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15 Brands Similar to Free People

Wearing boho fashion on the beach

Free People stands out for its beautiful, boho-inspired fashions. The flowing styles, the airy designs, the signature look of Free People have made this a popular brand over recent decades. Many people have noticed the pretty, breezy, casual everyday fashion here that doesn’t bow to the trends and yet still looks highly fashionable and stylish. But if you’re looking for more pretty fashion with a boho vibe, there are many brands similar to Free People that will help you capture the look you like.

History of Free People

Free People was founded by Dick Hayne in the early 1970s. The brand started out as a shop in West Philadelphia serving a local clientele. The name of the shop was meant to represent a freeing of fashion and self. The 1970s was an era when people of all genders, races and sexual persuasion could wear what they wanted. They were free to express their style. That’s what Free People was all about and everyone noticed. The brand became supremely popular and became the talk of fashion lovers in Philadelphia.

Beautiful boho style

Inspired by the streetwear styles she saw that were getting popular in the area, Hayne’s wife began to develop a clothing line to be sold through the store. She named it Urban Outfitters. This line became so popular, the Urban Outfitters line branched off to become its own brand. In fact, you’ve probably heard of it!

Free People still exists as its own brand and it remains popular with those who like the boho-inspired, hippie-ish fashions you can still find at Free People. The brand is still true to its original message of style without boundaries and gorgeous fashion that’s made for people to enjoy. After all, what good is fashion if wearing it doesn’t feel good?

Finding Brands Similar to Free People

Wearing vintage fashion next to vintage car

If you like the breezy, flowing fashion at Free People, you aren’t alone. This brand has become highly popular with women of all ages who like their look to be comfortable, a little bit vintage and pretty, too. Many other brands similar to Free People have captured a look that echoes a lot of what the brand has to offer.

Anthropologie (Similar Pricing)

Like Free People, Anthropologie makes clothing for women. The styles here are distinctly boho-inspired and have a certain vintage flair that’s impossible to ignore. This brand sells everything in the way of fashion, including jeans, outerwear, activewear, dresses, blazers, resort wear, lingerie, swimwear, T-shirts and everything else you might want to put on. Anthropologie even includes plus size and petite sizes, creating very inclusive fashion that women of all sizes can wear. Like Free People, this brand appeals to women of every age who like to dress comfortably and beautifully in everyday style.

Dokotoo Women's Ladies Fashion Sexy Lace Crewneck Ruffle Short Sleeve Smocked Shirts for Women Casual Loose Cute Swiss Dot Pom Pom Chiffon Blouses Tops Pink 2XL

There’s also a big selection of shoes, accessories and even home and garden items here. Anthropologie is not just a fashion brand, it’s a lifestyle brand offering a huge range of items for you and your home. There are even beauty and wellness items available through Anthropologie. You can shop here all day and still find lots more items to buy. Like Free People, Anthropologie carries a huge catalog of items.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Free People, so you won’t spend any more by shopping at this brand.

Brandy Melville (Less Expensive)

Where Free People appeals to women of all ages, Brandy Melville clothing is designed for those who enjoy young fashion looks, items that are popular with young 20-somethings. These clothes are casual and a little bit sexy, with touches of lace and ruffles and little areas for skin to show through.

Women Y2K Striped Sweater Knit Oversized Long Sleeve Pullover Sweaters 90S Harajuku Preppy E-Girl Streetwear(Cyan Black,XL)

This is everyday clothing if you like looking stylishly casual every day. Like Free People, Brandy Melville makes clothing for women of all kinds. Shop here for sets, dresses, intimates, sweaters, activewear and accessories to complete all of your outfits. If your everyday style is a bit fun and flirty, Brandy Melville is a style you’re going to love wearing every day.

The pricing at Brandy Melville is less expensive than the prices you’ll pay for similar items at Free People, so you can get more fashion here and spend less on it!

