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50 of the Best Men’s Suit Brands

Find the men's suit you need in the color and size you want from these 50 top fashion designers and design houses that offer the high-quality men's suits available. Read the FAQ to learn how to choose the best suit for your body type.

A close look at a man buttoning his charcoal black suit.

When it comes to men’s clothing, nothing is more impressive than the suit. Although it has varied slightly over time, the suit has remained the pinnacle of style for centuries. Today, it continues to lend gents all over the world a sense of sophistication that other garments cannot.

Of course, not all suits are created equal, and purchasing one that’ll look great on you requires knowledge of shape, fit, and fabric. Luckily, we’re here to help with a handy cheat sheet. So, if you’re after a men’s suit that sits just right look no further than these best suit brands for men.


Kings of the summer suit, the Italian design house of Boglioli tailors lightweight suits with deconstructed jackets in fabrics like silk-wool blend and corduroy. Using signature dyes, they craft suits for the sophisticated man. Their suits make an ideal choice for a summer wedding.

Bottega Veneta

This venerable Italian design house turns out suits that stand the test of time using the highest quality materials available. Bastions of classic design also inject bright colors into the suits.


Choose from ready-to-wear or bespoke for the ultimate choice in men’s luxury suits. Since 1945, this Italian design house has contributed to the sharp-dressed man, both real-world and fictional. Famed mobster and fashion plate John Gotti Sr. wore a Brioni suit, as does the fictional James Bond, 007, as played by actors Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. In the office or on the town, the Brioni look suits the discerning man.

Brooks Brothers

The American designer’s Brooks Brothers designed suits for 40 of the country’s 45 Presidents. Bastions of American fashion, the fashion house also outfitted Kermit the Frog and the “Mad Men” cast.

The label is not only seasoned suit professionals, but they are also the oldest clothing retailer in the USA. Experts in men’s suits, the brand was also the first fashion house to introduce American men to ready-to-wear suits.


The venerable fashion house of Burberry, established in 1856, only added suits to its fashion line 100 years after its inception. Their suits incorporate modern tailoring, luxury designs, classic silhouettes, and occasionally, Burberry’s signature plaid patterning. Paired with its classic trench coat, these suits always make an ideal choice for a gentleman.

Dolce & Gabbana

Only established in the mid-1980s, this Italian design house quickly built a following due to its two designers’ dedication to the best quality materials and tailoring. Its suits feature luxurious touches such as embroidered silk or a jacquard print. The haute couture of this house provides a much edgier look than Brioni or Burberry.

Dries Van Noten

While you probably do not associate Belgium with the height of fashion, its native designer, Dries Van Noten, combines the avant-garde and tradition to craft impeccable suits as his family has for three generations. The designer combines luxury fabrics such as tweeds and silks with color and pattern to create one-of-a-kind men’s suits. Choose a Van Noten when you need a business suit for power meetings.


This French designer provides one of the foundations of French elegance. For the man who wants to look the part of the manor born, a Givenchy suit is de rigueur. Straight from Paris to you, Givenchy designs sophisticated looks with impeccable tailoring. Its suits lean toward the avant-garde one day, tradition the next. When you need a charcoal grey suit or a tuxedo with kitschy print, you shop this designer.


The bastion of women’s purses also designs fabulous men’s suits. Forget your spouse’s pale pink purse, the Gucci suit pairs vibrant colors with embroidery and jacquard prints with bold piping. This design house leads in sales of Italian brands with its eclectic extravaganza of choices from traditional to wild.

Jil Sander

Often described as minimal and no-nonsense, the German design house found in the late 1960s offers smooth, sleek, and clean lines. Using classic colors in solids, you can find that navy blue suit you need for the office at Jil Sander.

Saint Laurent

Established during the 1960s, the late Yves Saint Laurent favored slim-cut suits, fitted waists, and jackets with thin lapels. Impeccable tailoring merged with innovation in design, fabrics, and prints, the Saint Laurent suit offers cutting-edge looks and established sophistication.


Italian design house Prada offers luxurious suits in edgy, avant-garde styles. Favoring androgynous design in its men’s and women’s wear, it also offers elegance. Prada gives great thought and devotion to fabric, design, and tailoring. This family business has passed through generations and has developed from a luggage and handbag design house into a fashion house of all clothing and accessories.


The house of Valentino crafts elegant suits that stand the test of time using made-to-measure tailoring. These suits use opulent fabrics to create a fashion apparel piece you can pass on as a collectible or heirloom.

