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14 Brands Similar to Gymshark

People in workout clothing in an exercise studio

If you like athletic clothing, you’ve probably heard of Gymshark. Though this brand is relatively new to the athletic style game, Gymshark has risen to the top of the ranks as one of the most popular labels for workout fashion. Are there brands similar to Gymshark that also offer the athletic looks you love? Explore your options and get a look at other labels that offer amazing-looking activewear.

Garage Sewing Machine

Gymshark started out humbly. This business was founded in 2012 in a garage space that had a single sewing machine and a screen printer in Birmingham, UK. In a brief amount of time, Gymshark went on to become one of the most well-known names in athletic fashion.

Close up of leggings athletic wear

In a grassroots-style marketing campaign, Gymshark became known through social media. Word spread about the brand, which quickly caught on with trendsetters and celebrities. Gymshark continues to be a popular social media brand that is considered highly sharable. Anything that is Insta-worthy or popular on social media is valuable, and Gymshark has managed to capture the public attention in this way.

Gymshark clothes are designed to improve your athletic performance even while fitting comfortably and looking good. These clothes are made for performance. Gymshark stands out for the little details, things like seamless leggings and clothing that moves with you no matter how you flex, bend or twist.

Attention to detail is one reason why this brand has managed to stand out in a very competitive corner of the fashion market. There are many designers and brands out there offering athletic clothing styles. Gymshark has managed to shine among many brands because the designs are figure-flattering, stylish, trendy and they feel good. They also actually work well for what they were designed to do: help you work out.

But Gymshark isn’t the only brand out there with amazing athletic clothing to offer. There are many brands similar to Gymshark that you can turn to when you want to fill your wardrobe with great-looking workout wear.

Finding Brands Similar to Gymshark

Working out in sportswear in sunny room

Gymshark clothing is high performance and high fashion and that’s a pretty amazing combination, but there are other brands out there offering similar clothing that is also stylish and comfortable. You don’t have to rely on one brand to get the athletic outfits you want. There are many brands similar to Gymshark, so you can use them to build upon your wardrobe and give yourself an even wider selection of amazing fashion items to choose from.

Adidas (Less Expensive)

Like Gymshark, Adidas specializes in athletic clothing of all types. In addition to performance clothing like leggings, compression shorts and sports bras, Adidas also offers polo shirts, tennis shirts and a huge array of athletic shoes for all sorts of different sports and activities. Adidas is one of the biggest and most well-established names in athletic fashion and has a much wider selection of different types of clothing styles and accessories.

adidas mens Tiro 21 Sweat Hoodie Grey Melange Medium

Adidas has highly recognizable branding and its clothing comes in a huge array of styles and colors. Adidas designs athletic gear that is meant to be performance-enhancing, the same as Gymshark. However, Adidas clothing is less expensive than Gymshark. Why?

Adidas clothing is made to be high quality, but every item is not made with moisture-wicking material. Gymshark clothing is. Gymshark athletic wear is made with technology that is designed to keep you drier and less sweaty. Gymshark clothing is also made to be especially durable so that it will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Adidas clothing, on the other hand, is made to be highly accessible. One of the great things about the Adidas brand is that even though it’s a famous label associated with style and high quality, it’s highly affordable. Adidas intentionally uses affordable materials, such as nylon and polyester, and keeps designs simple but stylish. This makes Adidas athletic clothing highly accessible to people of all income levels. Adidas clothing, on average, costs up to half as much as Gymshark items of a similar type.

Though very much associated with popular American fashion and athletes, Adidas actually began in Bavaria, Germany. A man named Adi Dassler began the company in his mother’s kitchen and officially registered it in 1924. He wanted to make athletic clothing for the world’s greatest athletes: the Olympians. Competitors wearing his clothing won gold medals in 1928, cementing his success and making his company famous.

Adidas has been dressing athletes ever since. The company maintains sponsorship agreements with college and professional athletes around the world, dressing people across all sports. Adidas is also a hugely popular brand among people who wear the label as everyday fashion and continues to be a popular choice among people of all ages and genders.

Adidas has become an extremely popular streetwear brand that is worn by people of all ages. The brand has become particularly popular in hip hop and urban style trends. Adidas clothing is never not in style.

Asics (Less Expensive)

Like Gymshark, Asics specializes in athletic wear. Their product line includes every piece of athletic wear imaginable, including socks and shoes. Asics clothing is made for comfort, performance and style. Asics has very clear branding and a wide range of clothing styles and colors to choose from.