Christy Dawn (More Expensive)

If you like simple, pretty fashion that looks more classic than trendy, you’re going to love Christy Dawn. This brand specializes in women’s fashion that has a definite vintage look to it. The catalog is full of pretty floral patterns and dresses that flatter the body without clinging to it, creating a comfortable, flowing fit that’s easy to wear and gorgeous on the figure. This is fashion that both looks and feels good, something that shouldn’t be as difficult to find as it often is.

FERBIA Women Boho Cardigan Sweater Long Open Front Maxi Knit Sweaters Aztec Tribal Tassel Fringe Thin Coat

Christy Dawn makes farm-to-closet fashion and the brand makes a wide range of items, including sweaters, outerwear, blouses, sweaters and a big collection of footwear and accessories. Christy Dawn carries clothing in a huge range of sizes to provide items for all women. You can shop here for complete looks, or look for pieces to set off fashion you already own.

The clothing here is made to suit all women who like pretty, flowing, classic fashion. Because a lot of energy is devoted to keeping Christy Dawn ethical-friendly and made with high-end materials like regenerative alpaca and organic cotton, the pricing here is more expensive than what you’ll find when you shop with Free People.

Cleobella (More Expensive)

Pretty floral prints. Designs with ruffles and puffs and clean, traditional silhouettes. This is everyday clothing that has more than a touch of elegance and prettiness. Cleobella’s catalog is full of lovely, breezy fashions that flatter the shape and feel comfortable on the body. If you like the feminine, pretty look of boho style, you will like the clothes you find at Cleobella.

Cleobella Women's Cora Mini Dress, Paisley Print, L

Shop here to find dresses, tops, jackets, sets and all sorts of beautiful fashions. You can also shop here for accessories, handbags, jewelry and all the items you need to go with your outfits. Whatever you want to wear, you can find it here. Cleobella, like Free People, has a large catalog of items to explore.

The prices here are somewhat more extensive than what you will pay for similar items at Free People. If you like the flowy, boho-inspired looks of Free People, you will find a lot of fashion to like at Cleobella.

Farm Rio (More Expensive)

Bright colors, gorgeous florals and modern style with a vintage twist. That’s what you’ll find at Farm Rio, qualities the brand has in common with Free People. This is brightly-colored fashion for women in a huge range of styles. Shop here for dresses, jackets and shoes of all kinds to create amazingly timeless, super fashionable looks.

Pink Queen Women's Sexy Cutout Midi Dress Crew Neck Sleeveless Party Cocktail Ribbed Bodycon Dresses Orange L

The fashion at Farm Rio is more expensive than the prices you will pay for similar items at Free People. However, the site offers frequent sales and discounts so you can get fashion for less. Like Free People, Farm Rio appeals to women of all ages who like pretty style and soft, timeless fashion that doesn’t have to follow the trends to look beautiful.

Fillyboo (More Expensive)

Soft pastel colors, beautiful floral patterns and lots of ruffles everywhere are what you’ll find with Fillyboo fashion. If you enjoy the softer, prettier side of boho fashion, this label was absolutely made for you. This is classic fashion that’s made to make you feel pretty. The fits are comfortable and flattering, the fabric is breezy and drapey and the style is distinctly vintage and boho-sweet at its best.

Bdcoco Women's V Neck Floral Lace Wedding Dress Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Evening Party Maxi Dress White

Shop here for dresses of all kids, blouses, knitwear, bottoms, swimwear and the shoes you need to go with all of your looks. Whatever you shop here for, you will find beautiful fashions in breezy, lovely styles that are perfect for everyday wear.

The prices here are somewhat more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Free People.

Lovestitch (Less Expensive)

From gorgeous knits to lightweight chiffon designs, Lovestitch creates beautiful boho-inspired fashion for women who have a cool, stylish flair to their fashion. Lovestitch’s catalog is full of classic wardrobe staples in neural color shades like black, gray, brown and cream. This fashion is simply elegant and made to look great no matter where you go or where you’re wearing it.

Love Stitch Women's Elegant Plunge Neckline Maxi Dress (S/M, Black), Black Abstract, Small-Medium

Search Lovestitch to find sweaters, dresses, jackets, tops, outerwear and clothing of all kinds. You can look here for intimates, shoes, accessories to go with everything you wear and lots of beauty and wellness items as well. These clothes have a traditional look to them that’s definitely boho-inspired, with styles that honor vintage looks of the past. Lovestitch is a modern take on classic style. It’s both trendy and timeless, elegant and fun all at the same time.