Ermenegildo Zegna

The Italians know their suits and Ermenegildo Zegna provides luxury suits in traditional colors and fabrics. It uses its own wool, farmed in Australia from its own sheep mils. Its wool is so revered that Brioni and Tom Ford also purchase it for their wool suit designs.


Italian design house Etro uses wild colors and eccentric patterns in its luxurious menswear. Expect a sharp silhouette paired with impeccable materials, such as cashmere, silk, and wool. Its suit jackets typically include a liner of bold print while on the outside, you see the staid monochrome, check, pinstripes, or Prince of Wales.


You can wear the same suit brand as the stars of “Kingsman: Secret Service” because the film’s costume designer teamed up with Mr. Porter to create a bespoke fashion label. If you want a double-breasted suit in the vein of the film characters’, but perfectly fitted to your measurements, choose Kingsman.


Canada also offers some fabulous men’s suits from Dsquared2. The oddly named design house founded by twin brothers, Dan and Dean Caten, blends fine tailoring and edgy design. Though run by Canadians, the suits are crafted in Italy.


Founded in 2000, Suitsupply combines high-quality traditional designs with accessible, affordable prices. Suitsupply offers refined business suits in alpaca, pure wool, silk, and cashmere. Choose from classic colors or exciting patterns. Their versatility extends to collars, and you can choose from shawl collars, notch lapels, and peak lapels.

L.B.M 1911

Established in 1911, by the then-teenaged Luigi Bianchi, L.B.M. provides suits for the sophisticated man of luxury. The latest designs reference 1970s looks and use modern cuts and color schemes with cutting-edge fabrics.

Brunello Cucinelli

The Italian suit maker nicknamed “King of Cashmere” uses only the highest-quality materials to create luxurious suits in classic colors. It donates 20 percent of its profits to charity.

Paul Smith

Homage art and the eclectic with a suit from British designer Paul Smith brings. His quirky designs combine luxurious fabrics with impeccable tailoring.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford honed his craft working at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent as creative director. His label’s designs combine fashionable cuts for those with slim builds, luxury fabrics, and bold colors and patterns. These sleek slim-fit suit designs come in satin, velvet, and silk with designs such as swirls or animal prints.

Hugo Boss

Look the part of the boss before you become it with a suit from a famed design house, Hugo Boss. This brand exudes masculinity and sophistication. Choose it for a traditional suit in classic colors that you can wear to any occasion. Hugo Boss designs for numerous builds, so you can find a suit to fit your build. Athletes should try the slim fit which sculpts the body’s contours. Tall, slender gentlemen should try their extra slim cut.

Acne Studios

This Swedish label offers suits in bold colors and designs unique shapes. Its aesthetic can be described as trendy at all times.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Established in 1967, Ralph Lauren added its Purple Label for its ready-to-wear suits, also available as made-to-measure. A combination of fine fabrics, materials, and tailoring, the Purple Label suit provides an ideal choice for weddings or the office.


Too many people associated French design house Lanvin only with its lovely ladies’ wear, but men also receive impeccable styling from this venerable design house. A good choice for athletes due to its form-fitting designs, it provides a masculine, minimalist style suit that may be instantly recognized. While minimalist in design, it piles on the details, providing classic suits for the office and formal events.


The trendy ready-to-wear suits of Reiss provide an off-the-rack alternative that still provides detailed crafting and fine fabrics. Choose from three suit cuts — modern, classic, or slim fit. All feature their traditional horn buttons. Reiss also provides tailoring services, so you can have the suit customized to your measurements and tastes. The suit maker customizes the lining, stitching, and buttons.

Thom Browne

American designer Thom Browne, founded his label in 2001 to offer contemporary styling using traditional tailor techniques. Form meets fashion in these cropped hem suits suitable for evenings on the town or a day at the office.


British design house Dunhill creates bespoke suits for each client meaning that each suit uses its own pattern, designed for the client. This results in a perfect fit as well as meeting each client’s personal needs.


Italian design house Canali serves its clients with off-the-rack and bespoke suits. For more than 80 years, the designers of Canali have handcrafted fine suits for the sharp-dressed man.


British suit maker, Hackett, established its label in 1979. It offers traditional suits in classic colors but energizes its suits with checks and stripes. It draws inspiration from the military uniforms and creates athletic fits for unique takes on tradition.


