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Summer Clothing Colors for Women

To kick off a great summer, the 2021 summer clothing colors for women are fun, vibrant, and uplifting and have recently been released. From gorgeous turquoise sundresses and hot pink tops to pastel yellow scarves and pumpkin orange jackets, this summer's fashion options for women in 2021 are vibrant yet healing and soothing

Three women wearing colorful summer outfits at a beach resort.

Since 2020 was such a difficult year for so many people and many of us spent the year inside our homes and workplaces without being able to venture out much due to the pandemic, 2021 has to be a better year. To kick off a great summer, the 2021 summer clothing colors for women are fun, vibrant, and uplifting and have recently been released. These colors provide a much-needed change from the mundane to the exciting through much happier shades that women can wear this summer.

Clothing is a way of expressing ourselves and for many, can be a freeing experience from being part of the crowd or restriction. Bright colors tend to put us in a better mood while darker colors, like wearing black to a funeral, tend to make us feel more somber.

This year’s fashion designers seem to be going with brighter, more vibrant colors for summer clothing to help optimize our moods and simply make us feel better during hard times. The power of color is displayed better in brighter colors versus duller ones and that fact was not lost on today’s fashion designers when they chose this year’s summer colors for women’s clothing.

You can always go with the color trend that is in style, but by trying on cool and warmer colors, you will be able to decide which color combination looks best with your skin tone. From soft autumn tones to cool summer ones, the possibilities are endless.

Due to the pandemic, fashion designers have unveiled their new looks through digital formats instead of in-person fashion shows, and they have not disappointed, using the most vibrant colors in the spectrum to stand out for this year’s summer season.

From gorgeous turquoise sundresses and hot pink tops to pastel yellow scarves and pumpkin orange jackets, this summer’s fashion options for women in 2021 are vibrant yet healing and soothing after a long, hard year known as 2020.

Here is a list with information for each of the hottest summer color trends in women’s fashion on track for this summer.

Marigold Yellow

pinziko Women's Summer Beach Dress Bikini Cover Up Casual Vacation Short Dresses Yellow

This year’s fashion designers created their fashions in colors that will provide an optimistic look ahead to a brighter future and marigold yellow represents that premise. It is a popular color this year because it exudes hope for the future and will make getting dressed much more joyful. It is a color that reminds us of sunshine and can be paired with other warm colors, including shades of red, orange, and even caramel brown.

Sky Blue

Romwe Women's Stretchy A Line Swing Flared Skater Cocktail Party Dress Light Blue S

Sky blue is a beautiful color that puts people in the mind of a hot summer day with not a cloud in the clear blue sky. It is a great color for this year’s summer clothing options for women because it gives us a sense of renewed inspiration taken directly from the outdoors after a long hard winter. This color can be accented with bright pops of other vibrant colors, such as orange, yellow, and pink.

Whether you want an entire outfit in sky blue or just to carry a handbag or wear a scarf in this beautiful shade, this color is sure to turn heads and put people in a much brighter mood when they see you wearing it.

Pumpkin Orange

Women's Summer Off Shoulder Blouses Short Sleeves Sexy Tops Chiffon Ruffles Casual T Shirt (M,Orange)

When people think of pumpkin orange, many think of the fall season with Halloween and bonfires but this year’s fashion designers surprised us by using an earthy pumpkin orange color for many of their summer styles for women. It puts off an elegant vibe with an earthy undertone and is a great color to choose for a pair of trousers, a button-up shirt, or a mid-length skirt that can actually be worn anytime during the year.

Mint Green

Romwe Women's Summer Short Sleeve Mock Neck Casual Blouse Tops Mint Green Medium

While vibrant colors are in style and have been for several years, mint green is a welcome contrast in a pastel shade that is simply beautiful. Whether you choose to rock a sundress in this color or a puff sleeve jacket on a cool summer night, you will be the envy of all of your friends as this cool menthol green color will be all the rage.


NERLEROLIAN Women's Adjustable Strappy Split Summer Beach Casual Midi Dress (Rose Purple, Medium)

Pink and purple shades have always been viewed as a color that is feminine but this magenta hue combines both of these powerful color choices that it is actually genderless. This is an appealing option for the summer of 2021 for anyone who likes to rebel against the norm. It’s a bold color that will definitely make a statement when you walk into a room.


R.Vivimos Womens Summer Cotton Sexy Blackless Long Dresses (Small, Turquoise)

Turquoise is a gorgeous color and puts us in the mind of the 1970s hippie era. It’s a very freeing color that you can rock as a shade for a sundress, a summer top, a shorts outfit, or even as the color choice for your summer wedding this year. Shades of blue offer a sense of calmness yet command authority along with a sense of serenity that is very soothing to others. It’s a great color choice for this year’s summer wardrobe.


TINYHI Women's Swing Loose Short Sleeve Tshirt Fit Comfy Casual Flowy Tunic Cotton Dress Orange,As_orange,Medium

The color of orange represents risk-taking and many times, creative, independent, and confident people will gravitate towards it. While pumpkin orange is also on the list this year of summer fashion colors for women, this shade of orange offers more liveliness and is more vibrant. It’s a color that will put anyone in a great mood and inspire hope for the future.


A woman wearing a bright green summer ensemble while walking on the sidewalk.