ASICS Women's Replay Jersey, White/Black, X-Small

Asics was founded in 1949 in Japan, a country that was still fractured by the horrors of WWII at that point in time. Company founder Kihachiro Onitsuka decided to use fashion to inspire and uplight the youth of Japan, encouraging them to maintain active, healthy lifestyles in a time of great sadness and grief. He wanted to use style to inspire.

He started his fashion brand with a basketball shoe and soon, Asics was taking the world by storm. The brand quickly expanded and exploded into popularity around the world. Asics continues to make clothing that is optimized for specific sports, as well as clothing made for general athletic or everyday casual wear.

Asics clothing is less expensive, on average, than corresponding items offered by Gymshark. Asics clothes are optimized for comfort and style, while Gymshark focuses more on performance. The materials and designs used for Gymshark clothing takes more technology than many Asics items. A longer design and production process means that clothing is more expensive.

Asics is a highly accessible and affordable brand, with a lot of name recognition that appeals to athletes and athletic clothing enthusiasts of all ages. Those who like Gymshark but want to pay a little less might consider the performance gear from Asics as an alternative. This brand is made to appeal to people of all ages, because Asics has a huge variety of items available.

ASOS (Less Expensive)

ASOS makes a huge range of different clothing types, including a large line of activewear. When you shop ASOS clothing, you will see lots of well-known brands and many styles that look a whole lot like other items you may have seen elsewhere, including Gymshark items. That’s because ASOS means “As Seen On Screen.” The entire idea behind this brand was to create clothing that looks like the high-end clothing worn by celebrities but at prices that even non-celebrities can afford.

ODODOS Women's Cross Waist Yoga Leggings with Inner Pocket, Full Length Running Tights Sports Athletic Workout Legging Pants-Inseam 28", Black, Small

After the company was founded on this idea in 1999, ASOS expanded around the world and by 2014, the company was sponsoring its own athletes in sporting events. Now, ASOS offers a huge range of clothing, including activewear that looks like the high-end stuff that pro athletes and celebs might wear.

You will pay a little less for ASOS items, rather than buying items of a similar kind from Gymshark. ASOS maintains fair working conditions for all employees across their entire global supply chain and maintains strict policies against animal cruelty, sourcing animal-free materials. This makes the price of ASOS athletic wear a little higher than similar brands that are a little more affordable. However, ASOS clothing still costs a little less than Gymshark, on average.

People of all ages and sporting levels wear ASOS clothing both for its performance value and its style. ASOS clothing is designed to be flattering and to reflect the latest trendy styles in athletic wear, so it’s a popular streetwear brand.

BooHoo (Less Expensive)

BooHoo’s brand is about embracing all body types and designing clothing for people of all shapes and sizes, while keeping that clothing affordable. BooHoo came out of nowhere, going from its founding to becoming a global brand in less than 15 years. This brand literally took the fashion world by storm.

LAGSHIAN Women Sexy Bodycon V Neck Tank Sleeveless One Piece Jumpsuit Romper WineRed

The secret to BooHoo’s success was social media. By targeting a younger buying audience of under 25-year-olds, BooHoo became known as a hip, trendy brand that appeals to younger fashion lovers. It became a highly sharable brand, something younger buyers love. BooHoo is a young brand for young buyers and those who like the latest, coolest fashion.

BooHoo sells all kinds of clothing, including a big line of activewear that includes a selection of seamless active wear. Gymshark is well-known for its seamless leggings. The leggings helped the brand rise to fame. BooHoo offers an alternative: their own version of seamless leggings. Seamless leggings from Gymshark have been a big product for the company and have proven to be popular for BooHoo as well.

The highly stylish athletic wear from BooHoo is similar to Gymshark fashions, as both labels definitely attract a young, glamorous client base. Both brands create trendy fashions that reflect the popular styles of the moment. However, BooHoo is more affordable than Gymshark, on average.

In fact, the price of BooHoo clothing, or more accurately the reason why that clothing is so affordable, has been the subject of recent controversy. The company has been accused of providing poor working conditions to employees and allegedly giving them no protection from coronavirus during the 2020 pandemic and beyond. BooHoo has been cited for potentially unethical treatment of workers and has been called to change some of its business practices by many activist groups.