If you have the money to spend on an ideally crafted, made-to-measure suit, choose Kiton. Established during the 18th century, this design house caters to the aristocracy. The epitome of Italian suits, each takes about 25 hours of labor to create.

The label’s suits are known for their silk lining and perfect fits. Kiton makes some of the world’s most expensive suits but those who wear them depend upon the perfected detailing and ideal fit.


Established more than 70 years ago, design house Corneliani provides modern, high-end suits using lux fabrics and elegant tailoring. Its made-to-measure suits provide a suit to suit the wearer. Choose from more than 750 different fabric weaves and colors. It sizes patterns up to size US 48, making this a viable option for the larger man.

Rhodes and Beckett

Founded in 2006, Rhodes and Beckett offer modern ready-to-wear suits for the office and classic black tuxedos for formal occasions. Their sleek looks have vaulted them to the top of the designer’s list in less than two decades of existence.

P. Johnson

Australia’s P. Johnson design house, established in 2008, has also vaulted up the list with the atelier’s men’s suits. Perfect for summer, these lightweight, tailored suits offer comfort with simple cuts that suit many needs including date night, office wear, and spring or summer weddings.

Joe Black

Unlike Kingsman, this is not a reference to the movie of the same name. The label’s suits provide a modern choice for the budget-minded gentleman needing a sophisticated, bespoke suit perfectly suited to the wearer’s sense of style and favorite color. Joe Black uses standard patterns that it adjusts to the desires of the client.

Gieves & Hawkes

The English tailor Gieves & Hawkes makes its home at No. 1 Savile Row and its address perfectly describe its place in the hearts of well-dressed men the world over. For more than 200 years, this design house has created made-to-measure, bespoke, and ready-to-wear men’s suits.

The inclusion of all three services places the venerated English tailor within the reach of many. Choose this suit if your upper body requires a high armhole and roped shoulder for a comfortable fit.

Henry Bucks

Australian label Henry Bucks represents the Down Under a piece of the International Menswear Group. Mixing choices of tradition and trend, Henry Bucks turns out the suit favorite by the corporate set. Using lightweight fabrics and comfortable cuts, these suits work well in spring and summer in any hemisphere. They do offer made-to-measure options.

Richard James

English design house Richard James offers traditional cuts with fitted tailored silhouettes. Another Savile Row resident manages to innovate within the confines of English tradition. Its designers hail from Great Britain and Italy, and their collaborations offer men single-breasted suits that refined men clamor to hang in their closets. Choose from neutral and seasonal colors.

Stefano Ricci

Italian design house Stefano Ricci merges art and fashion in each tailored suit. Choose this unique designer’s suit for an elegant, yet high fashion look.

Giorgio Armani

Founded in 1975, Giorgio Armani became the most successful Italian designer in 2001. Fashionably dressed men the world over wear an Armani suit. Choose its clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and attention to detail to speak success without uttering a word in this designer suit.

Calvin Klein

Established in 1968, the American designer Calvin Klein combines the minimalist look with an unstructured design and elegant tailoring. The designer’s care in fabric choices and manufacturing methods helped make the label a major lifestyle brand. Choose the sexy men’s wear from Calvin Klein when you want to wow at the office or on a date.

Ted Baker

The English brand Ted Baker, founded in the 1980s, merges classic and contemporary. Using bright colors with classic cuts and fits, this designer has won over the British and beyond with its high quality and experimental English look.

Tommy Hilfiger

An off-the-rack American brand launched in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger provides a “cool American style.” Influenced strongly by American popular culture, the Hilfiger line offers youthful suits that show the individuality of the wearer. This off-the-rack option provides quality and style.


Established in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace, the men’s suits crafted by the luxury label use opulent fabrics and designs to match. While refined, a Versace suit pays homage to art and culture. It evidences extreme attention to detail with tailoring and small touches such as the buttons or cuff link stitching that makes a suit seem custom while off-the-rack.


Bonobos offer off-the-rack suits crafted from fine fabrics using sophisticated fabric, cut from a bevy of stylish patterns in numerous colors. Bonobos offer suit jackets featuring stretch lining and suit pants with hidden pockets.


The American brand Haggar, founded in 1926, offers suits the way men need them — as separates. This off-the-rack brand thought to offer each piece of a suit as a separate, allowing men the world over to seem like they could afford a made-to-measure suit before they could afford a fine restaurant. Haggar lets you purchase your pant, vest, suitcoat, sports jacket, blazer, etc. separately, so you can immediately wear a near-perfect fit with no added tailoring required.


