Types of Tops for Women – 10 Most Popular

Two women photographed between hanged clothes.

The New Year is going to be all about fresh starts. A new life, new work, new friends, and let’s not forget, a new wardrobe. This month is particularly important for wardrobe essentials as the dawn of a new year also means major changes in your wardrobe.

Chuck out all your old tops, t-shirts, skirts, and dresses, and get ready for a whole new shopping spree. This means you will have to pull out everything from your closet, and make space for the newest and trendiest tops and bottoms.

Some of the most important items in your wardrobe right now are probably your shirts and tops. While it’s quite common to switch between three different pants the entire year, you can’t do the same with shirts and tops.

They need to be new, fashionable, and plenty in your wardrobe. Your top is the first item that instantly draws the most attention, and therefore, needs to look decent. A lot of girls don’t even like repeating their tops in the same week because of how attention-grabbing they can be.

If people have already noticed it with so much detail the first time you wore that top, they will definitely know when you repeat it. Tops and shirts, hence, can be one of the most crucial wardrobe items. This is

the reason why they are available in an endless variety of colors, patterns, designs, and textures.

With so many options to choose from, shopping for tops and shirts can be a particularly fun experience. Knowing the various categories of tops and shirts can help you decide what it is that you actually want.

If you don’t know what a dress shirt looks like, you could end up buying a casual tee in place of it. Choosing the right colors and textures is also very important if you really want to make a fashion statement.

The great thing about tops is that, even when your bottoms don’t seem to match your shoes and accessories, your shirt can do a very good job at it. Tops are usually stylish and embellished with beautiful sequences and designs; hence, they have a high possibility of matching with your equally fancy jewelry and shoes.

All you have to know is how to properly mix and match your wardrobe so that you look elegant and chic. For that, knowing the different types of tops for women is important, as it can help you be more specific with your wardrobe contrasts.

Well then, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to it!

1. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

White off-shoulder top on a beautiful woman.

Off-shoulder tops are just like any other shirt except that they have missing shoulder pieces. They have become increasingly trendy day by day, and are one of the most popular choices for street fashion. In fact, off-shoulder tops have been around for more than a century.

They’re usually elasticated to keep them fastened beneath the shoulders. The good thing about these tops is that they can hide a bulky figure. For plus-sized women, wearing an off-shoulder can enhance their curves and make them look extremely beautiful.

Woman with a long hair, wearing a mustard off-shoulder top and a blue jeans.

Off-shoulders can be paired up with skin-tight jeans, boyfriend jeans, or a simple skirt. They can make any choice of pants or bottoms look good. Available with long ruffled sleeves or tight capped sleeves, anyone can look super-chic and stylish in an off-shoulder.

While dark colored off-shoulders look extremely ravishing, as they accentuate your pretty shoulders, you can also wear them in lighter, summer-y colors.

2. Crop Tops

A modish camouflage crop top on a long-haired woman.

If you want to wear an alluring top with a hint of innocence, then crop tops are the perfect wardrobe choice. Crop tops are simply cut short from the bottom so they look pretty good if you want to show off your waist.

They look particularly stylish on skintight denim or a pencil skirt as these can help accentuate your S-line. If you’re heading out to a nighttime party or a casual beach party, wearing a crop top will make you look effortlessly stylish.

A cropped mini top will look amazing with beach shorts and some sassy sunshades. Crop tops are stitched short so that the waist can be visible, so if you’ve been recently flexing your muscles, you can totally wear one to flaunt your body.

Crop tops are also called arm sleeve top, because they literally fasten at the arms while leaving your shoulders bare. It can easily give you a sensual look while coming off as super-stylish.

3. Tank Tops

Girl on a white background, wearing a pink tank top and a jeans.

Tank tops are the go-to summer shirts. Tank tops can work well as undershirts over thinner tops that need more coverage. They’re usually available in monochrome colors because of which they make for good undershirts.

Tank tops can be very versatile in terms of styling, because they work just as well on their own, as they do with other shirts. You can even throw on a dark leather jacket over a brightly-colored tank top to make for a perfect contrast.

Other than this, tank tops can be styled in a number of different ways. Whether you’re specifically going for a fancy dressed-up party or an effortless, casual look, wearing tank tops can help you elegantly pull your look together.

Young woman on a white tank top and a blue jeans and a pair of sneakers.

It can easily become the center of attraction if you wear it as it is. Pair this wonderful top with your favorite jeans, skirt, or leggings.

Young woman wearing a simple black tank top.

On days when all you want is to dress simple, and head out in a casual tee, a spaghetti strap tank top is the perfect choice. All it has are thin, alluring straps on the shoulders and a beautiful top hugging your waist.

4. Tunic Tops

Focused shot at a checkered tunic top on a white background.

No matter what your body shape is, tunic tops look amazing on everyone. Just like tank tops, tunic tops are extremely versatile. Their defining quality is the slightly longer length than other tops. With going down just a few inches above the knee, tunic tops can be worn on their own as mini dresses.

They work well with every bottom be it denim, velvet pants, ruffled skirts, or harem trousers. Tunics are specifically worn during warmer climates because they’re made of thin fabric and have that summery vibe to them. Available in different fits and lengths, no matter how you wear tunics, they will definitely flatter you.