The pricing at Lovestitch is less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Free People, so you can even more fashion for less.

Lucky Brand (Less Expensive)

When boho style becomes modern and a little bit funky, you’re shopping at Lucky Brand. Though known mostly for jeans, Lucky makes a huge range of fashions for both men and women. The everyday, casual clothing here creates gorgeous laid-back looks that honor both modern and vintage fashion from the past and present.

Lucky Brand Women's Long Sleeve Notch Neck Sandwash Top, Peach Whip, X-Large

Browse the Lucky Brand catalog for blouses, T-shirts, knits, activewear, dresses, pants, swimwear, pretty much anything you might want to wear in the way of casual fashion. You can even shop for intimates and sleepwear here, along with every type of accessory you might want to put on to set off all of your outfits. That includes jewelry, fragrance, belts, hats, gloves and more.

Lucky carries a huge range of fashions for both men and women at prices that are somewhat less expensive than items you will find at Free People. This brand also offers all kinds of sales and discounts, so you can shop here and still save money.

Minkpink (Similar Pricing)

Fashion that is simple, elegant and mostly made in pastel tones with clean lines and classic silhouettes. This is just what you’ll find at Minkpink and this is just the kind of style elements that Free People shoppers enjoy. The style elements you like about Free People are present in the fashion you can buy at Minkpink, too.

MINKPINK Women's Olivia Cutout Mini Dress, Multi, S

If you like classic looks, soft colors and traditional patterns and silhouettes, you’re going to like everything you can find at Minkpink. This brand makes all kinds of fashion for all kinds of casual to semi-formal everyday looks. Shop here for dresses, swimwear, tops, knitwear, jackets, matching sets and more. The catalog here is full of different items to shop for, something else the brand has in common with Free People.

When you shop here, you’ll pay similar prices to the items you can find at Free People, so you won’t spend any more when you give this brand a try. If you like elegant, clean fashion in pretty designs, see how much you like the fashion at Minkpink.

Modcloth (Less Expensive)

Color. Patterns. Texture. Modcloth makes women’s clothing that features amazing fabrics like velvet, beautiful patterns like plaid and paisley and vintage-style silhouettes that have a timeless beauty. Modcloth is not about trendy style, it’s about timelessly elegant fashion in a wide range of colors and beautiful designs. This brand is committed to creating beautiful fashion that follows no set trends, something the brand shares with Free People.

YESNO Women Sweater Graphic Oversized Pullover Sweaters Casual Loose Long Sleeve Knit Tops XL S01 CR01

Modcloth’s catalog is full of different items to try, including dresses, jeans, leggings, skirts, sleepwear, knits, T-shirts, hoodies, blouses, sleepwear and everything else you want to wear. You can shop here for shoes and accessories of all kinds as well to put together looks that are elegantly beautiful and full of boho loveliness.

The clothing here is somewhat less expensive than the prices you will find when you’re shopping at Free People, so you can fill your closet with fashion for a little less than what you’ll pay with Free People styles.

Show Me Your Mumu (More Expensive)

This brand specializes in all women’s fashion of all kinds. The huge catalog of items includes maternity wear, wedding styles and everyday clothing, not to mention plenty of items you can wear for a professional or semi-formal look as well. The catalog here is a lovely collection of beautiful fabrics, highly wearable knits, sparkle and glam style that’s fun to wear everywhere.

Show Me Your Mumu Women's Smitten Babydoll Dress, Winter Plaid, Small

You’ll find no shortage of dresses, sweaters, denim, matching sets, blouses, bottoms, swimwear and other fashion items at Show Me Your Mumu. The catalog also contains a huge collection of accessories to wear as well, items you can use to complete every outfit you want to wear.

This is beautiful clothing that looks designer with a distinctly vintage and traditional style spin. If you like modern fashion that has a strong foundation in the history of fashion’s great style successes, you will like his brand.