Zara is at home in Arteixo, Spain. The brand specializes in fast fashion and is a major player in the world’s largest apparel retailer, The Inditex Group. Zara creates up to 20 clothing collections each year. The best thing about this label is that their suits are genuinely affordable. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest suit brands on my list.

However, Zara offers some really good quality and design. The label also produces a range of basic designs that are carried over year to year. Some of Zara’s fashion-forward designs can stay on the shelves for less than four weeks. This gives fans of the brand a great excuse to make repeat visits to their local Zara store.

M.J Bale

Founded in 2009 by Matt Jensen, the Australian-owned M.J. Bale is a gentlemen’s clothier making men’s garments with character and integrity. The label prides itself on its tailoring expertise, and they only use natural fibers, like Australian merino wool.

MJ Bale continuously measures itself against its brand motto: Provenance, Authenticity, Integrity, and Character. The label is the official tailor to the Australian Test Cricket Team. They also host professional and cultural organizations, with 59 stores across the Australian continent.

Paul Smith

Back in the 70s, Paul Smith came up with the concept of the company. He has stuck to the same standards ever since. Smith’s motto is ‘classic with a twist’, and the brand stands apart due to its unique taste. With a sense of playful style, the label nestles comfortably between formal wear and high fashion. And it takes inspiration from both.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can a man afford to look good before he can purchase a made-to-measure or bespoke suit?

Save your money and look for sales. Settling for a suit of cheap fabric or poor cut only wastes your money. You can find outlet stores that carry many suit brands and sign up for their sales notices. By purchasing an expensive suit when it goes on sale, you obtain an off-the-rack suit with good materials and cut.

Choose your suit by how the jacket fits because you can easily have pants taken in by a tailor. Pay the closest attention to how the shoulders fit. This is the area of the suit that a tailor cannot alter. When the jacket fits your shoulders properly, it will hang properly. All other areas can be altered — the waist of the jacket, the waist of the pants, the length (hem) of the pants.

What should you look for in a good suit off-the-rack?

We’re talking design and tailoring here; we’ll get to more fit details later. Think about your perfect suit needs and examine appropriate choices for details, tailoring, and fabric. Choose a classic cut and color. You can not go wrong with a navy blue or black suit. It suits interviews, office attire, formal events, dates, etc.

Dark grey, light grey, and tan also offer neutral colors that come in good off-the-rack choices. Classics come in all fits, so will have modern, skinny, slim, etc. from which to choose. These suits will match any shoes, shirt, and accessories. Look for suits that use natural materials like wool or cotton. Avoid cheap polyester suits.

What makes the suit look good when worn beside the fit?

You can look the part of a truly sharp-dressed man with a little wise fashion advice. Also, shop around for great buys on belts, shirts, and shoes. Purchasing high-quality is easier when you look for sales. Also, if you abhor shopping as much as most guys I know do, try a personal shopper service.

There are men’s options like ThredUp which caters mostly to women. You create a profile, answer a few basic questions about your favorite colors and styles, plus provide your measurements. The personal shopper does the rest for the bargain price of $10 to $20. They ship you the clothing options which you try on and decide if you like. What you like, you purchase.

The rest you ship back to the company using the shipping label it provides. Most companies deduct the personal shopper’s styling fee from your purchase. You only end up with a perfectly fitting suit coat, pants, shirt, etc. and you never had to go to the store. The personal shopper makes sure everything matches, too. It’s all done for you and at an affordable price.

How do you wear a suit?

Before you just pile it all on, pay close attention to your underwear. Your grandpa probably wore an undershirt beneath his dress shirt. Men of the right age saw their dad do this, too. That is the gentleman’s way of protecting the dress shirt and suit coat.

You see, antiperspirant does not do it all. It did not always exist. Sweat ruins clothes. It stains them and perspiration breaks down the fabric over time. That’s why you develop tears or worn fabric in your underarm area first.

That undershirt protects your dress shirt and suit coat. Wear one in white. Always white under the shirt. Make it a sleeved one. Always wear clean underwear bottoms, too. No recycling allowed when you need to don your suit. Once you have on your antiperspirant, undershirt, and clean boxer briefs, you can put on your suit.

Dress shirt first, then pants. Always tuck in your dress shirt or polo if you’re wearing a casual look. Put on your belt. It should match your shoes and socks. Navy blue tie? Navy blue socks with black shoes.