Woman on a white background, wearing a red tunic top and a black pants.

Tunics are usually easy breezy so you can also wear it as a beach dress on top your beach suit. They can suit just about any body shape. For example, if you’re figure is slightly curvy, look for tunics that have side vents. This way, the shirt won’t to your thighs.

The tunic top should have a slight taper where the waist is and a relatively wide neck to make your shoulders appear broader. Tops like these, that have slightly lower necks can also be paired with  a chunky, statement necklace.

5. Basic White Tee

Young girl in a white t-shirt holding two brown notebooks.

Wearing a basic white-tee can help you fulfill multiple purposes. Not only is it a favorite summer t-shirt for casual occasions, but it can easily accentuate anything else you wear along with it. For example, a statement necklace will instantly stand out against a simple yet chic white tee.

If you think your accessories are getting too fancy with lots of sequences and beads, you can always throw on a white tee under them to add that casual charm. A simple white tee can be elegant and simple, alluringly fancy and casual.

Young girl in a loose white t-shirt and a denim skirt.

Along with effortlessly conveying a summer ease, a white tee is also your best friend in just about every other season. Pull on a denim jacket with big silver buttons to enhance the whole street look and pair it up with elegant black leather boots.

Or, if you want something more formal, simply wear a white tee with black or maroon dress pants. Pair the look up with a heavy necklace and a flashy wallet.

6. Winter Tops

Tops and shirts that are made for the winters are naturally oversized, voluminous, and big. So, if you’re someone who likes wearing loose, snug clothes then you’re going to love winter tops. Although there is a huge variety of winter tops, not all of them are big and oversized.

Mustard winter top on a woman leaning her elbows on the table top.

Crop winter tops have made a comeback in street fashion. They look gorgeous under long winter coats and elegantly wrapped winter scarves. Even when winter crop tops do show a little of the waist, you can still wear them on colder days, because the overcoats are usually multi-layered and heavy.

Woman on a yellow background, wearing a white winter top.

Winter tops even make for wonderfully stylish sweaters. So, if you don’t want to throw on another layer of sweater when heading out, you can wear a thick winter top to keep you warm. Worn under skintight jeans and long knee-high boots, this is the one of the best choices for winter fashion.

7. Sweat Shirts and Hoodies

Young woman wearing glasses, wearing a red sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts are a girl’s most favorite comfort clothes. On days when you simply want to stay at home, enjoy your company, and not talk to anyone, a sweatshirt in your wardrobe will always be there to hold you together.

They are super comfy and cozy to wear at night. You can look forward to a good night’s sleep because hoodies and sweatshirts are truly that soft and snug. Every girl can relate to how much they love sweatshirts and hoodies.

It effectively destroys the idea that you have to wear tight-fitted clothes to look good and flaunt your shape. A sweatshirt or a hoodie over jeans is just as alluring, and one of the most relaxing clothes to wear.

Typically worn in black, blue, and slightly darker colors, you can even wear one in bright hues. If you want to add that cozy element to your winter holiday fashion, wearing a bright red or light green sweatshirt can make you look stylish for Christmas.

8. Boat Neck T-shirts

A tall and slender female model wearing a black boat neck top.

If you have a finely sculpted collarbone and want to flaunt it with the clothes you wear, wearing a boat neck, oversized t-shirt can help you achieve that. The idea behind a boat-neck t-shirt is that it is extremely wide from the top, exposing your neck line, while being either loose or skintight from the bottom.

Boat neck t-shirts are quite refreshing and extremely stylish. They work perfectly well for formal occasions over a nice skirt or cigarette pants. Complement the look with flashy heels and you will definitely look the part.

If you don’t like wearing off-shoulders because it shows too much skin, boat neck shirts are wonderful alternatives. They are a slightly toned down version and can really bring out the beauty of your neckline. Wearing it on a simple pair of jeans can instantly make you look younger and youthful.

Winter tops with boat necks look especially appealing as they not only feel cozy but look cozy and charming as well.

9. Ruffled Shirts

Young woman on a red background, wearing a white ruffled shirt and carrying multiple shopping bags.

Ruffles are beautiful fabric designs that entail multiple folds and frills. A ruffled shirt or pants will have various frills on its sides or on the sleeves. Ruffled shirts are usually made of soft, folding fabrics so they really give off that beautiful, feminine look.

Wearing an off-shoulder ruffled shirt will not only enhance your neckline, but gives a soft glamorous touch to your look. A ruffled top has that girlish child-like vibe to it that is perfect for summer parties, or when you’re heading to the beach.

Although, they can be worn for formal occasions, they should ideally have fewer frills to suit the tone of the event.

10. High Neck

Young, tall and petite woman wearing a short and a high-neck top.

A shirt with a high neckline is perfect for winters. Along with covering your neck from the cold, it is also uniquely trendy. However, wearing a high neck t-shirt over a short dress or simple pants would look just as classy and stylish.

In fact, a high neck line top with intricate lace designs or even a crochet can look extremely flattering. Try it out for formal parties or even casual days to get lots of compliments.

Now that you know just about every single type of shirt there is for women, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe, and add in the trendiest tops of the season.

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