The prices here are slightly more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Free People.

Spell (More Expensive)

With a catalog full of rich colors, breezy silhouettes and lovely floral patterns, Spell is a brand that stands out for its distinct boho look. The style here is light and airy and casually elegant, with a great vintage style and boho-inspired design that looks amazing in a color palette of neutral earth tones and soft pastels. If your style is simple and elegant and a little bit earthy, your brand is Spell.

SPELL Women's Freda Boho Mini Dress, Amber, Orange, Print, XS

The clothes here are made with silk, linen, hemp, cotton and a variety of natural materials. Shop at Spell for dresses, tops, outerwear, knitwear, swimwear, intimates and accessories, jewelry and little extra details for every look you want to create. Spell is also a lifestyle brand that offers a selection of homewares as well. Whether you want to embellish your wardrobe or embellish your home, you can find what you want to buy here.

The pricing here is somewhat more expensive than what you will pay when you shop at Free People, though Spell offers sales and discounts to help you shop for bargains when you’re shopping here. With enough sales and bargains, it’s almost like you aren’t spending money at all!

Stone Cold Fox (More Expensive)

With beautiful designs in soft, silky materials and lovely floral patterns, Stone Cold Fox offers boho-style fashion with a sexy twist. The fashion under this brand is designed to put a sensual spin on classic boho designs, giving you styles that are pretty and pretty hot, too. If your style has a little sexy heat to it, you’re a Stone Cold Fox!

GRACE KARIN Women's Retro V-Neck Pinup Evening Party Dress Size L Blue

Stone Cold Fox sells it all, including custom gowns, bridal wear, maternity wear, tops, bottoms and gorgeous accessories of all types. If you’re looking for semi-formal styles and everyday wear that’s sexy and silky and still a little boho, too, your search is over. Stone Cold Fox is the brand for you.

Pricing here is more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for the same type of items at Free People. If you want to spice up your closet with a little sex appeal and still stay true to your boho style, Stone Cold Fox is a great brand to try.

Three Bird Nest (Less Expensive)

Three Bird Nest specializes in casual, flowing everyday style that will delight any fan of the boho look. If you like the carefree, fun fashion you can find at Free People, you will like the items you can shop for at Three Bird Nest. Like Free People, Three Bird Nest carries fashion of all kinds for women and specializes in the boho look.

ANRABESS Women's Sleeveless Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses for Beach with Pockets A19heise-L

Shop Three Bird Nest for tops, sweaters, dresses, jackets, intimates and everything else you want to wear. There’s a big denim shop here, lots of fun graphic T-shirts and shoes, jewelry and accessories as well. Shop here to create complete looks that exude beautiful boho style.

The clothing here is less expensive than what you’ll find when you’re shopping at Free People, so you can get even more fashion while spending less.

Tularosa (More Expensive)

When your boho style is pretty, fierce and a little bit sexy, Tularosa is your brand. The catalog here is full of lovely colors, gorgeous fabrics and pretty, timeless styles with true boho flair. Shop Tularosa for dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, knitwear and outwear of all kinds to explore all kinds of different boho styles you’ll love to wear.

EXLURA Womens Square Neck Dress Long Puff Sleeve A-Line Casual Short Mini Dress Black

Like Free People, this brand appeals to women of all ages but it also has a bit of a sexy twist to its fashion that gives Tularosa its own unique look. This brand honors boho and vintage fashion in a style that’s similar to Free People but Tularosa has its own distinct design, too. If you like your boho fashion to be flattering and sexy, you will like what you can find here.

The pricing here is somewhat more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Free People.

Wearing Brands Similar to Free People

Sitting on a rail in boho fashion

There are many brands similar to Free People that provide beautiful clothing with a bohemian or vintage look to it, fashion you can count on to feel elegant and pretty while you’re wearing it. Explore these other brands and the styles they offer to expand your fashion and explore your own sense of design. The Free People brand is all about being free to explore your own unique style, so embrace that spirit and do exactly that with similar brands that will help you capture all of the looks you like.


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