Champion (Less Expensive)

Knickerbocker Knitting Mills opened in New York in 1919 to create sportswear and sweaters. At this time, there was no polyester. They were was no nylon. Synthetic fabrics didn’t exist yet. But wool was naturally moisture-wicking, because that’s what the material does. Wool is also naturally lightweight.

Champion mens Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Classic Script Logo Sweatshirt, Black-y06794, Medium US

In a loose knit design, wool isn’t all that hot and it was the popular choice for all types of athletic wear at the time because of its quick-drying and performance properties. This is how a knitting mill became a highly popular maker of athletic wear, though it does sound pretty odd when you first hear it.

The company dressed an entire team of athletes in 1926, providing school uniforms for Wentworth Military Academy. They began making collegiate clothing in 1934. Through the decades, Champion has continued to provide the latest athletic style in the newest materials according to the latest trends, innovations and styles in sportswear.

Champion changed with the times, quickly embracing synthetic materials when they were invented and staying on top of the latest changes in the style industry. The company kept up with the trends in the athletics wear market and continued providing clothing for sports teams all over the U.S. and the rest of the world. These days, they don’t make a whole lot of stuff from wool.

Champion is a well-established and well-known name in athletics wear. Like Gymshark, the company specializes in making fitness and sports clothing for all kinds of athletes and active types. However, Champion clothing costs less, on average, than corresponding clothing offered by Gymshark. To reduce prices, Champion saves some money on manufacturing by having clothing made and sourced in Mexico.

Champion clothing is made for athletes and athletic clothing enthusiasts across all types of sports and activities. The most elite athletes in the world have worn Champion, a brand that is also popular as streetwear.

Fabletics (Similar Pricing)

LikeGymshark, Fabletics specializes in activewear that’s meant to enhance performance, style and comfort. Fabletics maintains a body-positive company vision and creates a huge range of athletic apparel in many styles and colors. The performance clothing and trendy style of Fabletics clothing is comparable to Gymshark.

Fengbay 2 Pack High Waist Yoga Pants, Pocket Yoga Pants Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings

The two brands are also similar in pricing. Fabletics creates athletic wear that is designed to fit and flatter the curves of the body, another similarity it shares with Gymshark. Both are also newer companies, compared to some of the other big names in the athleticwear industry. Fabletics was founded in the mid-2000s.

Fabletics makes workout wear and activewear for people of all ages and like Gymshark, targets a young, fashionable demographic. Fabrletkcs did draw criticism in 2022 when ethical concerns swirled around the company’s treatment of workers. Fabletics clothing is manufactured in Asia. The company has released statements assuring buyers that all their employees enjoy fair working conditions.

Hurley (Similar Pricing)

Hurley specializes not just in athletic clothing but specifically in clothing for surfers. This includes a big variety of swimwear, T-shirts, pants, hats and everything else you might want in the way of sportswear.

Hurley boys Long Sleeve Hooded T-shirt T Shirt, Black/Multi, Medium US

Hurley made name for itself sponsoring famous surfers and maintains sponsorships of surfers all over the world. Hurley offers colorful athleticwear in summer-optimized styles and designs that are sure to appeal to any beach lover. Because Hurley clothing is super trendy and fashionable, this brand appeals to the same young, hip demographic that shops for Gymshark.

Prices at Hurley are comparable to Gymshark. Similar items at both places cost about the same. Hurley activewear is available in a huge range of beach-friendly colors and styles. Many clothing items from there are optimized to get wet and dry quickly, a feature that appeals to surfers and beach lovers. While Hurley is known for surf gear, these clothes are perfect for any watersports.

Lululemon (Similar Pricing)

Lululemon is famous for making comfortable athleticwear. Yoga clothing, loungewear and comfortable sportswear are what this brand does best. Lululemon is famous for its leggings, something it has in common with Gymshark.

Lululemon Define Jacket (12, Black)

This brand is famous for making clothing that is comfortable and fits well, something it has in common with Gymshark. However, Lululemon has a reputation for making clothing that feels good, while Gymshark’s clothing is more focused on performance. Both brands are known for making workout wear that is highly flattering.

Lululemon was founded in Canada in 1998 as a brand that sold yoga clothing for women. The company has since expanded to include a wide range of activewear. Lululemon’s target audience is young professionals in their 20s and 30s. This brand targets people who want to look good and feel good whether they’re working out or doing the grocery shopping.