The color green represents fertility and hope but it also exuberates rebirth which makes it a great color choice for this particular summer’s fashion trends. It’s a fresh shade that promotes optimism and has been embraced this year by many at the top fashion designers in the industry.

Many people attracted to the color of green embrace things like expansion, growth, determination, ambition, focus, and goal setting. This is a color that will look great for a dress or a cute summer top while you get out and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Buttercream Yellow

A woman running through the field wearing a buttercream yellow summer dress.

While many of this year’s summer colors for women’s fashion are bold and vibrant shades, time-tested neutrals, such as khaki and cream, are also in full force. This year, fashion designers are using a yellow-tinted buttercream for a variety of styles of dresses, shorts, and summer tops.

Buttercream yellow offers a layer of elegance so it also makes a great choice for an evening gown to wear to a wedding or other special occasion. You can pair it with Marigold yellow and bright orange to jazz it up with pops of color and make it really rock.

Cherry Red

LONGYUAN Women Bathing Suit Coverups for Swimwear Beach Dresses Large, Red

Cherry red was a popular color choice during the fall and winter of 2019 when it came to women’s clothing but this year it has made a comeback as a summer fashion option. This scarlet hue is a vibrant color that is not only romantic but puts off a great amount of energy and vitality to others when you are wearing it.

It will be a great color choice for an outfit you are wearing to work at the office or when you leave the office for the day to meet somebody for dinner and drinks.

Hot Pink

Verdusa Women's Sexy Ruched Side Asymmetrical V Neck Bodycon Cami Dress Hot Pink S

Hot pink is one of the most popular colors for this summer’s women’s clothing line options. While it has long been associated with femininity, it has recently taken on a new identity recently and actually has become a great mood booster. Pulling on a pair of hot pink pants or shorts is bound to put you in a brighter mood.

There are many shade options when it comes to hot pink and this year’s fashion trends are no exception. It’s a great color for a power suit to wear to a board meeting at your company or as a simple summer top to wear while you view the fireworks on the Fourth of July. This is a great color for anyone who is feeling optimistic about the future or simply wants to feel that way.

Pastel Yellow

Yidarton Womens Dresses-Summer Spaghetti Strap Tie Front Button Down Sexy Backless Midi Dress (Small, Yellow)

This beautiful pastel yellow will exuberate a sense of feeling jovial and offers a likeability that can make you feel less stressed in social situations. It reminds us of summer, sunshine, and a trip to the beach which is always calming and exciting for many people. This shade can be worn for years to come so it makes it a great option for this summer and beyond.

Whether you decide to purchase an entire outfit in pastel yellow or highlight some of the other summer colors with it in the form of a handbag or scarf, you will definitely turn heads when you walk down the street or into a room.


AOOKSMERY Women Summer V-Neck Spaghetti Straps Lace Backless Mini Party Club Beach Dresses (Lavender, X-Small)

Lavender is a shade of purple that is many times associated with royalty. Lavender is a great color to pair with yellow since they both have a calming effect and remind us of much simpler times which is the reason this shade is a popular choice by fashion designers for this particular summer’s fashion trends for women.

This color puts off an aura of dreaminess and energy with a soothing feel to it. You can rock this color in a jumpsuit or shorts outfit this summer for work or play.

Five FAQs About Summer Colors for Women’s Clothing

What color is best for sun protection?

Since darker colors tend to absorb more ultraviolet light than lighter shades do, such as white and pastels, you should wear more vibrant colors during the summer. This means the ultra-violet rays are less likely to reach your skin If you are wearing brighter colors such as red and orange or even a bright yellow shorts outfit.

What colors are in style for this year’s summer weddings?

This year’s wedding trends when it comes to color options seem to be leaning towards bright colors with a mixture of pastel shades. From fuchsia and bright red to yellow and turquoise, there is an array of shades to choose from that will make your wedding absolutely gorgeous and stand out from all the others.

What should I wear for summer 2021?

If you are wondering what types of clothing options you should choose to wear for this summer season, you have plenty of options. From oversized boyfriend jackets with shoulder pads to black face masks and colorful headscarves, pretty much anything goes when it comes to summer fashion in 2021.

You can rock a pair of white knee-high boots or be more subdued in a folk-inspired jacket. Vibrant colors are in style along with lighter colors, such as yellow and camel.

What are the coolest colors to wear in summer?

Lighter colors, such as silver and white, usually keep you the coolest when you’re out in the sunshine because they reflect about 60 percent of the sunlight away from you. There are also darker colors that keep you cool. For generations, people thought black attracted the sun and would actually make you hotter but that seems to not be the case.

The black color does attract the sunlight but it absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun so it keeps it away from your skin. In other words, darker colors will protect you more than lighter colors when it comes to the harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause you to get skin cancer but lighter colors will probably make you feel cooler when you are out having fun in the sun.

Can women over 50 years-old wear vibrant shades of clothing this summer?

Women over 50 can rock vibrant colors just like any young lady can and they should. Women over 50 should not shy away from bold colors that make a statement because they have earned their right to make a statement. They can also pull off wearing many of the latest summer styles, including sundresses and gorgeous summer tops with cute shorts. If you are over 50, you should wear what you want that makes you feel confident and happy.