Brown tie? Brown socks and brown shoes. It really is that easy. Fashion rule: Always wear a tie that is darker than your shirt. Forget that quirky 80s look with the white tie over a black shirt. Just no. You aren’t in Wham! Learn to appropriate tie a tie, so you have a tie dimple. Also, your tie width should match your lapel width.

Always unbutton the suit jacket when you sit down. With respect to your sleeve length vis a vis your jacket, you should show only half an inch of dress shirt cuff peaking out from beneath your jacket. Finally, you should never wear white socks with dress shoes nor sneakers or other casual shoes with a suit or dress pants. Yes, that is a rule not made to be broken.

Should my jacket fit snuggly?

It should fit perfectly in your shoulders allowing you to raise your arm as if you were in a grade school class and wanted the teacher to call on you. This fit is the most important of all because everything else can be tailored.

The seam where the jacket sleeve attaches to the shoulder should line up exactly with the outermost point of your shoulder. If you look in the mirror, the human body is such that most people are widest at the shoulders. This is invariably true of our torsos. Above the waist, your shoulders represent the widest part of you.

When your jacket fits in the shoulders, it will hang properly down the rest of your torso. Your jacket would only fit too snuggly if you chose one that did not fit your shoulders, or you outgrew it. You should be able to button your suit coat without the jacket bunching. Test it out and button both buttons if it has two. If you cannot button either, you outgrew the suit coat. Go shopping.

Besides the shoulder fit, what should you look for in fit?

Off-the-rack suits typically will not fit perfectly to start, but you can find something close that won’t require much work from a tailor. The suit’s coat or jacket hem should be even with your knuckles when you let your arms hang loosely at your sides.

If you grasp the suit coat hem with your hands, you should be able to hold it to a two knuckle length. The jacket sleeve should hit where your thumb connects to your wrist, the ideal length for your dress shirt to peek out.

Choose a jacket with high-quality buttons. Your pants should have no break, meaning they should end at your ankle bone, so they do not create a divot over the shoe. You can always have long pants hemmed. Avoid the saggy or oversized look. It may be comfortable if you weigh more, but it looks terrible.

Have your tailor pinch the suit jacket at the middle of your torso on a jacket with perfect shoulder fit. This can make a rounded midsection look as if you spend hours at the gym working on a power V. The appropriate jacket length just covers your buttocks.

What are the button rules?

Yes, there are rules about suit-coat buttons. Remember how you should be able to button both buttons on your suit coat? Just because you can does not mean you should. That was just a check to make sure it fits right. Two-button jackets are the most common, but double-breasted suits are coming back in style.

When you wear a one-button jacket, you button it. With a two-button, you only button the top one, then unbutton it to sit down. With a three-button jacket, you wear a conservative look that could button all three.

What suit should a guy with an athletic build buy?

Whether you run, or you lift, finding an off-the-rack suit will be a challenge. Skip the fits described as slim or skinny. Yes, you are in great shape, but they are pattern cut for tall, slender male models. These fit models aren’t that kind of fit although they are in good shape. They aren’t in linebacker or defensive back or quarterback shape.

Look for designers that use unstructured designs or boxier patterns. You’ll be happy to know that designers, like personal trainers, use the V-shape, so you can apply the chest to stomach ratio in shopping for your suit. European designers tend to curve their designs more, tapering to the natural waist.

Most off-the-rack designs, especially American designers, have baggy stomach cuts. Besides your shoulder fit, you need to leave sleeve space for your biceps. A slim cuff in dress shirt and suit coat provides a tapered look that makes you look less thug. Avoid straight-leg pants. Instead, choose a suit with tapered pants.

This gives you plenty of room in the thighs while providing a comfortable fit. Have your pants hemmed for no break, especially if you’re shorter? This creates the illusion of longer legs.

What suits work best for big and tall men?

Some designers focus on fashion and inclusion. Bonobos, for example, offers its menswear in sizes up to 4XL. The company Duke, founded in England in 1985, designs for guys to 8XL. They refer to their larger men’s lines as “King” and “Super King.” The stylish suit makers, Suitsupply, offer suits in up to 4XL for jackets, shirts, and trousers. American designer Tommy Hilfiger offers a Big & Tall line that includes suit jackets and leather belts, so you can craft impeccable style. Also, shop Canali and Corneliani for Italian suits for every size man.