The brand has become a famous name in active wear and has risen as one of the most recognizable clothing makers in the market. Pricing at Lululemon is similar to Gymshark, so you can pay a similar price for similar items under either label.

Ododos (Less Expensive)

Ododos makes athletic apparel that is designed for performance and style, just like Gymshark. The company has a wide range of athletic clothing in many different colors and designs.

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets, Tummy Control Running Sports Workout Yoga Leggings, Black, Large

Ododos, like Gymshark, is most famous for its leggings. Ododos leggings are a highly-reviewed and much-loved item on Amazon. The fit is designed to be comfortable, the materials are soft and these leggings feel great, according to many, many reviewers. These leggings came to be known through online word of mouth, so to speak, and became a standout name in the athletics wear market simply by being popular with real people who were wearing them.

Ododos is less expensive than Gymshark, a company that enjoys a lot of name recognition. Ododos doesn’t quite have this level of fame but they do have seamless, stretchy, lightweight athletic clothing that’s made with a lot of features, cool extra details like comfortable seams and flexible fit, much like clothing from Gymshark. The two brands have a lot in common and a similar approach to sportswear but Ododos does cost less.

This brand appeals to people who want comfortable, flexible athleticwear that fits and feels great. Because Ododos is also highly affordable, it’s a good choice when you’re shopping around for clothing from brands similar to Gymshark.

P.E. Nation (More Expensive)

P.E. Nation makes athletic clothing for young and fashionable people, appealing to the same clients as Gymshark. That makes sense because P.E. Nation is a young, hip brand. The company was founded in 2016 with a distinct style that mixes streetwear looks of the 1990s with athletic clothing styles of today. Styles from P.E. Nation stand out because of this very particular design choice.

P.E NATION Women's Longitude Leggings, Black, M

P.E. Nation clothing isn’t so much about athletic wear as it is about daily style wear, which differs from the performance-focused styles from Gymshark. However, both brands offer sporty, comfortable, stylish clothing that reflects fashion trends in sportswear and streetwear.

Clothing from P.E. Nation tends to be more expensive than similar items from Gymshark. This is because P.E. Nation styles itself as a high-end designer brand. It was founded by a popular Australian fashion designer and the clothes from P.E. Nation are about looking fashionable and not so much about athletic performance. This is athletic clothing to be seen in.

Gymshark is also athletic clothing to be seen in, because it is popular and stylish, but above all, it’s made for actually working out. P.E. Nation clothing can be worn for working out but you’d be even more likely to wear it while you’re going out to do errands.

Nike (Similar Pricing)

Nike is one of the best-known names in athletic apparel. Though the company rose to fame for its shoes and shoes are definitely still the flagship enterprise of the Nike label, the brand has a whole range of athletic clothing. Every item you want to wear is available through Nike, which provides uniforms and accessories for collegiate and professional sports teams around the world.

Women's Nike Swoosh Sports Bra, Sports Bra for Women with Compression & Medium Support, Black/White, XS

Nike is famous for creating amazing athletic wear and it’s one of the most trusted and best-known names in the business. Nike is a far more recognizable brand compared to Gymshark, though both labels do focus on providing the newest and best athletic wear on the market. Nike prides itself on creating performance-enhancing gear and apparel for athletes of all kinds. Gymshark has a similar focus, to provide sportswear to athletes in all disciplines.

The company was famously founded by a college athlete and a track and field coach. Together, the two developed a shoe design and a company that would go on to lead the sportswear market and become the biggest athletics wear company in the world.

Like Gymshark, Nike makes athletic clothing of all types that is made to be performance-enhancing and stylish. Nike makes clothing styles based on the latest tech innovations and style trends. The two companies have a similar product line, though Nike offers a larger variety of items. The two brands have similar pricing and offer some similar products, though Nike is the more recognizable brand.

Nike has been worn by athletes in all sports and people of all ages. It is one of the most popular brands in the world and a fashion leader in sportswear and leisurewear styles. Nike is an extremely popular streetwear brand that is worn by people who are not doing anything sporting. You will see Nike clothing everywhere, literally around the globe. Nike sponsors some of world’s greatest athletes and athletic teams across all sports and levels.

Reebok (Similar Pricing)

Reebok isn’t just a famous name in athletics wear, it’s a pioneer. Founded in 1958, Reebok was the first company to put track spikes in running shoes. It was an innovation that changed athletics and put Reebok on the map. The company became famous for shoes and sports apparel.

