealing aesthetics of the posts that people come for but rather his content as well. Jordan is a freelance journalist as well, which is why he is so good at encouraging men to join the conversation about men’s fashion.

11. Dappered

Dappered website home page with a black and white theme.

Dappered is a unique blog that combines fashion tips with consumer reports. The information site has inside scoops on different sales at major clothing stores and shops, as well as style articles and posts.

They always highlight really amazing deals that have cropped up anywhere on the internet to get you the most affordable branded clothes ever. They also have Top 10 lists which can help you narrow down the products or styles worth spending money.

Product reviews have also helped many people save money on subpar products. This is why it is always a good idea to hang around Dappered if you are thinking of buying something. Either they will post a detailed review of the product so that you get a good idea of the product or show you a sale for the same item.

Joe is the irrepressible editor for Dappered who has designed the blog to be more inclusive and consistent. The blog stays on top of the latest information about brands and fashion. If you are someone who wants content-driven updates, it’s a good idea to get added to their email list as well.

The content is great on emails and it will ensure that you don’t miss an update on the pair of shoes you’ve been meaning to buy but couldn’t get a good deal on.

12. Kinowear

Kinowear's website features a line of suits on its home page.

Kinowear is run by Jay Song’s Kino Image Consulting Company. The blog doesn’t update that frequently but all the content is solid when it does update. It doesn’t bother you with irrelevant information and most of the posts are guests’ posts made by manufacturers in featured industries.

They have discussions by casual menswear on polo shirts, suits makers on casual suits, watch crafters on expensive watches, and more. The clarity and simplicity of their message are beloved by many people who want expert opinions on their fashion items.

13. Gentleman’s Gazette

Gentleman’s Gazette website home page featuring four gentlemen on the home cover.

Gentleman’s Gazette focuses on providing daily updates on high-end men’s fashion and wear. You will find everything you will need to indulge in the pleasures of a gentleman’s life. The website has a really strong fashion history and even updates people on how men’s styles have changed over the years. They have amazing photographs and vintage images to ensure that your interest doesn’t waver in their work.

Sven Raphael Schneider is the Editor-in-Chief and his work has been a part of men’s lives since years. His unique take on fashion and incredible knowledge bring a whole lot to the table. He is one of the main reasons why the blog is so well-researched. You will definitely enjoy reading the great content that he is continuously putting out.

14. Put This On

The Put This On website home page has shoes on its cover.

Put This On is a wild mixture of everything related to styling and fashion. It has a really great update schedule so that you are always updated to the newest trends and the latest fashion news. There is something new to see every day and sometimes even multiple times a day.

A lot of the articles also focus on great deals which are available for men. There are regular ‘eBay roundup’ posts which show readers all the latest online auctions.

The blog also has an interactive series which makes them one of the best websites for fashion online. The videos are instructive and high-quality content pieces which cover a lot of information in short and accessible clips.

15. The Style Blogger

Here's The Style Blogger himself on the cover of his website.

The Style Blogger was created by Dan Trepanier as a style and shopping guide for men around the world. There is so much content on the website that you will never be bored including original photographs, articles, links to sales, contests, giveaways, and a lot more!

The website is designed in such a way that it is considered as one of the most professional styling sites online. It is definitely a commercial website as well but not in a bad way. They are really great experts working on the clothing line, which is why people like buying their clothes as well.

There are many fashion forward styles as well if you like making a statement and being bold. If you live in large cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago and love extravagant fashion, this blog is definitely something you should check out.

16. Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent website with a nice blue shaded home page cover.

Effortless Gent is a blog aimed specifically at those men who want to improve their look and attire. Barron Cuadro is the main author of the blog. He is one of the co-owners of the men’s store in San Francisco called Fifth & Brannan, as well as the author of a wardrobe improvement eBook.

The website is designed to focus on a lot of actionable steps and practical advice that readers can actually apply in their everyday looks. The advice is simple and designed to improve your style as soon as possible. You can also check out more about Barron Cuadro in an interview he did with Real Men Real Style.

17. Men’s Flair

Here's the Men’s Flair website's home.

Men’s Flair describes themselves as an online magazine rather than just an everyday blog. There is a lot of fancy stuff on the website, which can be great for people who want different perspectives on high-end materials and items.

They look closely at the design and tailoring of more modern products. They also have plenty of original pictures of studios and stores that are popular.

The source material for the fashion blog comes from London but fear not since they also have plenty of contributors from around the world. They have a lot of different takes and perspectives on the products as well as a consistent frequency of posts. This makes the online magazine a powerful resource for fashion enthusiasts around the world.

18. A Suitable Wardrobe

A Suitable Wardrobe blog featuring a man's shades on the cover.

A Suitable Wardrobe is definitely one of the greats in fashion and clothing. Will Boehlke launched this website as a way to connect with the everyday man needing tips on fashion. The blog updates almost every single day.

Each blog post has a solid chunk of text with specific and relevant photographs on the post. The focus of the article is on classical men’s fashion and leans more towards high-end dressier fashion.

If you want opinions of suits and ties then this blog is definitely for you but topics also change every day. The website also has an online store from where you can purchase many cool products that Will has mentioned in his blogs and more!

19. Image Granted

Image Granted's cover features a man in a blue jacket and a small modish top hat.

Image Granted was created by Grant Harris who wanted a website that takes a practical look on fashion. This includes events attire, dress codes, and the latest contemporary designs. The website also updates regularly, so you will get good content consistently. The updates are done with great images and decent content so that readers have fun reading the blog.

20. George Hahn

George Hahn blog home page has a very stylish and modish home page cover.

George Hahn is designed as a men’s go-to website for fashion across all sorts of topics. There are many different articles that you can refer to for different opinion pieces on how to use, bespoke suits, cruiser bikes, interior designs, life as a stylist, and so much more.

The smart and savvy writing also makes it really fun to read the content, which allows you to get the most out of your time. He is one of the most interactive and intuitive bloggers out there as well and uses various tools to hold your attention such as text, images, video, and even audio. This makes it one of the most unique blogs, as well as the strongest multimedia resources on fashion and menswear online.

21. An Affordable Wardrobe

An Affordable Wardrobe website's cover.

An Affordable Wardrobe is the best blog online for a man on a budget. There are several tips and tricks on the website that ensure you can get top-tier menswear and fashion items without having to pay the extravagant prices.

The blog has many solutions for men who want to look like fashionistas without emptying their wallets. Tips on alterations, DIY repairs, thrift store shopping and lot more are designed to give you an affordable Gucci look with no issues.

It is always nice to be part of a blog that doesn’t straight away assume you can afford thousands of dollars’ worth of suits and shoes. There is plenty of useful advice for the everyday man who doesn’t want to break their banks.

22. Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness website's home page.

The Art of Manliness is a really great collection for all things manly. There are plenty of clothing articles on the website, which can help you get to know your wardrobe better. There is plenty of advice for men who want tips of practical skills, clothing, lifestyle, and more.

23. Man of Many

Man of Many site homepage.

Founded in 2012 by friends Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell, Man of Many is Australia’s largest men’s online lifestyle publication. With a dedicated mission to help guys discover the latest in products, culture, and style, the magazine has evolved from humble beginnings as a gear blog to a successful, award-winning platform. Featuring daily editorial and a significant backlog of style conscience articles to feed off you’ll find everything you need at this fashion website for men.

After recently opening the Man of Many Shop, the experience of finding the best in products and style has never been easier.


Men shouldn’t be afraid to try out new styles and fashion trends. These blogs are designed to encourage you to explore your personal sense of style and get more pizazz.