Reebok Men's Standard Big Hoodie, Medium Grey Heather/Black Logo, Large


Today, Reebok is one of the biggest brands in the athletics business. Reebok provides clothing for collegiate and professional athletes and the brand is hugely popular among workout wear and casual wear enthusiasts around the world. Reebok is a highly recognizable brand that is extremely popular as a streetwear style.

Reebok makes a lot of clothing that is optimized for performance, something it has in common with Gymshark, and the company creates stylish items that appeal to people of all ages. Reebok is worn by athletes in all fields and by people of any age. Reebok also has a gigantic catalog of items, offering all different types of athletic clothing.

Reebok clothing is priced similarly to Gymshark items. Like GuymShark, Reebok creates clothing made with high-quality materials that are designed to last, look good, feel good and perform well. Reebok uses clear branding on all its products.

Under Armour (Similar Pricing)

Under Armour specializes in making athletic clothing for athletes of all kinds. The company is dedicated to creating clothing for every single sport. Under Armour designs clothing and gear that is optimized for athletic performance. The company creates clothing using the latest fabric innovations to create items that are optimized for sports.

Under Armour Women's Tech V-Neck Twist Short-Sleeve T-Shirt , Midnight Navy (600)/Metallic Silver, X-Large

Under Armour creates clothing that is full of technology to create optimal conditions for the athlete, something it has in common with Gymshark. Under Armour is a highly recognizable brand with distinctive branding and a well-respected name. Under Armour has dressed athletes around the world through various sponsorships. Their branding is highly recognizable and Under Armour is a popular choice as streetwear and casual wear, in addition to being a hot brand among athletes. You will see people wearing Under Armour clothing in gyms and in parks all over the world.

Clothing from Under Armour is comparable in price to clothing from Gymshark. Both companies specialize in creating performance-enhancing athletic clothing that is optimized for athletes that looks and feels good. If you enjoy Gymshark clothing, you may find that you also love Under Armour items.

Wolaco (Similar Pricing)

Wolaco means “Way of Life Athletic Company.” The company’s purpose was to design practical workout gear that actually has the features real people need…like a pocket to store your cell phone. Little extras like this are often sorely lacking in athletic clothing, which is how Wolaco manages to stand out. Their designs are all about providing what you actually need.

WOLACO Women's Grand 2-in-1 Gym Shorts, Athletic Breathable Workout Training Shorts with Pockets

A relatively young company, Wolaco has a small range of products but the company stands out for the performance-enhancing qualities and strong design it brings to the athletic wear market. Though this company hasn’t been around a long time, it has quickly gained attention in the fashion world.

Wolaco was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and has since earned more than $1 million in revenue, suggesting that this company might have what it takes to compete with much bigger names in the market, including Gymshark. Like Gymshark, Wolaco makes clothing that is designed to help athletes perform better. The clothing is comfortable and practical and innovative in design, all things that it has in common with similar items from Gymshark.

Gymshark and Woloaco also have similar pricing, with items of the same type generally commanding a similar price across both brands. Wolaco appeals to 20-, 30- and 40-somethings who want to get and stay active.

Find Brands Similar to Gymshark

Athletic wear isn’t just for the gym. Many people wear athletic wear as everyday casual clothing. It looks good as streetwear and it has inspired lots of different fashion over the years. Play around with the different athletic wear styles. Find brands similar to Gmshark to expand your wardrobe and make your look sporty and trendy whenever you want.


Wearing athletic clothes should be easy but sometimes, it’s not so straightforward. If you still have questions, no problem. We found the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Gymshark and brands similar to Gymshark. Find out what you need to know to wear this clothing well.

People wearing sportswear and working out

Is Gymshark clothing sweatproof?

Gymshark clothing is made with special materials and technology that is designed to keep you dry…even when you’re actively sweating. Many items from Gymshark are sweat-resistant but if you do enough sweating, almost no item of clothing can be sweatproof.

However, Gymshark does a very good job of staying dry even when you’re working out pretty hard. This is one of the standout features of the brand and this is why Gymshark makes clothing with moisture-wicking material that is made to be lightweight and quick-drying.

Can you wash Gymshark and other athletic clothing?

The goal is to wear your athletic gear often and get regular exercise, of course. That means you’re going to need to wash this clothing, hopefully often. To keep your athleticwear looking nicer longer, make sure you’re washing it the right way. With proper care, your clothing will retain its shape, color and general good-looking appearance even after multiple wears.

First, wash Gymshark items and all your athletic clothing in cool or cold water. Hot water and warm water can make colors fade faster. Turn all clothing inside and out before you put it in the washing machine.

Wash all your athletic clothing with similar items. Don’t wash your athletic gear, which is typically made with soft and flexible material, with heavy items like blue jeans. This can cause amage to the fabric, as metal components could scratch the material and the heavy denim could cause it to get stretched out or misshapen.

Air drying clothing, rather than machine drying it, is the best way to extend the life of your athletic clothing. Air drying it will help it maintains its shape. If you have to machine dry your athletic clothing, use a low heat setting. Don’t iron athletic clothing. If you need to get wrinkles out of your Gymshark or similar items, hang them on a hanger in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower. Let the steam from the room steam the wrinkles out of your clothes.

How do you get the right size leggings, sports bras and other athletic clothing items?

Athletic clothing is designed to feel good…when it fits correctly. And when your workout gear doesn’t fit, you know it. You might be feeling pinched or things might droop. You’re going to be uncomfortable and you’re going to have trouble moving the way you need to move. But finding the right size leggings, sports bras and other items isn’t always easy because athletic gear is designed to fit very close to the skin and the sizing can be confusing.

To make things even more difficult, different brands use different sizing. One brand might offer clothing in sizes like S, M and L for small, medium and large, while another company might offer sizes like 6, 12 and 14. To make sure you’re going to get a perfect fit, you need to go by your own measurements. The size you wear in other clothing styles might not be the same as what you wear in athletic clothing styles, so use your body and not your clothing to get the best fit for all your sportswear.

Manufacturers provide sizing charts so you can match the size you wear in their clothing to your actual body measurements. This is the best way to get a good fit and get athletic clothing that’s going to feel great.

To get the right size leggings, measure your waist and your hips. The waist should be measured around your natural waist. That’s the thinnest part of your waist, usually around your belly button.

The hip measurement is taken several inches below your belly button, around the widest part of your hips. Go all the way around the body in a straight circle when you take your measurements. Write the measurement down in both inches and centimeters and now, you’ll be ready to get the perfect size leggings.

To find the size of sports bra you should be wearing, measure your body at the fullest part of your chest. You should also have a waist measurement, which you already have from measuring yourself for leggings.

Compare your measurements against size charts for shirts, leggings, crop tops and other items you want to wear to find the perfect size. Using your measurements and manufacturer sizing charts, you won’t go wrong.

How should athletic wear fit?

People in athletic wear on the beach

There are lots of different types of athletic wear and a lot of different ways to wear it. For the most part, you want to wear athletic clothing that fits close to the skin and flexes with your body easily, allowing you to stretch and move easily and naturally. After all, you can’t work out or play sports if you can’t move.

However, you might be wearing compression gear, which is supposed to have something of a tight fit. Compression gear is meant to fit very close to the body but it’s not supposed to be uncomfortable to wear. All your workout gear should allow you to move well. Compression gear is designed to put some pressure on your muscles and provide a lot of support but it is not meant to restrict your movements.

Athletic clothing should be somewhat supportive, hugging your curves even as it moves with you. This is how Gymshark is designed to fit. However, you don’t have to wear form-fitting athletic clothing unless you want to. You can also choose loose-fitting T-shirts, sweatpants and other looser, baggy items. As long as you’re wearing something comfortable that allows you to move, you have what you need in the way of athletic wear.

Why is clothing from Gymshark and other designer brands so expensive?

Why are Gymshark clothes so expensive? Why not just get a T-shirt from a plastic bag for a few bucks instead? Actually, a lot goes into making Gymshark clothing. Athletic clothing that costs more is often made from a blend of materials to give the item moisture-wicking properties that help you stay dry. Gymshark clothing is made to enhance your physical abilities by keeping you cooler and dryer as you work out and exert yourself, which is an amazing feature.

Gymshark clothing is also made to flatter your curves and accentuate your body. The clothing is stylish and comes in a lot of colors and it’s durable. All of this makes Gymshark and other designer athletic clothing a little more expensive than other options out there. The little extra details and extra design time that goes into Gymshark clothing makes it cost more.


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